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Not Your Father’s Simulation Strategy

Alternative materials and all sorts of streamlined parts have become common practice in car designs as manufacturers push to add lighter weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles to their fleets. Electronic device makers are packing gobs more technology into ever-tighter spaces, and aerospace engineers are constantly raising the bar on engine design and integrated control systems to […]

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Multiple Customers and CAD Systems: How Hofmann Engineering Streamlines FEA with PTC Creo Simulate

Most successful engineering firms work for multiple clients. And of course, with multiple clients come files in multiple CAD formats. So, at Hofmann Engineering GmbH in Schwaig (a municipality in Bavaria in Germany), engineers use a variety of CAD systems—because everybody seems to need something different. Nothing revolutionary there. What is innovative about Hofmann is that when […]

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Sheet Metal Design Tools Help Manufacturers Save Time, Reduce Waste


One of the more commonly used materials used in manufacturing is sheet metal, a thin flat sheet commonly made out of steel, nickel, brass tin or aluminum. One of the primary benefits of sheet metal is that is can be fabricated or bent and shaped into nearly any shape or thickness. Sheet metal manufacturing techniques […]

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Desktop Engineering: Simulation for Small Businesses, Part 1

PTC’s goal has always been to put good structural analysis tools at the fingertips of the desktop engineer — tools that don’t require the expertise of a full-time finite element analysis (FEA) expert. Brian Thompson, PTC vice president of product management, notes, for example, that the company’s meshing approach uses P elements instead of typical […]

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Four Ways Manufacturers Can Reduce Design Costs


Manufacturers have a lot of demands placed upon them today. They must design, build and ship products faster than ever to stay above the rising tide of global competition. They must be innovative, sustainable and design increasingly customized products. They must manage extended supply chains and efficiently collaborate with design partners from whom they are […]

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Should Analysis Be Left to the Analysts?

As technology grows, we all take on roles that were once saved for experts.  We all book our own travel, touch up our own photos, and find our way without stopping at the filling station to ask directions. In the world of 3D CAD, new technical developments are also making it easier for designers to […]

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Desktop Engineering: Meshing Your Design for Analysis: Which Path to Take?

The target audience for doing analysis within CAD programs is the generalist mechanical engineer (as well as an analyst), and that person may or may not have also created the geometry. With this group in mind, Christos Katsis, PTC vice president of R&D simulation software, notes his company’s PTC Creo Simulate software tries to automate […]

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DesignNews: Simulation Heads for Mainstream Makeover


Design News interviews John Buchowski, vice president of CAD business strategy at PTC and Joe Graney, director of engineering for Santa Cruz Bicycles about the company’s use of Creo and how the product has benefited their design process. Syncing up with CAD Thanks to a number of emerging technologies, including relatively inexpensive workstation horsepower, deeper […]

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Simulation Tools Help Answer “What if” Queries Early in Process


Better designs result when chances are taken, mistakes made, and many different avenues are explored. Innovation results when designers and engineers are allowed the luxury and time to explore many different design options. It’s only when all these various directions are explored that a clear path to innovation emerges. Despite this, production schedules, budgets, and […]

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Design News: Slideshow- CAE Goes Mainstream

“Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) have traditionally been the domain of specialists. However, recent advances have radically changed who is diving into simulation and analysis work.  It’s not necessarily that the science behind fluid dynamics or structural integrity has become easier. It’s more that such computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools have become […]

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