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How American Augers Cut 25% Off Design Time with PTC Creo

Suppose you need to run a pipeline across the countryside, but you don’t want to disrupt existing surface features and infrastructure—such as railways, highways, or streams and rivers. Your solution can be found in what’s called “trenchless technology,” a method for creating infrastructure by boring under the earth’s surface. Trenchless encompasses several different techniques for […]

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Cumitas Replaces AutoCAD with PTC Creo: Saves 35% on Prototypes

Located in the ancient city of Tarsus, Cumitas strives to blend world-renowned components from global manufacturers with the latest technologies. However, the company’s reliance on AutoCAD, a 2D CAD system, more closely aligned it with the regions reputation for antiquity than the cutting-edge.

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Longwall Coal Mining with ZML and PTC Creo

If you haven’t been in a coal mine lately, you might be surprised at how sophisticated, innovative, and highly automated the process has become.  About 60% of the world’s coal is extracted using a method called “longwall mining.” At the heart of  longwall mining are three basic components: A tight row of hydraulic roof supports, […]

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Viktorikreins: From Opera Houses, Marine Cranes, to Oil Rigs with PTC Creo

In 2005, Viktorikreins (Trinity Crane Factory) opened its doors just outside Moscow. The vision was to start with sophisticated technology from the west, and accommodate whatever a customer needed—from design to delivery—davits, jibs, telescoping, overhead, electric, manual, or hydraulic. The earliest orders came from a construction company that needed to build reinforced concrete slabs. By […]

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