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Jang Lih Speeds Design with PTC Creo to Meet Growing Export Demand

Exports in Taiwan are on the upswing, says last week’s Wall Street Journal. In fact, orders grew nearly 2% compared to March 2013, dramatically exceeding the newspaper’s forecasts of 0.1% for the period. And compared to February of this year, demand for exports grew 30% in March! That’s great news for PTC user Jang Lih. […]

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Dealing with Late Stage Design Changes Using the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

Dealing with late stage design changes using PTC Creo FMX

Last week, I discussed how the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) makes working with imported CAD data much easier. Today, I will discuss the challenges of accommodating late stage design changes and how PTC Creo FMX can help. Product Development teams everywhere need to deal with late stage design changes. These can come from […]

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Designing Fun into the Kitchen with PTC Creo

Marketers at Kuhn Rikon will tell you that the company strives to create cookware that is both innovative and fun. But when you see a curvy red polka-dotted potato peeler in the catalog, you begin to suspect the industrial designers are the ones having the most fun. They create products like spatulas, grinders, and corn […]

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New eBook Reveals the Benefits of Engineering Calculation Software

happy birthday

Engineering calculation software offers significant benefits over traditional approaches to managing the mathematics behind product design and development activities, according to a recently released eBook by CAD industry expert Chad Jackson. Many people do engineering calculations through hand-written calculations, Google tools or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which can be hard to interpret or check formulas, and […]

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Creating a Roadmap for Your CAD Installation

Monica Schnitger

One topic we didn’t cover in the New Year, New CAD post is the concept of “CAD to grow into.” It’s rare these days that CAD is about “design” only. Today’s CAD solutions typically include some level of visualization, data management, and simulation. But how do you decide what is right for you? And do […]

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How CAD Consolidation Adds Benefits Upstream and Downstream

Most CAD consolidation projects focus on the value of one 3D CAD solution for detailed design. But with the introduction of design suites that cover more of the design process, opportunities arise upstream and downstream of detailed design. Here’s how: Consolidate Upstream from Detailed Design From bid proposal to concept design, many products begin taking […]

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Could Flexible Modeling Fix Your Design Challenges?

If you’re unfamiliar with PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), it adds direct editing capabilities to PTC Creo Parametric. That means that when you need to work on a model, especially one created in a different system or where the design intent is vague or not needed, you don’t have to start from scratch or […]

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Bang & Olufsen: Pushing the Sound of Music with PTC Creo

It was over 86 years ago when Peter Bang took interest in creating radios and his buddy, Svend Olufsen, set up shop in the Olufsen family’s attic. Their brainchild, Bang & Olufsen, is now a haute company based out of Denmark that produces the highest quality in audio and video products. There are avid B&O […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: The Schaeffler Group

The ancients didn’t have combustion engines, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t have had cars. But why didn’t they have bicycles? A Short History of Ball Bearings The answer lies, in part, in the ball bearings. Without a technique to keeping moving parts from rubbing against each other, carts and other rolling systems break […]

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Fantom Abandons SolidWorks, Manages Large Assemblies with PTC Creo

At its heart, a vacuum cleaner is a straightforward device. An electric motor drives a fan, and the fan pushes air through an exhaust vent. Physics do the rest: the airflow creates a low-pressure region that, as you may recall from school, causes ambient air to rush into the void. And with that ambient air […]

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