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Consolidating on PTC Creo: Britax

Recently, Britax made a significant change to its design strategy. The company, a leading manufacturer of child safety equipment, abandoned SolidWorks and is consolidating all its design work on PTC Creo. Here’s why: Britax car seats, strollers, and infant carriers must be high quality and provide impeccable safety to succeed in the child safety market. […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized Bicycle Components recently launched its 2014 models. The bikes are faster, the frames stiffer and lighter, and the suspensions more advanced. Designers have also introduced storage systems so carrying your water bottles, tubes and wrenches aren’t such an afterthought. You can check out all the new products here. You’ll see the team has been […]

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Sustainability on the Prairie

Farmers have always struggled against drought, late thaws, and early freezes. But more recently, two other concerns have emerged: growing populations and environmental sustainability. Better Yields with Less Disruption “Farmers are stewards of the ground,” says Linda Salem, chief operating officer at Great Plains Manufacturing—an agricultural equipment company based in central Kansas. “Not only do […]

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Fantom Abandons SolidWorks, Manages Large Assemblies with PTC Creo

At its heart, a vacuum cleaner is a straightforward device. An electric motor drives a fan, and the fan pushes air through an exhaust vent. Physics do the rest: the airflow creates a low-pressure region that, as you may recall from school, causes ambient air to rush into the void. And with that ambient air […]

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Should Analysis Be Left to the Analysts?

As technology grows, we all take on roles that were once saved for experts.  We all book our own travel, touch up our own photos, and find our way without stopping at the filling station to ask directions. In the world of 3D CAD, new technical developments are also making it easier for designers to […]

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CAD and PDM Together Help Italy’s IPC Build a Global Powerhouse

When several top Italian machinery companies merged in 2005, they created one of the world’s most comprehensive producers of cleaning equipment–Integrated Professional Cleaning, or IPC. It was a smart move for the Italian-based group, and IPC became a powerhouse in its industry. But as with most mergers, there were technical issues. Specifically, the different companies […]

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Explore, Create, Suggest, Evolve: Concept Design with PTC Creo

New concept ideas are rarely “new.” More often they’re offshoots or modifications of previous designs. PTC asked designers and others in product design how common this practice is*, and 45% said concept designs at their respective companies are generated by directly leveraging existing designs. A total of 23% said that they heavily borrow from previous […]

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Design Agility: Increasing your Ability to Adapt to Change

Design Agility: Increasing your Ability to Adapt to Change

One of the most prominent trends in today’s markets is the reality that the customer is now king. Consumers are demanding ever more innovative products that are tailored specifically to their needs, dictating the types of features and functionality they require, and as a result, are driving the direction of many different types of products. […]

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Creo Customer: System Group Saves Cardboard, World

A few weeks ago, The Product Design Show introduced viewers to 4Phases, a machine that packages tiles, bottles, and cans. Engineered by Creo customer, System Group, this industrial machine cuts the cardboard, prints the label, glues everything together, and packs the product inside. In the video, Vince and Allison talk about many benefits of 4Phases, […]

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Unraveling the Complexity of Today’s Products


Nearly every product today, from cars and phones to washing machines, contains some sort of embedded computing technology. Customers are increasingly yearning for technology-enabled products. Smart phones, computing tablets, electronic navigation systems, Wi-Fi-enabled TVs, and a slew of other tech-enabled products offer consumers convenience, portability, and personalization at very reasonable prices, thanks to increased competition […]

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