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Getting The Most Out Of Your Reseller Relationship

Monica Schnitger

In this series, we’ve been discussing how one approaches the question of whether to change an incumbent CAD solution. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of staying with your current solution and considered if you’ll benefit from a “CAD+” solution, one that you can grow into. Today we’re going to look at how to […]

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Putting a Finer Point on Multi-CAD

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. It is all the rage today. You hear about it on webinars. You see it flashed at user conferences. It’s in many an eBook. But the more discussions I see on multi-CAD, the more I wonder if folks are really talking about the same thing. You see, there are many different facets […]

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New eBook Reveals the Benefits of Engineering Calculation Software

happy birthday

Engineering calculation software offers significant benefits over traditional approaches to managing the mathematics behind product design and development activities, according to a recently released eBook by CAD industry expert Chad Jackson. Many people do engineering calculations through hand-written calculations, Google tools or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which can be hard to interpret or check formulas, and […]

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Creating a Roadmap for Your CAD Installation

Monica Schnitger

One topic we didn’t cover in the New Year, New CAD post is the concept of “CAD to grow into.” It’s rare these days that CAD is about “design” only. Today’s CAD solutions typically include some level of visualization, data management, and simulation. But how do you decide what is right for you? And do […]

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Simulations Conducted Within CAD Systems Are Faster, Research Finds

I have always wondered if any advantage that CAD provides to the simulation process could be quantified. Naturally, one would assume that CAD does, in fact, offer some value to simulation efforts. But to my knowledge, that has never been verified. In an effort to solve this mystery, I included several questions on this topic […]

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Is the New Year time for a new CAD? Five questions to consider

Monica Schnitger

The beginning of the year often means new budgets, new projects, and for some businesses, a review of IT investment strategies. Does it make sense to continue paying maintenance for your current CAD solution, or is now a good time to consider something new? Deciding whether to stick with your current CAD or switch to another […]

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Cross Sectioning in PTC Creo Parametric Versus Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Cross Sectioning is faster in PTC Creo Parametric compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

There are many enhancements in PTC Creo Parametric which boost user productivity significantly compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. One of these areas is 3D cross sectioning. PTC Creo Parametric has new capabilities which make the process of building cross sections faster and easier. Users now have presets for cross sections on the x,y, or z […]

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CAD Interoperability Stories: Exchange Volume Matters

This blog post has been licensed for hosting by PTC. The concepts, ideas and positions of this post have been developed independently by Industry Analyst Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights. 2013-2014 © LC Insights LLC There’s always a story behind the data. Sometimes, it smacks you in the face its so obvious. Other times, it hides, […]

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Multiple Customers and CAD Systems: How Hofmann Engineering Streamlines FEA with PTC Creo Simulate

Most successful engineering firms work for multiple clients. And of course, with multiple clients come files in multiple CAD formats. So, at Hofmann Engineering GmbH in Schwaig (a municipality in Bavaria in Germany), engineers use a variety of CAD systems—because everybody seems to need something different. Nothing revolutionary there. What is innovative about Hofmann is that when […]

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What Engineering Schools Should Know: De Anza College’s Gary Lamit

Don’t think of CAD software as “just a tool.” That’s like thinking math is “just a tool.” That’s one bit of advice for schools we heard from Gary Lamit at PTC Academic Program’s “Bridging the Engineering Gap” webinar recently. Lamit, Department Head at De Anza College’s Mechanical Engineering department, has been teaching for decades and […]

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