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PTC on the Shop Floor: Maxmill Machinery

There’s something hypnotic about a CNC machine in action. Amid the dust and the hum of a shop floor, it mills even the most complicated slots and pockets with an inhuman accuracy and speed. And if it’s what industry calls a “machine center,” the device will even change its own tools—so that parts can go […]

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Massive Machines: The World’s Bestselling Bulldozers

Shantui Construction Machinery Co. says that it “provided much of the muscle that helped give rise to China’s spectacular economic development in recent decades.” A leading manufacturer of bulldozers, road machinery, and industrial vehicles, Shantui was well positioned to take advantage of the real estate explosion of the 2000s. And as China’s skylines flourished ever […]

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IMA Meets Machine Design Challenges with PTC Creo

Every customer that comes through the doors of IMA, a machine design and engineering firm, brings its own design challenges. A European HVAC company needs a new assembly line for heat exchangers, with a very short lead time. The line must accommodate workers of different heights, and be flexible enough to reconfigure later. A global […]

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Massive Machines: Maquiaridos Delivers for the Mining Industry

Companies that focus on products for mining and construction can produce anything from crane systems that can reach 100m up in the sky to hydraulic roof supports that keep open mines deep in the ground. No matter their solution, they all share many of the same challenges. For example, how do you design a product […]

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Simulation at Work: SmartMetals

Even though our TVs are larger than ever, demand is growing for video walls—those arrays of monitors you see at stadiums, control centers, and airports, looming larger than any human that stands before them. There are a number of advantages to video walls. For example, the monitors can work together to show a large image, […]

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Cabinplant Upgrades PDM Solution for Better Collaboration & Food Processing

Before I tell you about Cabinplant, watch the company’s video. The Danish manufacturer makes food processing and packaging equipment for everything: fruits and vegetables, pasta, meat, frozen dinners, etc. My favorite part is the robots packing sardines at 3:14, selecting the right combination of fish for each tin and helping to minimize waste. But also […]

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Fronius Delivers Cordless Welding with PTC Solutions

A few weeks ago, we told you about Fronius and its solar energy products. But the company also has businesses creating welding equipment and battery charging equipment. And now, in a move that makes nothing but good sense, it has a business creating rechargeable battery-powered welding equipment. Just recently, Fronius International GmbH launched the AccuPocket […]

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VEMA Lift Oy Rises to New Heights with PTC Solutions

There’s something enchanting about an articulated boom. That’s the hydraulic arm that rotates, extends, and lifts a platform or cage from the bed or roof of a vehicle. Many of us examined our first one on the back of our childhood toy fire truck. As future engineers and designers, we likely evaluated its reach and […]

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R&D Results “More Reliable” with PTC Creo and PTC Windchill

You may already know that China consumes more petroleum than it extracts from within its own borders. In fact, in fall 2013, the country became the world’s largest importer of crude, surpassing US numbers for the first time ever. What might surprise you is that the country is a significant producer of oil too. Until […]

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Profits from Processes at Actiw Systems with PTC Solutions

Often, when we talk about product development, we focus on the design cycle—from idea to manufacturing. We know most product lifecycle costs are committed during the design phase, and so product development designers and engineers generally add design for manufacturing and assembly to their long list of concerns. What we don’t talk about much is […]

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