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Concept Design vs. Concept Engineering


I’ve had a few conversations over the last several months about the conceptualization process. What those conversations revolve round is that while we’re all familiar with the term “concept,” it often means different things to different folks and never is there a more stark difference than between designers and engineers. In the world of product […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: Taer Innovation Protects Smartphones

Apple products are renowned for their clean lines. MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones all embrace a “less is more” philosophy in which the design “defers” to the screen. At Apple, good design “is as little design as possible.” The company regards industrial design highly. In fact, Steve Jobs considered his head designer, Jonathon Ive, as a […]

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At Home with PTC: Tung Ling and the Baby Duck Piyo Piyo

In your highest voice, say “piyo piyo.” Do you hear a tiny baby duck? “Annie and William” do. These parents and founders of a Taiwan-based line of baby products say that “piyo piyo” is the sound ducklings emit, making it the perfect name for their brand. They also named the cartoon figure whose image adorns […]

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Design News: Early Concepting: The Design Before the Design

“Thanks to ever-emerging technology, the design process is changing. New technology tools such as 3D printing are helping brands explore product design strategies before the design process officially begins. In early concepting, teams that may include marketing, finance, and design consultants are giving input to the design team.” “Early concepting used to be done with […]

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How PTC Creo 3.0 Just Reinvented Concept Design

There are a lot of different ways to produce a good concept design. You might use a 2D sketch application—many vendors offer them free to download. Or you could go with something more detailed, producing a fully detailed and rendered life-like 3D model. Which is best? It depends on your situation, your place in the […]

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PTC in High Tech: Atop Technologies

A wind farm in southern Europe uses video surveillance and telemetry to monitor each of its towers. An operator will have to collect data from a single workstation. A manufacturer in China has more CNC machines than serial ports on the computer. A public transportation system in North America uses card readers to collect fares. […]

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Going Mainstream: Transitioning from Concept to Detailed Design


My, how times have changed. Back in February 2011, I let loose. In a post titled Every Engineer’s Dirty Little Secret? The Stigma of 2D, I lambasted an overarching message in the industry that derided the use of 2D tools as an archaic and laggard practice. I argued that 2D tools offer a legitimate means […]

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Forma 5 Designs for Offices and Documentation with PTC Creo

Forma 5 is a furniture company that defines itself with good design and innovative technology. It’s motto? Designing your dreams. Based in Seville, Spain, the company and its team of more than 400 employees bring a modernist aesthetic to offices and public spaces around the world, from Dubai to Columbia. The Forma 5 designs come […]

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Free Online Tutorials for PTC Creo Sketch: Picture a Motorcycle

PTC Creo Sketch is a great way to quickly capture your ideas when they come to you, without concern for dimensions, relationships, or interferences. Then again, if you’re just getting started, the app might feel like just an overwhelming blank screen. For your inspiration and guidance, we have free online tutorials like this one. It […]

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Get the most out of the concept design phase with PTC Creo Parametric

Concept design is the earliest and most dynamic phase of new product development. Work undertaken during concept design can have far reaching consequences. It supports product innovation by allowing numerous ideas to be considered, it ensures that market demands can be met by capturing consumer sentiments, and it also helps communicate ideas and support good […]

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