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Students Building the World’s First Heavy Lift Quadcopter

Last year, Nick Conover and three other students at San Jose State University pitched an idea on Kickstarter. The Incredible HLQ (pronounced Hulk) would be an autonomous gasoline-powered 4-rotor helicopter that could carry an unprecedented payload of 50 pounds. Here’s their original pitch: [Ed- their project is now fully funded] A drone engineered to run […]

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PACCAR Uses Video Training To Help Upgrade Users to PTC Creo

When it comes time to roll out PTC Creo 3.0 at your organization, you should consider using short, instructional training videos to get people become familiar with all the great new features and functions. That’s exactly how Walter Brewer familiarized his fellow engineers with PTC Creo 2.0, including PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Simulate, PTC […]

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PTC Academic Program Offers Free Downloads of PTC Creo Student Edition

Attention science and engineering students: The PTC University Academic Program is offering free downloads of the PTC Creo Student Edition as well as a free PTC Creo Primer Guide for Students who want to get to know the software better. The primer will introduce students to the modeling, visualization and design tools in PTC Creo […]

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Team Hot Wired teams up to win FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

PTC would like to congratulation FIRST Team 7013, a very talented group of young students Portland, Oregon who are very serious about science and engineering, for being part of the alliance that won the recently help FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. The team, which goes by the name Hot Wired Robotics created a futuristic robot […]

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KING TeC Wins Imagery Award at FIRST Robotics Championship

KING TeC – also known as Team 2669 — is a very talented team of young science and engineering students from Prior Lake, Minnesota who regularly compete in robotics competitions. The team recently participated in the 2014 FIRST Robotics Championship and they walked away with the Imagery Award. The Imagery Award celebrates attractiveness in engineering […]

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Three quick career tips for engineering managers

This blog has posted some helpful career advice over the years for current and future engineering managers. Some of it can be found in the tales of PTC customers who overcame problems using their own unique skills, and some of it can be found in blogs we regularly post from expert commentators. Looking back at […]

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Tips for Students: Everybody Collaborates

It’s odd that our culture portrays scientists and engineers as socially awkward outcasts. In reality, if you read the stories of modern technological breakthroughs, there’s usually a team, a stack of letters, or, at the very least, an assistant. It turns out, technical professionals rarely succeed in isolation. As such, it’s no surprise that most […]

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Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Face an Engineering Skills Shortage

The majority of industrial equipment manufacturers do not have enough engineering staff to manage the current workload, according to a report from industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group. The 2013 report, entitled “Engineering Shortages: How Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Can Cope,” is based on an in-depth study of more than 500 manufacturers, including 91 industrial equipment manufacturers. […]

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Michigan-based engineering students score big at robotics competition

More than 12,000 science and engineering students from around the world converged upon St. Louis, Mo. recently for the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship — and a very talented team from Michigan was among those who emerged victorious. After a long and cold winter, Team C.H.A.O.S from Holland, Michigan heated up the field as part […]

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From Student Projects to Real-World Careers

If you’re a student planning a future in engineering, we have career advice for you—volunteer for project work now, while you’re still in school. Programs like FIRST and Formula SAE challenge students with interesting problems, and deadlines, much like real-life jobs. PTC sponsors many of these engineering programs, including FIRST, Real World Design Challenge, Formula […]

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