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cadalyst: Robot Designers Take Cues from Nature

“In the world of biomimetics, scientists and engineers model their creations after living creatures. Biomimetic robots are as diverse as their biological inspirations, which include everything from insects to fish. Boston Engineering’s BIOSwimmer unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), for example, is a robotic tuna. Like Chung’s robotic falcon, the BIOSwimmer was designed to mimic the locomotion […]

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Vincent Systems Brings High-End Design to Prosthetic Hands with PTC

The human hand is a complicated piece of work. Fingers bend in three spots, they work with the thumb to pinch and grasp, or they can ball up together to make a fist. To make a replacement as sophisticated, you’d not only have to create a machine with a outstanding flexibility, but you’d also have […]

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Parent Coaches Speak Out for FIRST

After reading the many stories we’ve posted about FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) programs on this blog, you might get the impression things like the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and other FIRST robotics competitions are just for K-12 kids with a love of science. But a little further investigation reveals that […]

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Fish in the Boat Wins Big at FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

PTC would like to congratulate FIRST Team 4140 — Fish in the Boat — a self-organized and directed robotics team based in Lakeville, MN. Fish in the Boat took home the FTC Connect Award at the recent FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. Nice Job team! This FTC Connect award is given to the team that […]

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Mechanical MAYHEM Shows off Team Spirit at FIRST Robotics Competition

Mechanical MAYHEM, a southern New Hampshire-based team of students who are very enthusiastic about science and engineering, were among the award winners at the 2014 FIRST Robotics Championship Competition. The PTC-sponsored Mechanical MAYHEM – also known as Team 1519 – created a robot to compete in the FIRST Aerial Assist competition at the championship. They […]

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Behold! Tradinno!

Behold Tradinno! The fiercest beast ever created with PTC Creo! I’m calling that right now. At 50-feet long and 30-feet tall, this fire-breathing robotic dragon, sometimes called “Fanny,” weighs 11 tons and holds 8 liters of (fake) blood in its veins. Guinness Book of World Records says the mechatronic wonder is the biggest walking robot […]

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Tech Toys 360: Neato Robotics

You take an infrared laser, a centrifugal compression impeller, and a robot with a smidge of artificial intelligence. You put them in the hands of business school students. Add $25,000 in seed money. And what do you get? A vacuum cleaner that doesn’t need you. The Neato Robotics Vacuum is a programmable home-cleaning device that […]

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Creo Customer: Design Issues in Modern Warfare

The military is investing in robots from hefty unmanned vehicles to tiny Throwbots to perform a wide variety of previously impossible missions. To a designer, creating these robots is not only an amazing engineering challenge, but also a way to help save lives in the battlefield. Wartime robots date back to World War II and […]

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MCADCafe: PTC’s Support for FIRST® is Cornerstone of Corporate Social Responsibility Program

“Reaching more than 294,000 students in grades K-12 annually, FIRST has designed accessible, innovative, mentor-based STEM programs. These programs inspire young people to think, design and create something physical using their engineering knowledge and skills. As a Strategic Partner to FIRST,PTC provides free software, including Creo®, Mathcad® and Windchill®, to all participating FIRST teams. Offering Windchill in the cloud to FIRST FRC and […]

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Inventors Digest: FIRST Team Seeks Patent/ Kamen’s Kids

” “This year we’ve learned to use a milling machine and Creo, CAD software from PTC,” says Sean Lanier. “I entered in some of the side panels for our robot and used the machine to cut them out. Marc (Celestini) used a wizard on the machine to etch the team number into the side panel.” “Our […]

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