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How PTC Creo 3.0 Just Reinvented Concept Design

There are a lot of different ways to produce a good concept design. You might use a 2D sketch application—many vendors offer them free to download. Or you could go with something more detailed, producing a fully detailed and rendered life-like 3D model. Which is best? It depends on your situation, your place in the […]

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At Home with PTC: Generation Brands

As a designer sitting down to create a light fixture for the first time, you’re likely to have a lot of questions—if you’re good at your job, that is. You might start with aesthetic questions, to help determine materials and shapes (industrial chic is hot right now). You’ll need to know where the fixture will […]

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Profiles In Flexible Modeling: Career Technology

Within the latest generation of consumer devices, you won’t find so many of those chunky green circuit boards that once filled desktop computers and other electronic equipment. That’s because today’s products just don’t have room for them. Nor is there room for the wire harnesses that once snaked through most machinery. Instead, you’ll find flexible […]

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PTC in High Tech: Atop Technologies

A wind farm in southern Europe uses video surveillance and telemetry to monitor each of its towers. An operator will have to collect data from a single workstation. A manufacturer in China has more CNC machines than serial ports on the computer. A public transportation system in North America uses card readers to collect fares. […]

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PTC Creo 3.0 Top Enhancement: More Options for Flexible Modeling

You probably already know that PTC Creo includes an extension for direct modeling. It’s especially useful for anyone who wants to modify a model without worrying about constraints or maintaining design intent. Often, that’s someone who’s generating concept designs, making last-minute design changes, or working with someone else’s model. PTC Creo 3.0 introduces several new […]

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IMA Meets Machine Design Challenges with PTC Creo

Every customer that comes through the doors of IMA, a machine design and engineering firm, brings its own design challenges. A European HVAC company needs a new assembly line for heat exchangers, with a very short lead time. The line must accommodate workers of different heights, and be flexible enough to reconfigure later. A global […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: IRX Innovations Bring Reading into the Light

Scientists have known since the early 19th century that you can move particles with electricity. When they applied a constant electric field to water, they noticed that the clay particles suspended in the fluid dispersed. Fast forward about 200 years, and they’re using that same principle to bring you electronic books that look just like […]

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Beyond Concept Design: 7 More Ways Flexible Modeling Can Rock Your World

With PTC Creo, we introduced an extension that could bring the best of direct modeling to parametric software. The implications for concept design were immediately apparent. What might not have been so clear, however, is how the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) would change the way some companies approached business. PTC Creo FMX provides a […]

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Belgium’s TEN Makes PTC Creo Part of their Design Method

Engineering companies sell their services on the basis of several types of expertise. One might be particularly good at government contracts. Another rocks consumer goods. And so on. However, the best of them also sell a deep understanding of processes. If a company has carefully thought out its workflows and communications with clients, it produces […]

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CALIN Focuses on Modern Optics Production with PTC Solutions

Optics are famously expensive. They’re the reason a good camera, microscope, or telescope will set you back thousands of dollars (more if you’re going pro). They require precision grinding and polishing, coatings that must never be touched by human hands, and perfect mounts and machining. And in the end, what do you get? Light waves […]

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