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Award-Winning Beer, 200-Year Old Brewery, KHS and PTC Creo

The master brewer at Hirsch Brewery, part of the charming family business in Tuttlingen, Germany, cherishes the old ways–the recipes, the craft, the local spring water, and the carefully selected traditional ingredients. But Thorsten Jauch knows it takes a modern, top-of-the-line packaging system to ensure your Weissbier retains its balanced malty sweetness when you’re ready to […]

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Transitioning from 2D to 3D Design with PTC Creo Layout

Many manufacturing companies use 2D tools for their concept engineering efforts and then move to a 3D model for their final deliverables. This is common in machine designs which feature an axis of symmetry, such as engines, turbines, and rotors. Moving from 2D to 3D requires designers to either import the 2D information in an […]

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Why Do PTC Creo Users Need Flexible Modeling?

If you’re an engineer or designer using PTC Creo there are a broad range of capabilities at your disposal. However, there are many reasons to consider upgrading your license to a more robust package. Besides the free support resources and training offered, many additional features are available to supplement your product design processes. Chief among […]

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Widex, Oticon, and GN ReSound Make Sound Investment in PTC Creo

In 1904, Hans Demant founded the company that would become Oticon in Denmark. It’s focus? Developing solutions for hearing-impaired people, like Demant’s own wife. What followed was not only innovation in hearing health, but also a thriving regional industry. Today, just three companies, all based in Denmark, supply 48% of the world’s hearing aids. Those […]

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Consolidating on PTC Creo: Britax

Recently, Britax made a significant change to its design strategy. The company, a leading manufacturer of child safety equipment, abandoned SolidWorks and is consolidating all its design work on PTC Creo. Here’s why: Britax car seats, strollers, and infant carriers must be high quality and provide impeccable safety to succeed in the child safety market. […]

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Getting inspired on November 22nd!

Inspiration is an important ingredient to creating the best product design that you can develop as a Design Engineer.  Sometimes it comes from nature, art and history.  Today is a special day in history as the world recognizes the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Inspiration was part of his legacy […]

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Gromin Retains Competitive Edge by Consolidating on PTC Creo

Gromin wants what we all want, really. Faster time to market, more innovation, less time wasted in the design phase. Unfortunately, the company’s design software was holding it back. A leader in plastic packaging Gromin makes high-quality plastic containers for Eastern Europe’s cosmetics industry. Based in Minsk, Belarus, the company works with its customers to […]

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Titan Rocks the Wristwatch with PTC Creo

Titan watches are classy. With hundreds of models in the Titan catalog, you can find fine timepieces with gold bands, pearl inlays, and even carbon fiber dials. But don’t let that fool you. If you’re among India’s urban youth, Titan wants you to know that its watches are also very cool. Titan’s Fastrack sub-brand features […]

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Is CAD Consolidation Worth Your Effort?

Is CAD consolidation really worth it? A lot of us have kludged together two, three, or more CAD systems all within one company. And we make do. We might keep legacy data in 2D and 3D formats. While other teams in the same organization hang on to the CAD tools they’ve always used, but you […]

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HDO Group and PTC Creo Create Surfaces Worthy of the World’s Most Discriminating Products

The HDO Group specializes in surfaces. Beautiful surfaces. The company creates die cast molds for zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Then HDO machines, electroplates, grinds, and polishes the castings until the components are worthy of world-class product names, like Porsche, Jaguar, and Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte. Based in Paderborn, Germany, with satellite sites in Slovakia and the […]

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