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Aberdeen Research: How to Get More from Virtual Prototypes

Simulate early. Simulate often. That’s the message from Aberdeen Research in its report, “Unlocking Product Innovation with Virtual Prototypes.” The document sums up the experiences of more than 1000 product development professionals. Then, it looks at how the best performing product designers–the Best-in-Class–compare to their more average-performing counterparts. “In the real world, a variety of […]

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Aberdeen Research: Unlocking the Value of Virtual Prototypes

The top-performing product design companies simulate early and often, according to a report from analyst firm Aberdeen Research. Doing so helps them cut the costs associated with physical prototyping, and it also helps them deal with increasingly complex product designs. The report, “Unlocking Product Innovation with Virtual Prototypes,” sums up the experiences of more than […]

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Tooling with PTC Creo: Szimikron Precision Technologies

The ball screw is an old invention that finds new applications with every generation. Engineers specify these deceptively simple mechanical devices anywhere they need efficient linear movement from rotational motion. You’ll find them in CNC machines, anti-lock brake systems, airplanes, and even robots. Compared to other methods for moving loads in a straight line, like […]

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Aberdeen Research: Capture Knowledge to Ensure Simulation Success

As companies struggle to competitively differentiate their products as well as beat their competitors to market, faster decisions within engineering have become increasingly critical to product success. Many have turned to simulation tools for support. However, the expertise required to conduct accurate simulations, combined with increasing product complexity, leaves companies struggling to expand simulation knowledge […]

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Students Building the World’s First Heavy Lift Quadcopter

Last year, Nick Conover and three other students at San Jose State University pitched an idea on Kickstarter. The Incredible HLQ (pronounced Hulk) would be an autonomous gasoline-powered 4-rotor helicopter that could carry an unprecedented payload of 50 pounds. Here’s their original pitch: [Ed- their project is now fully funded] A drone engineered to run […]

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Aberdeen Research: Promote Collaboration to Achieve Simulation Success

Companies that want to use simulation software to test and improve product designs should focus heavily on promoting collaboration between all stakeholders, according the analyst firm Aberdeen Research. In a recent research brief entitled, “Enhance Engineering: Reduce Time and Optimize Products with Simulation Best Practices,” Aberdeen discussed some of the best practices for ensuring simulation […]

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PTC Creo Simulate 3.0 Top Enhancement: Creating Notes Workflow

The newly released PTC Creo Simulate 3.0 offers new capabilities for creating a notes workflow. As with previous releases, users can easily create part, assembly and feature notes by pressing the right mouse button on a given file or feature in the model tree. With PTC Creo Simulate 3.0, users will also have the ability […]

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Four Questions to Ask When Getting Started With Simulation

Many businesses decide that they want to start using simulation — perhaps because a product failed in an unexpected way, or they’re trying a new material or manufacturing process. Designers have taken motion modeling and other CAD techniques as far as they can and now need to add CAE into their process. These designers often […]

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Simulating from Craft to Common Use

Simulation Technology

My old Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “craft” as an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill. That’s how many people see simulation, as a craft that must be mastered and one that is out of reach for most of us. This view led companies to build centers of expertise around CAE where analysts painstakingly develop models […]

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Belgium’s TEN Makes PTC Creo Part of their Design Method

Engineering companies sell their services on the basis of several types of expertise. One might be particularly good at government contracts. Another rocks consumer goods. And so on. However, the best of them also sell a deep understanding of processes. If a company has carefully thought out its workflows and communications with clients, it produces […]

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