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Designing a Better Grain Dryer at Delux

In agriculture, equipment is often kept in service for decades. Farmers can, and sometimes still do, plow fields with the same 1940s tractor that their grandparents used. Grain elevators, hay balers, seeders, and combines remain the foundations of production, as they have been for generations. And that’s a design challenge. Farmers and other agricultural producers […]

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Making Solar Energy Useful with Fronius and PTC Solutions

Solar energy is one of the cornerstones of green energy. It’s free. It’s limitless. It’s clean. The main problem with it (besides cloudy days) is that it delivers its power as direct current (DC), just like a battery. Most significant appliances, the ones you plug into a wall, feed on alternating current (AC). And in […]

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JR Automation: An Alternative to Offshoring


Offshoring has been a controversial topic spurring debates with economists and in board rooms for over a decade.  Some companies have seen benefits, but others are more skeptical of the practice.  In fact, The Economist reported in January 2013 that: “High levels of unemployment in Western countries after the 2007-2008 financial crisis have made the […]

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Sheet Metal Design Tools Help Manufacturers Save Time, Reduce Waste


One of the more commonly used materials used in manufacturing is sheet metal, a thin flat sheet commonly made out of steel, nickel, brass tin or aluminum. One of the primary benefits of sheet metal is that is can be fabricated or bent and shaped into nearly any shape or thickness. Sheet metal manufacturing techniques […]

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