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Top Ten of the CAD Crop

I love “Top 10” articles, don’t you? It’s like someone edited out all the other junk and gave you the best. That’s sort of because we did. It’s time to deviate from the complexity of your current design project and indulge in the top of the best of the quintessential of everything that is PTC […]

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What We’re Liking: Top Liked and Shared Blog Articles

We love likes around here. And shares. They tell us when we’re on the right track with our daily articles. Perhaps you are fond of the customer we’re covering, or the customer’s product. Maybe you’re interested in the news the story conveys, and want more like it. Or maybe there’s been an enthusiastic word-of-mouth campaign […]

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What Are We Looking for? Top PTC Learning Connector Searches

If you use PTC Creo, you’re probably already familiar with the PTC Learning Connector. Click the Learning Connector icon from within the software, and you see short instructional videos, help topics, knowledge base articles, e-learning library recommendations, and more. There’s also a Search field, so that you can quickly reach all the Learning Connector information […]

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Three Years of creo.ptc.com: 10 Most-Read Blog Posts

Guess who turned three this month? This very blog! We launched creo.ptc.com in October, 2010 with an article about cloud computing from Barb Schmitz. Articles from our executives came next as they articulated this new thing, PTC Creo. A flurry of customer and press reactions followed. Over the past 36 months, we’ve posted a story […]

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What PTC Creo Classes Are We Attending? Top 10 Instructor-Led Classes

While we recently talked about PTC offering free online tutorials and eLearning, it’s about time we take a closer look at the most classical form of training: a room full of students exchanging ideas and experiences, guided by an expert teacher. (Actually, the room wouldn’t be full, as PTC University training classes are held in small […]

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How’s that PTC Creo App Thing Working Out?

In a word, the app thing is working out seamlessly. Back when we announced PTC Creo in 2010, one of our visions was to break up and enhance our design products into a range of apps and extensions that worked together and used a similar UI. Today when we talk to customers, we find each […]

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On Our Way to a Better Fruit Bowl: Top 10 Free Tutorials from PTC

When we launched the PTC University Learning Exchange in 2011, we boasted 150 free expert tutorials for our users. Today, there are 250 for PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 alone and over 330 including PTC Creo Parametric 1.0. You can also find these 2- to 5-minute instructional videos for PTC Creo Direct, Layout, Options Modeler, and […]

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The 10 Most Viewed PTC Creo Videos on YouTube

At this writing, PTC Studio has 756 videos posted on YouTube—with a total of 200 about PTC Creo alone. Let’s say the average video is 3-minutes long; do the math, and that’s 37 hours. It’s a product design and data management software binge-viewing bonanza! But perhaps you don’t have time to watch them all right […]

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