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Five Movies That Prove Engineers Are Heroes

To be an engineer is to be underappreciated and misunderstood. You’ve experienced it, I’m sure. You come up with breakthrough solutions to intractable problems every day, only to have friends and family glaze over when you share your excitement. Fortunately, we have the movies. Because while most people won’t sit still while you explain how […]

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3DPrint.com: Sketchfab Talks 3D Printable Ties

“SketchFab recently spoke to one of their community members working on 3D printable neckties about his interesting design and what went into it. Boris Rabinovich designed the MyTie3D based on a vintage Armani tie pattern that he found appealing. He designed several versions of the MyTie3D, a standard sized tie and a more modern skinny tie […]

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Did You Know? Create Sweeps with Open Trajectories in PTC Creo

When many of us began creating 3D models in PTC Creo, we learned to work with extrusions. We simply created a profile and extruded it. But alas, not everything can be modeled that way. That’s why designers also use sweeps, another core capability in PTC Creo Parametric. With the Sweep tool, you can create a solid […]

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3DPrint.com: Danish Dynamos: Students Make 3D Printed, Manually Powered Lights

“We’ve reported on many student 3D printed projects, from engineering to architecture, and many in the area of design. Teachers and professors have reported that students are apt to become so excited about 3D printing that they become obsessed with the technology, wanting to 3D print everything, even when it’s not truly cost-effective or necessary—it’s […]

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Designing Carbon Fiber Propulsion Shafts with PTC Creo

Power plant generators. Agricultural and mining equipment. Refrigeration appliances. Ships sailing on every sea in the world. These are some of the many places you’ll find products made by American VULKAN Corporation (AVC). The company’s three divisions (VULKAN Couplings, VULKAN Drive Tech, and VULKAN LOKRING) create products like couplings and drive shafts for marine propulsion, power transmission equipment for industrial applications, and solder-free locking systems for refrigerant tubes.

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Machine Design: CAD Apps, For When You’re Mobile

“Computer-aided design (CAD) is an essential tool for modern engineers who work in a variety of professional fields. As companies head toward cloud-based computing solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT) reaches all aspects of engineering, mobile CAD programs will become an even more valuable resource. Here is a roundup of popular mobile CAD apps […]

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3DPrint.com: Incredible Fully Functional 3D Printed Motorcycle Unveiled at RAPID 2015

“As the world begins to come to grips over the fact that someone has already 3D printed a fully functional car, and that surgeons from across the globe have been able to successfully implant 3D printed structures into the human body, everyday seems to bring us yet another new surprise from within the 3D printing space. One […]

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AMST Simulates the Frontiers of Aerospace with PTC Creo

How many of us, when we step into the cabin of an airplane, stop to consider the pilots’ training or their ability to navigate catastrophic disasters? Certainly, the more anxious among us do. But most of us needn’t worry—thanks, in part, to companies like Austria Metall Systemtechnik (AMST). As an industry leader in simulation equipment for civil […]

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CAD and IoT Come Together at LiveWorx 2015

PTC has been making such a big noise about the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few months, some CAD users may wonder if we’ve forgotten them. IoT is all about exercise monitors and preventing flat tires, right?  What’s IoT got to do with the toothbrush you’re designing? You’d be surprised. At LiveWorx 2015, […]

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Q&A with Mentor Graphics: FloEFD for PTC Creo

Traditionally, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis has been conducted by highly specialized professionals siloed away from designers and other stakeholders involved in the product development process. But, this practice has recently begun to shift – as designers and engineers are becoming more empowered by tools which combine traditional CAD and simulation capabilities. So what CFD […]

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