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Elecon Engineering Delivers Dependability with PTC Creo Simulate and Templates

When you’re in the business of creating heavy-duty gearboxes that drive your customers’ operations, you commit to delivering something they can depend on. At least that’s the case with Elecon Engineering, one of the largest gearbox manufacturers in Asia. Elecon supplies mills, naval ships, mines, and power plants. And among its strategies for creating dependable […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Simulation

Simulation is one of the great innovations in computer-aided design. Everyone knows that if you can simulate, you can skip prototypes (well, some of them), pass testing faster, and generally create more optimized products. By now simulation is everywhere. Right? We weren’t actually sure about that. We know from previous Aberdeen Research over the years […]

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Tips & Tricks: Optimize Mass During Design with PTC Creo Simulate

One of the great advantages of PTC Creo Simulate is that it can help you optimize your models as you design in order to achieve a specified goal while respecting specified limits; for example, minimizing the mass of a part without compromising its strength. Traditionally, you would adjust some variables (like a wall thickness), run […]

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Small Business Cuts Project Time with PTC Creo and Simulation

Kontec GmbH is a design and engineering company located in Saarbrücken, Germany, that has always enjoyed the nimbleness of a close-knit, experienced staff. But sometimes it takes more a talented team to increase productivity and grow a business. That’s why the company recently  implemented PTC Creo with PTC Creo simulation technologies. Kontec, which uses the tag line “your engineering partner,”  is in the […]

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Bowles and PTC Creo: The Fascinating Technology That Cleans Your Windshield

If you ever cleaned your car’s windows with washer fluid, you probably used technology created by Bowles Fluidics. The Columbia, Maryland-based company developed its core product—fluidic windshield washer nozzles—in the 1970’s for the Ford Mustang. Today, Bowles provides nozzles to all major automakers, supplying 85% of the vehicles built in North America. In fact, since […]

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New Amphibious Aircraft Shaped by PTC Creo

Rovaniemi, Finland is the official home of Santa Claus, but something besides Santa’s sleigh is taking flight here. In this land of the midnight sun near the Arctic Circle, Atol Avion Ltd. created the ATOL 650 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Imagine flying independently without needing airports. That’s the vision of Atol Avion’s aircraft designers.

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PTC Creo Blog: Top 5 Most Read Posts in May

We know you’re busy and often may not know about all the posts here on the PTC Creo Blog when we first publish them. Or maybe you see a story, intend to read it later, and forget. That’s why we publish the monthly Top 5 Most Read Posts. Here, you can quickly catch up with all […]

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Cumitas Replaces AutoCAD with PTC Creo: Saves 35% on Prototypes

Located in the ancient city of Tarsus, Cumitas strives to blend world-renowned components from global manufacturers with the latest technologies. However, the company’s reliance on AutoCAD, a 2D CAD system, more closely aligned it with the regions reputation for antiquity than the cutting-edge.

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Looking for Results? Five Upgrades That Deliver Big Return

No matter your industry, geography, or the size of your team, there are certain design steps that most of us follow—concept design, prototyping, even filing away our data. It only takes a release cycle or two for most of us to realize the value of automating some of these processes. If you’ve ever spent a […]

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JR Automation: Chaos Brings Profits, PTC Brings Order

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity–Sun Tzu ca. 500 BC We love turmoil—JR Automation 2015 Ever since Henry Ford launched the first assembly line in 1913, the manufacturing industry has been immersed in one disruption after another. Especially lately. In the past few years, we’ve seen the introduction of new materials, nanotechnology, […]

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