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Tips & Tricks: Working with Chamfer-like Geometry in PTC Creo FMX

In the past, whenever you moved geometry adjacent to chamfer-like geometry in PTC Creo Parametric, the chamfer-like geometry would extend and intersect the moved geometry (see figure below). Now with PTC Creo 3.0, the system automatically handles chamfer geometry created with PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 or later as a chamfer, meaning that the dimensions of […]

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Tips & Tricks: Tangency Propagation in PTC Creo FMX

With PTC Creo Parametric Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), you can easily modify geometry  by simply selecting and dragging. But what happens to neighboring surfaces? Especially those with a tangential connection to the surface you’re modifying? Among the enhancements in PTC Creo 3.0, you can now maintain those tangent connections. The following video demonstrates: To try […]

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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Expect Change

Dealing with change is a known challenge for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Whether it’s a new design requirement, engineering change order, or last-minute customer request, changes disrupt tight schedules,  causing delays and cost overruns. But not everybody falls behind when confronted with the unexpected. In fact, some companies distinguish themselves with how they handle change. Best-in-Class Plan […]

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Top Taiwanese OEM Improves Leverage of Client Designs with PTC Creo

If you ever visit Tainan City, Taiwan, look for the Taiwan Metal Creation Museum. This unique cultural center is dedicated to the history and importance of a seemingly ordinary commodity—sheet metal. Founded by Chih Kang Material Company Ltd., the museum illustrates how sheet metal is not only fabricated into a key component of many modern products, […]

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IMA Engineers Productivity with PTC Creo FMX

Working with design files you didn’t create can be painful if you are a product development engineer. When your partners and suppliers use different CAD file formats, or when you need to edit a legacy model that you have little information about, you can spend more time recreating models than designing them. That’s one reason […]

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Why Top Innovators Use Direct and Parametric Modeling


PTC promotes both parametric and direct modeling for 3D product development. While some companies model their parts and assemblies with one or the other, more are using a combination of parametric and direct approaches. We’d like to introduce you to three such companies: medical device maker Digi02, optics manufacturer Calin Technology Co., and engineering firm […]

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Three Innovators Who Depend on Direct Modeling

PTC is a well-known for parametric modeling. We were founded on the technology in 1985, and today our software can be found in tens of thousands of companies worldwide. But for some companies, in some situations, direct modeling works out better. For these companies, the flexibility of direct modeling has given them the freedom to […]

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Three Manufacturers That Can’t Live Without Direct Modeling

The world’s most innovative manufacturers have something in common, regardless of which industry they operate in: They value flexible product design tools. That’s why many of them use direct modeling in combination with parametric modeling. The approach helps their ideas evolve quickly from concept to final, detailed design. Here’s a quick look at three manufacturers […]

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Unlock the Value of Legacy Data

Have you been using CAD for a while? Has your company? If yes, you probably have a rich store of CAD models that you need to move forward when you update your CAD environment. There are three basic workflows for migrating legacy data: 1. All at once, before the team starts using the new CAD tool […]

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PTC in High Tech: Atop Technologies

A wind farm in southern Europe uses video surveillance and telemetry to monitor each of its towers. An operator will have to collect data from a single workstation. A manufacturer in China has more CNC machines than serial ports on the computer. A public transportation system in North America uses card readers to collect fares. […]

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