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Five, cool engineering projects the media noticed in 2015

We all get busy. Projects are developed. Deadlines are given and then made (hopefully). Days turn into sleepless nights, then weeks, then into months, then it’s December and you’re (again, hopefully) reading a roundup of cool projects and inventions by engineers made during the year. It’s true. There were many amazing engineering feats accomplished this […]

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3D Print.com: Robot in a Can–Designed with PTC Creo

It doesn’t promise to taste great or to be less filling, but Attiny Canbot sure is cute. This project springs from the mind of Thingiverse contributor Maxmillian Kern, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Wingman94.’ In a nutshell (or in a can) the creature is a cylindrical robot that rolls its way across surfaces at the […]

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My Robot Drives Me to Work

Japanese-based robot manufacturer, ZMP, develops robotic vehicles that integrate both automotive and robotic technologies. Within this genre, ZMP is making headlines with robotics that drive for you. Earlier this year, the company released the RoboCar MV2, an autonomous one-seated driving car that’s a platform for next-generation automobiles like Tesla. I’m thinking the robot drives me […]

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Behold! Tradinno!

Behold Tradinno! The fiercest beast ever created with PTC Creo! I’m calling that right now. At 50-feet long and 30-feet tall, this fire-breathing robotic dragon, sometimes called “Fanny,” weighs 11 tons and holds 8 liters of (fake) blood in its veins. Guinness Book of World Records says the mechatronic wonder is the biggest walking robot […]

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Mars Wars Revisited

We are just getting started with this robot thing. We’ve been using automated assembly lines for years of course. But now we are moving well beyond just using machines to do our most repetitive tasks. Robot sea turtles will soon carry payloads through water. Autonomous machines are performing underground mining. Robot-assisted surgery is progressing quickly. […]

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Creo Customer: Police Robot

In the cage, large, 220-pound robots dual: the first robot throws the other upside down, but the second robot inverts. With a surprise right-hook and a hidden flame thrower, the robot throws its opponent eight feet into the air, slamming it into pieces. In April, thousands will descend upon San Mateo Convention Center for the […]

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