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EngineeringSpot.de: Why Stratasys? An Interview with PTC’s Brian Thompson

PTC recently released new 3D printing functionality with PTC Creo 3.0 M040. I had a conversation with Brian Thompson, vice president product development at PTC, about these new capabilities last week. Among other things, I wanted to know why the interface is currently limited to the Stratasys Connex 3 models. He began by explaining the goals […]

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Design News: Early Concepting: The Design Before the Design

“Thanks to ever-emerging technology, the design process is changing. New technology tools such as 3D printing are helping brands explore product design strategies before the design process officially begins. In early concepting, teams that may include marketing, finance, and design consultants are giving input to the design team.” “Early concepting used to be done with […]

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CADplace: PTC Creo 3.0 New Features: Face-to-Face with Brian Thompson

“Brian is PTC’s vice-president of product development. CADplace had the pleasure of a face-to-face discussion on the latest features and benefits PTC Creo 3.0 provides to 3D design engineers. Brian Thompson describes PTC Creo 3.0 benefits in detail (photo: Tom Lansford) CADplace filmed the keynote launch of Creo 3.0 here. In the following video of […]

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PTC Creo 3.0 Launch Presentation and Demonstration

Want to know what’s new in PTC Creo 3.0? Watch Brian Thompson, VP of product management for PTC Creo, discuss and demonstrate the latest release. In this 45-minute introduction, recorded at PTC Live Global 2014, see all the new exciting features that will enable teams to work more effectively in a multi-CAD environment, empower innovation […]

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Creo Community: VP of Product Management for Creo Takes Questions from Press

By Lauren Browne At PTC Live on Tuesday, myself and six other journalists had the chance to sit down with Brian Thompson, VP of Product Management for Creo and discuss the past, present and future of Creo. While the conference didn’t debut the 3.0 version of Creo, it did announce the virtualization of Creo, along […]

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Desktop Engineering: Simulation for Small Businesses, Part 1

PTC’s goal has always been to put good structural analysis tools at the fingertips of the desktop engineer — tools that don’t require the expertise of a full-time finite element analysis (FEA) expert. Brian Thompson, PTC vice president of product management, notes, for example, that the company’s meshing approach uses P elements instead of typical […]

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PlanetPTC Live Recap: Brian Thompson’s Creo Roadmap


Brian Thompson, Vice President of Product Management for Creo, led a PlanetPTC Live session on the Creo product roadmap.  You can watch the full presentation here. His agenda consisted of the Creo Strategy, Creo Roadmap Technology Roadmap, and Creo 2.0.  Thompson stated that many roles and technologies contribute to product development.  Each person chooses different […]

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Unlock Design Productivity with Creo 2.0

Brian Thompson, VP of Product Management for Creo at PTC, introduces the key highlights of Creo 2.0 including short demonstration of new apps, extensions, and key new capabilities for those familiar with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. Creo 2.0 helps companies unlock their team’s design productivity by introducing capabilities for modular concept design and new tools to help […]

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Viva Las Vegas! Viva Creo! Viva PlanetPTC Live!

You’ve more than likely heard the song and perhaps even seen the 1964 American movie,  Viva Las Vegas! (That’s “long live Las Vegas” for you gringos.) It starred singer and actor Elvis Presley before his white cape and sequined jumpsuit period. Elvis sang that Las Vegas could set your soul on fire, and that’s exactly […]

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Creo 1.0 Demonstrated to PTC/USER Technical Committees

Brian Thompson, Director of Creo Product Management at PTC, hosted some key Creo sessions at January’s face-to-face technical committee meetings in Needham, Massachusetts. In these sessions customers had the opportunity to view Creo 1.0 in action and give feedback on what they’d like to see in future releases. We caught up with Brian Thompson to […]

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