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Mechanical Engineering in the Internet of Things Era

Did you hear? The world is about to change. A new technological wave is coming that will forever change products. And along with that, organizations will need to change how they design and develop those products. Wait. What do did you say? No really. You sighed and groaned, “…again?” OK. You have a point. It […]

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Design Reuse: Getting Back on the Road

When it comes to design reuse, we’ve had such grand plans. There’s always been a need. It might vary by industry, but designers and engineers rarely start a new design from a clean sheet. Why would they? Most product improvements are incremental and evolutionary, not revolutionary. The best way to meet short deadlines is to […]

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Going Mainstream: Transitioning from Concept to Detailed Design


My, how times have changed. Back in February 2011, I let loose. In a post titled Every Engineer’s Dirty Little Secret? The Stigma of 2D, I lambasted an overarching message in the industry that derided the use of 2D tools as an archaic and laggard practice. I argued that 2D tools offer a legitimate means […]

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The Plummeting Costs of Switching CAD Applications


Not long ago, the prospect of switching CAD applications elicited two extremes of emotion: excitement and loathing. Excitement often came with the opportunity to address longstanding issues with the organization’s existing CAD application. Many daily pains, which eventually translate into organizational problems, promise to be resolved. Loathing came from the likelihood of a long and […]

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Free Buyer’s Guide Sheds Light on Concept Design Tools

The concept design phase of product development impacts product innovation, time to market and associated project costs, but it can also have a big effect on your overall product development business, according a free buyer’s guide written by analyst Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights. The freely available document, which is entitled “A Buyer’s Guide to […]

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Direct or Parametric: Which is the Best for Winning New Business?

There you are, at the conference table across from the prospective customer. They’re sitting back. You’re leaning forward. Rapid fire questions fill the room. One of your tasks is to answer them with surety — to make them feel comfortable that your company can fulfill their needs completely. This seems like a strange place for […]

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Simulation Needs Parametric and Direct Modeling

Simulation software

In recent years, much has been made about the relevance of direct modeling on simulation activities. Somewhere along the way, many have forgotten how parametric modeling is just as important. In this post, we’ll take a look at why simulation activities need to be enabled by both. Direct Modeling for Preparation and Iteration A troublesome […]

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PDM is a Personal Productivity Tool


Ready for a rousing debate on Product Data Management (PDM)? It may not be the most compelling topic, but reading up on it has its uses. In a pinch, it’s a surefire way to get to sleep on time. It’s a fine alternative to watching paint dry. And make no mistake, if you’re ever trying […]

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The Rise of the Simulation and Test Executive


Aren’t inter-departmental politics fun? They occur in any organization when resources are few. And since the economic downturn and executive’s turn towards cost control strategies, budgets have been rare resources indeed. In this post, we’ll look at how the often conflicted relationship between simulation and test is taking a friendlier turn, especially under a rising […]

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The Splintering Needs of Engineering Simulation


A couple weeks ago, I found myself in an interesting conversation. I was talking with a software executive who was considering starting up a new software company in the simulation space. His most basic question was “where is the greatest need in simulation today?” I’ll be frank; I struggled to answer. Not because all of […]

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