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How a 3-Pound Airplane Just Boosted Farm Production

Until recently, if you were a farmer who wanted to know how productive your land was, you might use a sophisticated mix of GPS technology and sensors mounted on your combine to measure the grain coming off your field in the fall. With this approach, you could tell within a few feet just where the […]

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Designing a Better Grain Dryer at Delux

In agriculture, equipment is often kept in service for decades. Farmers can, and sometimes still do, plow fields with the same 1940s tractor that their grandparents used. Grain elevators, hay balers, seeders, and combines remain the foundations of production, as they have been for generations. And that’s a design challenge. Farmers and other agricultural producers […]

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TAFE: Plowing Up the World with PTC Creo

TAFE Tractor (Massey Ferguson) knows farming and its variety of needs. Whether it’s Oklahoma clay or a delicate French vineyard, TAFE has a tractor for the job. A $1.6B company out of Chennai, India, TAFE is the third largest tractor manufacturer in the world. The company is also involved in making diesel engines, gears, panel […]

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Dettwiler Metallbau Chooses PTC Creo Over HiCAD and SolidWorks

“I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming,” wrote crime author Agatha Christie on turning 50 years old. “Suddenly you find that a whole new life has opened before you.” The same could be said for Dettwiler Metallbau, a Swiss sheet metal and welding company. On its 50th anniversary, Dettwiler reevaluated its CAD software, and a […]

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Sustainability on the Prairie

Farmers have always struggled against drought, late thaws, and early freezes. But more recently, two other concerns have emerged: growing populations and environmental sustainability. Better Yields with Less Disruption “Farmers are stewards of the ground,” says Linda Salem, chief operating officer at Great Plains Manufacturing—an agricultural equipment company based in central Kansas. “Not only do […]

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MA.IN. Engineering: Ready to Take on the World with PTC Creo

MA.IN. engineering designs earth-moving and agricultural equipment–products like hay balers, skid loaders, excavators, and drill machines. You can find their offices in San Marino, a tiny, independent country of 30,000 people known for its Medieval towers, layered wafer cakes, and commemorative stamps. But surrounding San Marino is Italian countryside. The Emilia-Romagna region grows Italy’s maize, […]

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Creo Customer: IHI Star Designs for Japan’s 1.7 Million Small Farm

Agriculture in Japan presents many difficult challenges. Er, design opportunities. Only 15% of the land is arable, and individual farms are small, some only an acre or two in size. Output is diverse, with rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit, and tea all grown on the little agricultural space Japan offers. Diets are changing, and demand for […]

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Creo Customer: Grimme Potato Harvesters Feed Real World

I’ve been browsing the web site of Creo customer, Grimme. It turns out, growing potatoes is somewhat more complicated than Farmville has led us to believe. You can’t just press the “rake” icon, dump a burlap bag of seed on your field, and expect your potatoes to be ready a day later. You have to […]

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