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Tech4PD: The Modular Platforms Episode

Mass customization rocks. It’s the reason my computer is just like yours, but with a different graphics card. It’s why our cars look the same on the outside, but yours has a manual transmission. And it’s why I can finally eat candy that has the Green Bay Packers logo. Vive la variant! Of course, if […]

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Should Analysis Be Left to the Analysts?

As technology grows, we all take on roles that were once saved for experts.  We all book our own travel, touch up our own photos, and find our way without stopping at the filling station to ask directions. In the world of 3D CAD, new technical developments are also making it easier for designers to […]

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2D CAD: Old School or Indispensible Tool?

Almost 10 years ago, I talked to a computer programmer who had worked on one of the early commercial 2D CAD packages. “When we developed it,” he said, “we figured it would be marketable for just a few years. 3D was on the horizon and we thought everyone would switch over to the new technology–once […]

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2D, 3D Parametric, or 3D Direct– Which is Best for Design?

With PTC Creo, designers can chose the best approach and tool to match their needs. They can choose different approaches for different stages of design: A direct modeling approach might be more appropriate for concept development, while a parametric model is just right for creating data-rich 3D detailed models with built-in intelligence to optimize downstream […]

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