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Get Involved with the PTC Creo Community

There are lots of ways to get involved with the PTC Creo community. Whether you’re into blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or discussion threads, we’ve got something special for you. I’ll give you a helpful list in a minute. But first I want to alert you to the PTC Social Media Directory. It’s a one-stop-shop that […]

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Social Tools Help Companies Connect with Customers and Employees


Social media’s impact on both our social and professional lives has significantly increased over the past few years. The power behind social media is generated by its ability to amplify word-of-mouth effects, which if used effectively can be used to expand product recognition, drive sales and profitability, garner loyalty and elicit valuable feedback from customers. […]

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PTC Creo LinkedIn Community: 6,000+ Strong, Active, and Growing

PTC has an official LinkedIn group. If you’re already a member, cheers! Check out the stats below, and see how we’re growing. If you’re not already part of it—I’m inviting you to join us! The discussion is always lively, as the group shares ideas, articles, feedback, advice, experiences, and, of course, job leads. Among us […]

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The Growing Role of Social Media in Product Design


Social media is everywhere, having become a somewhat ubiquitous part of everyday life. Its role, however, has expanded beyond people’s social lives. Today, it plays an increasingly important role in the way people interact with the world, allowing them to more easily share information, collaborate, discuss common interests and build relationships. These relationships can be […]

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Social Media Gives Customers a Voice in Product Design


Organizations are always looking for ways to improve upon existing products as well as innovate new ones that will grab the attention of increasingly finicky and demanding consumers. Manufacturing organizations are turning to social media as an additional way to incorporate the voice of their customers into their innovation and product development processes. Social media […]

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Product Design Gets Social


Every manufacturer is clamoring to conceive of the next “big thing,” that one new product that will set their industry on its ear, garner the envy of competitors and send customers rushing to local store shelves. So the question is how do companies generate new ideas for innovative new products? In today’s product development environment, […]

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Cool Tools for Design Collaboration

There’s much talk about how Social Media is coming at the enterprise like a tidal wave that inevitably must be ridden. The intellectual protectionism of the past is being replaced with openness and exploration amongst peers and a wider team. This doesn’t mean, however, that intellectual property is up for grabs. It means that companies […]

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Spanning the Digital Divide: Ways to Leverage Strengths of Digital Natives

Digital Native

The engineering world is poised to experience a sea change of sorts in the upcoming decades as it faces a flood of engineering executive retirements as the boomer population moves on to greener pastures (golf courses).  Manufacturing organizations must facilitate knowledge transfer of these seasoned engineering veterans to the younger generation of engineers who will […]

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Creo Reactions: Stay Social with Creo 1.0


Did you know that Creo has a vibrant presence on the social networks? We haven’t released the software yet, and we’ve already built a combined following of over 4,100 people on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What are our communities talking about? Here’s a sample from our Twitter feed: @SolidSmack Got a first look at Creo […]

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