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The Future Is Now For PTC Customers


Videos of PTC Customer Speaking at PTC Live Global 2013 A crystal ball or Tarot cards might be helpful for predicting the future but its more valuable to hear from a customer that has taken the journey.  What are PTC customers saying about the manufacturing industry transformation and how are they planning for the future? […]

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Tamaggo Switches from SolidWorks to Creo

While some designers cringe at change, it’s the bold leader who sometimes sacrifices a CAD loyalty to look for software that performs beyond the mark. Some of Tamaggo’s designers were using Solidworks… until they tried Creo. Their VP of Engineering, Stephane Lepage essentially threw Creo at the rest of the team and said, “Just try […]

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Moving to Creo 2.0: What to do when IT says NO

For over a year you‘ve followed PTC out of its Pro/ENGINEER cave into a bright world of smaller, manageable apps and savvy graphics performance called Creo. But while you’re doing your Creo happy dance, IT is standing there with crossed arms shaking their head no. Drat. You need IT to say yes because they keep […]

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VP of Design and Engineering Discusses Creo versus Pro/ENGINEER

A couple weeks ago, the Product Design Show featured tamaggo and their affordable 360 degree camera for the lay photographer. Tamaggo is on the cutting edge both in their product technology and in their design. Tamaggo designers started with Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 4.0 and quickly upgraded to Creo 1.0 and now use Creo 2.0. For tamaggo, […]

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Creo Customer: Game Changing 360 Degree Camera

Tamaggo says, “Say goodbye to lens attachments and stitched 360. Say hello to a new experience.” Weighing in at 7 oz, egg-shaped, and fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, this is a consumer camera that takes pictures with fully integrated panomorph technology. Perhaps a moment of silence should be reserved in admiration for […]

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