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Fischer: PTC Creo Simulate stands out for ease of use, robust features

PTC’s flagship simulation offering — PTC Creo Simulate — is optimized for more than just the Ph.Ds. and analysts working within your product design and engineering organization. It’s also a great tool for engineers and designers at all skill levels, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. Creo.PTC.com […]

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Pushing Simulation through the Value Pyramid

Simulation pyramid

It’s the perennial question: Who does what? Let’s say you design industrial machinery, such as the device that shapes a potato chip, or a bottle capper, or, as Geoff Hedges recently profiled, a Wave Machine. A significant part of your job is designing the machine so that it’s efficient, it’s cost-effective to operate, and it […]

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Rethinking Simulation: Why your company should take another look

Simulation Technology

Not that long ago, design and simulation were done by different parts of the engineering staff. This made sense because simulation required specialized skills and the tools were hard to use. Moving models from CAD to CAE, simplifying and repairing them, and ensuring that the forces were correct all required an expert’s touch. Each cycle took a […]

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Managing diverse content with PTC Creo visualization tools

Manufacturers today are often faced with the question of how to efficiently manage, share and use content from a variety of different sources. This content includes a large volume of digital product data created throughout the product development process. The good news is that PTC Creo visualization and 3D technical illustration products can help anyone […]

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Interoperability, Consolidation, Integration: What If We Could Make It All Go Away?

Monica Schnitger

We’ve been talking about how to get the most out of your CAD installation, and whether it might be time to re-evaluate what you have. One important aspect of streamlining your workflow is to look at how you deal with CAD models that are generated outside your immediate team. We all collaborate with others in […]

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Jetta Creates Life-Like Dinosaur With PTC Solutions

Don’t call PLEO rb the Dinosaur a “toy.” The folks at Jetta Company Limited prefer to think of it as an “autonomous interactive life form.” After all, how many “toys” have unique personalities with changing levels of maturity? How many toys know the difference between petting and playing rough? How many shiver when they’re cold? […]

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Reseller Relationship

Monica Schnitger

In this series, we’ve been discussing how one approaches the question of whether to change an incumbent CAD solution. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of staying with your current solution and considered if you’ll benefit from a “CAD+” solution, one that you can grow into. Today we’re going to look at how to […]

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New eBook Reveals the Benefits of Engineering Calculation Software

happy birthday

Engineering calculation software offers significant benefits over traditional approaches to managing the mathematics behind product design and development activities, according to a recently released eBook by CAD industry expert Chad Jackson. Many people do engineering calculations through hand-written calculations, Google tools or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which can be hard to interpret or check formulas, and […]

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Get a sneak peek at the PTC Live Global agenda

PTC Live Global

Get ready because registration for PTC Live Global – the premier, information-filled annual conference for product development professionals – opens up at the end of this month. And details about the conference agenda are already starting to trickle out of PTC’s headquarters.  The conference, which is being held June 15-18 in Boston, promises more than […]

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Assembly Performance in PTC Creo Parametric Versus Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

n PTC Creo Parametric

The PTC Creo Parametric vs. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 blog series has covered cross sectioning, measuring geometry and sheet metal. This week I will discuss the major enhancements to assemblies. These feature improvements are available in the base license of PTC Creo Parametric. There is no need to buy additional extensions or applications to take advantage […]

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