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Designing Clean Lightweight Diesel Engines with PTC Creo

India produces the third highest emissions in the world, next to only China and the United States. But while U.S. and European regulations are becoming more and more stringent, Indian standards have remained several years behind. Particulates fill the air from the burning of biomass  (like farm fields), fuel adulteration, and vehicle emissions. And it […]

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Eliminating Cabling Fit Issues at Thomas Built with PTC Creo

Among the extensions available with our suite of PTC design software is the PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX). If your design work includes the complex routing of wires, harnesses, pipe, or flexible hoses, you can benefit from PTC Creo PCX’s routed systems design capabilities. In the demo video below you’ll see how the […]

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Design World: 3D Scanning and Printing Used to Retrofit Lotus 340R

“While some companies are promising an entire car made of 3D-printed parts, C.ideas, a rapid prototyping company, is using 3D scanning and printing technologies to create and manufacture replacement parts for rare vehicles. The company used scanning, software and printing products from 3D Systems to produce more than 40 replacement components for a Lotus 340R, […]

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Callaway Cars Speeds Product Development with PTC Creo

In 1977, as new cars were being manufactured under the stranglehold of new emissions regulations and fuel economy pressure, Reeves Callaway envisioned a world in which performance cars were not underpowered.  From his home workshop, he began to produce innovative, new turbocharger systems for BMW, VW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz applications. So began Callaway Cars, […]

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Emer SpA Turns Engines Green with PTC Solutions

Since I’m on the subject of green energy this week, I want to tell you about a PTC customer that’s making it easier to adapt to cleaner, alternative fuels. Emer SpA, based in Brescia, Italy, designs and manufactures the parts OEMs need to convert their gasoline-powered automobiles and trucks to use compressed natural gas (CNG). […]

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Celebrating the Two-Wheeler, India Style

Aside from India being on the other side of the world (I’m in Germany), one thing is clear: people in India know  motorbikes. Two or three-wheeled, it doesn’t matter. So it comes as no surprise to me that India is home to a full range of motorcycle connoisseurs: from TVS and the taxi tuk-tuk drivers […]

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ZF Steering Gear: PTC Creo Inside India’s Automobiles

If you’re familiar with hydraulics, you might already know about vane pumps. Patented in 1874, a vane pump mechanically spins a rotor (2), which moves vanes (or pushrods) that slide in and out of the rotor (3) in a body (1) as it turns. That motion creates a vacuum so that fluid is drawn into […]

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Minda Industries Switch on Growth with PTC Creo

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about hot motorcycles that are futuristic, fast, and cool. Motorcycles are a lot of fun. We love them. At the same time, for many people motorcycles are also just, well, practical. Along with mopeds, scooters, and motorized bikes, they are among the most affordable forms of transportation out […]

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Pricol Instrument Clusters: Keeping Up to Speed with PTC Creo

A Quick History of Speedometers: Back in the olden days, a car’s speedometer was an ingenious mechanical device. Most of the action took place in the drive cable, a flexible cord that housed a rotating wire or mandrel surrounded by helical coil springs. The drive cable attached on one end to the transmission (which turned […]

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The DOST: Quality in a Frugal Commercial Vehicle

“Japanese quality at Indian cost.” That’s the mission behind a frugal little commercial truck called the DOST (rhymes with “host”). Designed and manufactured by India automotive powerhouse Ashok Leyland, in a partnership with Japan’s Nissan Motor Co., the DOST just started rolling off the assembly line in 2012. You’ll spend about $6500 to buy one […]

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