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Is 3D Printing A Part of Your Regular Design Workflow? It Should Be

It might take a minute or two to wrap your brain around the idea that an office-style printer can pump out a working part, but that’s exactly what’s happening across a swath of engineering departments on a regular basis. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is certainly not an unknown technology, but its wide-ranging impact on […]

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Self-Taught CAD Student Brings PTC Grants and Prizes to Robotics Team

When Toren Arginteanu joined his high school FIRST robotics team in 2011, it was clear that he wanted to try 3D modeling. What nobody guessed back then was that, within four years, he would help build an award-winning design team, bring in grants and awards, and prepare his classmates for technologies that barely existed at […]

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When Robots Fail: A Minnesota School Learns Engineering’s Most Important Lesson

Early last year, a group of high school students wheeled a robot into a packed arena in Duluth, Minnesota. They were bringing to competition a device they had spent months designing and engineering. What they didn’t know yet was that by the end of the first round, their machine would be in pieces all over […]

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PTC Featured in Closing Ceremony at NASDAQ

PTC rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York City last Thursday. PTC employees and management rang the bell to honor our record of innovation and success over the past 25 years as a public company. The ceremony also highlighted PTC’s vision for the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). […]

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How to Get Free CAD Software from PTC

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to want your CAD software for free. You might be new to product development or you might be uninterested in ever working as a full-blown design professional—but you still need to tinker with 3D models. You might want to try out a software you’ve heard about, to see […]

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PTC Creo 3.0 Launch Presentation and Demonstration

Want to know what’s new in PTC Creo 3.0? Watch Brian Thompson, VP of product management for PTC Creo, discuss and demonstrate the latest release. In this 45-minute introduction, recorded at PTC Live Global 2014, see all the new exciting features that will enable teams to work more effectively in a multi-CAD environment, empower innovation […]

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A quick introduction to PTC Creo Direct

The PTC Creo family of CAD solutions offers dedicated direct modeling capabilities in the form of PTC Creo Direct, a standalone part modeling and assembly modeling application. PTC Creo Direct gives users the opportunity to create new designs from scratch and also refine and edit existing designs without any concern whatsoever about feature definitions or […]

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Aberdeen Shares Best Practices for Managing Changes in Engineering

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in our ongoing look at some of the biggest challenges facing engineering managers today. As part of our new partnership with Aberdeen Research, we will continue to bring you more study results and practical advice in the future. Designing a great product and bringing it to market requires […]

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Campbell to discuss PTC Creo 3.0 at PTC Live Global

Attendees of next month’s PTC Live Global in Boston will get see how PTC technologies like the soon-to-be-released PTC Creo 3.0 will help companies design great products. PTC Live Global, one of the biggest CAD industry events of the year, is being held Sunday–Wednesday, June 15-18. On Tuesday June 17th, Michael Campbell, the Executive Vice […]

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Falcons Show Talent for Robotics and Business at FIRST Competition

If you want to have a successful career in product design and development – or really in any area of science and engineering – it helps to have a good understanding of how business works. It’s easy to get lost in the creativity of designing and building things, but if you’re not in touch with […]

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