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The Rise of the Simulation and Test Executive


Aren’t inter-departmental politics fun? They occur in any organization when resources are few. And since the economic downturn and executive’s turn towards cost control strategies, budgets have been rare resources indeed. In this post, we’ll look at how the often conflicted relationship between simulation and test is taking a friendlier turn, especially under a rising […]

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Simplifying Models for Analysis Using the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

Recently, I discussed how the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) makes working with imported CAD data , and accommodating late stage design changes much easier. Today, I’d like to discuss how PTC Creo FMX ( an extension of PTC Creo Parametric, the 3D modeling software) can help simplify models for analysis for both the […]

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Using simulation to determine the root cause of product failure

n PTC Creo Parametric

Your product is out in the marketplace. Your design team has done the best job it can. The shop guys have put their all into making it. But it’s failing. Warranty claims are escalating and putting pressure on the bottom line and you, the person tasked with figuring out what’s wrong and keeping it from […]

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PTC Simulation Director Discusses Roadmap, Strategic Importance of PTC Creo Simulate

Mark Fischer

PTC has a long history of offering simulation tools and that commitment will continue well into the future, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. Fischer, who has been with PTC for over 15 years, is at the forefront of the development of simulation technology at PTC, and […]

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The Splintering Needs of Engineering Simulation


A couple weeks ago, I found myself in an interesting conversation. I was talking with a software executive who was considering starting up a new software company in the simulation space. His most basic question was “where is the greatest need in simulation today?” I’ll be frank; I struggled to answer. Not because all of […]

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Mechanism Design Capabilities in PTC Creo Parametric

Mechanism design in PTC Creo Parametric.

Did you know that as part of the core functionality of PTC Creo Parametric every user has access to significant mechanism design capabilities? The capabilities enable you to investigate the motion behavior of your design under real life circumstances. You can build assemblies using mechanical connections such as joints, cams and slots. It also provides […]

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Creating a Roadmap for Your CAD Installation

Monica Schnitger

One topic we didn’t cover in the New Year, New CAD post is the concept of “CAD to grow into.” It’s rare these days that CAD is about “design” only. Today’s CAD solutions typically include some level of visualization, data management, and simulation. But how do you decide what is right for you? And do […]

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Simulations Conducted Within CAD Systems Are Faster, Research Finds

I have always wondered if any advantage that CAD provides to the simulation process could be quantified. Naturally, one would assume that CAD does, in fact, offer some value to simulation efforts. But to my knowledge, that has never been verified. In an effort to solve this mystery, I included several questions on this topic […]

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Is the New Year time for a new CAD? Five questions to consider

Monica Schnitger

The beginning of the year often means new budgets, new projects, and for some businesses, a review of IT investment strategies. Does it make sense to continue paying maintenance for your current CAD solution, or is now a good time to consider something new? Deciding whether to stick with your current CAD or switch to another […]

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Invest in a Bundle—and Your Future

Most vendors offer packaged versions of their software products and modules. Although it requires an increased upfront investment, a bundle or package of software provides high-value capabilities at a fraction of the cost of purchasing those capabilities separately. Despite the advantages, many companies order just the core CAD software to start, adding modules and extensions […]

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