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Medical Device Manufacturer: PTC Solutions 40% More Stable than Autodesk Inventor

The Institute of Musculoskeletal Science and Education, based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is an engineering and development firm that specializes in medical devices. With a team of mechanical and manufacturing engineers, regulatory experts, clinical experts, and physicians, ISME takes designs from concept to customer.  “We can take a paper napkin sketch and deliver an FDA cleared […]

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PTC on the Shop Floor: Maxmill Machinery

There’s something hypnotic about a CNC machine in action. Amid the dust and the hum of a shop floor, it mills even the most complicated slots and pockets with an inhuman accuracy and speed. And if it’s what industry calls a “machine center,” the device will even change its own tools—so that parts can go […]

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NTM Wheels Shelves Autodesk for PTC Creo

If you collect and restore classic cars, every detail counts. A vintage model that’s perfectly clean, with mirror-like chrome surfaces, groomed tire treads, and in the right colors can command high prices. While the same vehicle showing even a little age may lose half or two-thirds its value. That’s one reason that collectors scour the […]

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DesktopEngineering: The Design Visualization Devil is in the Details

Desktop Engineering interviews Paul Sagar, PTC’s director of product management, and representatives from Autodesk, Siemens PLM and Dassault Systemes about various CAD software programs and rendering operations. Sagar points out that while important, photorealistic rendering is not as necessary as real-time rendering. “Users want to feel more immersed in their design and be able to […]

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CAD Vendors Agree Violently at Cadalyst Smackdown


Put a bunch of CAD industry types together, ask them to work out their differences, and what do you get? Agreement. And lots of it. Last week, Cadalystedge.com hosted a panel discussion featuring representatives from PTC, Kubotek, Siemens PLM, SpaceClaim, Autodesk, and others. Editor Bill Fane asked each to discuss the merits and shortcomings of parametric and […]

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Cadalyst Smackdown Pits Parametric Against Direct LIVE!

If you’ve followed the 3D CAD industry for any length of time, you know the players: SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, Autodesk, Kubotek. You’ve heard the claims: Parametric rocks! Direct rocks more!! Parametric rocks more more!!! And so on. Anyway, Cadalyst apparently has heard enough of the chest thumping. So, the company has invited representatives from several companies […]

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