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Too Lean to Learn and Other Reasons People Avoid New CAD Software


Direct modeling, concept design tools, multi-CAD options—there are a number of great new reasons to update and even switch your CAD software. And that list is likely to grow quickly as options like subscription licensing put new tools within financial reach for many companies. Business conditions can add pressure to take on new tools, too. […]

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Lifecycle Insights: PTC’s Design Exploration Extension: Acknowledging Comparative Design

By Chad Jackson. “Today, there’s not a really good way of capturing, tracking and comparing those alternatives to one another. That’s where the new Design Exploration Extension comes into play. OK. So what exactly does this thing do? As users are modeling, they push a button to create something akin to a ‘checkpoint.’ But furthermore, […]

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Interpreting 2D Drawings is Unnatural

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

He couldn’t see it. There I was, in a Drafting 101 class at the University of Kentucky engineering school. Looking to my left, I was watching a fellow student peer at the drawing on his desk. I was waiting for the look of understanding to cross his face. He scanned to the right-hand side view. […]

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The On-Demand Data Migration Strategy

If you’ve been reading my posts recently, you can probably tell I’m a little passionate about the recent changes happening with how organizations can work with multi-CAD data. Back at the beginning of June, I wrote about The Plummeting Costs of Switching CAD. In February, I focused on Putting a Finer Point on Multi-CAD, explaining […]

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Using 3D as a Design Medium

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

“By the time someone starts creating a 3D model, all the major design decisions have been made.” I distinctly remember when that statement was uttered. It occurred on a live webinar some two years ago in a debate between many different software providers. Interestingly enough, it was actually blurted out by a Vice President of […]

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Mechanical Engineering in the Internet of Things Era

Did you hear? The world is about to change. A new technological wave is coming that will forever change products. And along with that, organizations will need to change how they design and develop those products. Wait. What do did you say? No really. You sighed and groaned, “…again?” OK. You have a point. It […]

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Design Reuse: Getting Back on the Road

When it comes to design reuse, we’ve had such grand plans. There’s always been a need. It might vary by industry, but designers and engineers rarely start a new design from a clean sheet. Why would they? Most product improvements are incremental and evolutionary, not revolutionary. The best way to meet short deadlines is to […]

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Going Mainstream: Transitioning from Concept to Detailed Design


My, how times have changed. Back in February 2011, I let loose. In a post titled Every Engineer’s Dirty Little Secret? The Stigma of 2D, I lambasted an overarching message in the industry that derided the use of 2D tools as an archaic and laggard practice. I argued that 2D tools offer a legitimate means […]

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The Plummeting Costs of Switching CAD Applications


Not long ago, the prospect of switching CAD applications elicited two extremes of emotion: excitement and loathing. Excitement often came with the opportunity to address longstanding issues with the organization’s existing CAD application. Many daily pains, which eventually translate into organizational problems, promise to be resolved. Loathing came from the likelihood of a long and […]

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Free Buyer’s Guide Sheds Light on Concept Design Tools

The concept design phase of product development impacts product innovation, time to market and associated project costs, but it can also have a big effect on your overall product development business, according a free buyer’s guide written by analyst Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights. The freely available document, which is entitled “A Buyer’s Guide to […]

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