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FIRST Tech Challenge Team #7719 Completes its Rookie Season

What do you get when you combine a team of talented students with the resources to get started on science and technology? Some pretty fantastic creations — that’s what. Just ask the teachers at The Lakeland Christian School, the oldest and largest private K-12 school in West Central Florida. This is one school that’s serious […]

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Product Lifecycle Stories Blog Reveals the Future of Engineering

If you’re reading this blog, you love engineering and technology. That’s why we also recommend regular visits to the Product Lifecycle Stories (PLS) blog—a site that posts a steady stream of fascinating articles about the future of manufacturing, engineering, product design and more. The blog explores cutting edge technology like the art of manufacturing; how […]

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Fish in the Boat Wins Big at FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

PTC would like to congratulate FIRST Team 4140 — Fish in the Boat — a self-organized and directed robotics team based in Lakeville, MN. Fish in the Boat took home the FTC Connect Award at the recent FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. Nice Job team! This FTC Connect award is given to the team that […]

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Team Hot Wired teams up to win FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

PTC would like to congratulation FIRST Team 7013, a very talented group of young students Portland, Oregon who are very serious about science and engineering, for being part of the alliance that won the recently help FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. The team, which goes by the name Hot Wired Robotics created a futuristic robot […]

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Mechanical MAYHEM Shows off Team Spirit at FIRST Robotics Competition

Mechanical MAYHEM, a southern New Hampshire-based team of students who are very enthusiastic about science and engineering, were among the award winners at the 2014 FIRST Robotics Championship Competition. The PTC-sponsored Mechanical MAYHEM – also known as Team 1519 – created a robot to compete in the FIRST Aerial Assist competition at the championship. They […]

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Tips for Students: Everybody Collaborates

It’s odd that our culture portrays scientists and engineers as socially awkward outcasts. In reality, if you read the stories of modern technological breakthroughs, there’s usually a team, a stack of letters, or, at the very least, an assistant. It turns out, technical professionals rarely succeed in isolation. As such, it’s no surprise that most […]

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Falcons Show Talent for Robotics and Business at FIRST Competition

If you want to have a successful career in product design and development – or really in any area of science and engineering – it helps to have a good understanding of how business works. It’s easy to get lost in the creativity of designing and building things, but if you’re not in touch with […]

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Buchanan Bird Brains show commitment to robotics and community

The Buchanan Bird Brains is a team of extremely bright students from Clovis, Calif. who are highly committed to creating interest in science and engineering. But they also care a great deal about improving their community and the world as a whole – and it shows. The group competed recently in the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition, […]

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Michigan-based engineering students score big at robotics competition

More than 12,000 science and engineering students from around the world converged upon St. Louis, Mo. recently for the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship — and a very talented team from Michigan was among those who emerged victorious. After a long and cold winter, Team C.H.A.O.S from Holland, Michigan heated up the field as part […]

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From Student Projects to Real-World Careers

If you’re a student planning a future in engineering, we have career advice for you—volunteer for project work now, while you’re still in school. Programs like FIRST and Formula SAE challenge students with interesting problems, and deadlines, much like real-life jobs. PTC sponsors many of these engineering programs, including FIRST, Real World Design Challenge, Formula […]

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