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New eBook Describes the Latest Advances in CAD Consolidation Technology

CAD consolidation technology has come a long way, according to a new eBook by industry expert Chad Jackson. The new eBook, which is entitled “CAD Consolidation: Rewriting the Rules of Design Exchange,” begins with a description of a major challenge facing many companies today. As a result of mergers, acquisitions and a reluctance to let […]

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CAD Consolidation Webinar Promises to Improve Your Design Process

CAD Consolidation

Many engineering organizations are familiar with the problems that arise from running multiple CAD systems. They include ever-increasing management costs, workflow inefficiencies, and the nagging compatibility issues that regularly pop up when designs are moved from one system to another. The good news is that companies can eliminate these headaches and more through CAD consolidation, […]

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CAD Consolidation: Boosting Engineering IT Productivity and Best Practices

Consolidating all of your CAD tools onto one software suite saves money on obvious costs like licenses, training, and maintenance. But it can also benefit engineering productivity and a company’s best practices. Consider the following: Engineering Productivity A recent survey found that recreating CAD data and translation problems are common bottlenecks in the design process […]

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CAD Consolidation: Do the Numbers with Our Free Kit

For some product developers, trying to work with multiple CAD or engineering systems may seem like a headache. But how much do you stand to gain by consolidating all those different systems into one? We invite you to download the Tech-Clarity CAD consolidation kit to find out. Use it to calculate the potential savings from […]

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How CAD Consolidation Adds Benefits Upstream and Downstream

Most CAD consolidation projects focus on the value of one 3D CAD solution for detailed design. But with the introduction of design suites that cover more of the design process, opportunities arise upstream and downstream of detailed design. Here’s how: Consolidate Upstream from Detailed Design From bid proposal to concept design, many products begin taking […]

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Who’s Consolidating on PTC Creo? An Overview

“Consolidating on a single CAD system helps enable design and component reuse and promotes better collaboration among engineers,” says Jim Brown, president of Tech-Clarity. A unified CAD strategy, that is, using one CAD package for all your design work in-house, saves on IT, support, and hardware. Plus, it ensures teams work smoothly with each other. And […]

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Sió-Metál Halves Development Time by Consolidating on PTC Creo

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that worked out very well: Thirteen-year-old Sió-Metál, Ltd. recently committed to consolidate its CAD processes. The Hungarian company makes precision machine parts, instruments, and components, both custom and in small- to medium-sized production runs. Sió-Metál chose PTC Creo for all of its development because of the software’s flexibility when working […]

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It’s the End of the Line for You, 2D

Check this out: Railways aren’t just a “thing” of the 19th century. They date to as far back as 1515, when people used wooden railways and a hemp rope to haul loads. Pretty archaic and two-dimensional wouldn’t you say? Surprisingly, companies are still living life in 2D. When German private railway company, Rail Transport Service […]

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Lenz Maschinenbau Consolidates on PTC Creo for Better Collaboration

Micro-machining a simple PC board is anything but simple. For example, some boards need an aluminum core to draw heat away from sensitive components. But that aluminum core then changes your machining methods: The spindle torque required of the drill or routing tools goes up, as does the side force the board will have to […]

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Desktop Engineering: Consolidating Design Software, Extending Value Beyond 3D CAD Consolidation

By Anthony J. Lockwood, Desktop Engineering “Consolidating Design Software, Extending Value Beyond 3D CAD Consolidation” is a 13-page white paper that makes the case for consolidating your design environment with an integrated design suite that is multi-CAD capable. Written by Jim Brown for Tech-Clarity, a research and consulting firm, the paper argues that an integrated […]

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