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Digital Revolution is Changing the Face of Manufacturing


Call it technology disruption. Call it the New Industrial Revolution. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but change is underway in the manufacturing world and digital technology is the driving force behind it. The impact on the manufacturing industry will be significant. The future will no longer be dictated by stretched-out global supply chains […]

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How to Sell Management on a New Software Upgrade


Software companies are very good at promoting reasons to purchase the latest and greatest versions of their software. With new versions coming out annually, it would behoove companies to fall behind and not be making the most of the latest bells and whistles offered in the newest version of their CAD software, right? After all, […]

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First Responders Depend on Benchmade Safety Cutters; That’s why Benchmade Depends on PTC Creo

Police officers, paramedics, fire fighters, and even everyday citizens are sometimes referred to as “Sheep Dogs.” This title is earned by people who can selflessly step in and save lives when confronted by a life-threatening situation. Essentially, these good guys watch over the “sheep,” and protect them from the wolves, or predators of this world. […]

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Addressing the New Challenges of Product Development


Daunting realities abound in the world of product development. Global competition is fierce across all industry sectors. High-speed innovation is now an industry-agnostic demand. Time to market is becoming crucial to maintaining market share, and customers are increasingly hard to please, demanding products that do more and are more customized. On top of all this, […]

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The Future Is Now For PTC Customers


Videos of PTC Customer Speaking at PTC Live Global 2013 A crystal ball or Tarot cards might be helpful for predicting the future but its more valuable to hear from a customer that has taken the journey.  What are PTC customers saying about the manufacturing industry transformation and how are they planning for the future? […]

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Design guru. Webcast series beginning March

assembly2 crop

These days we aim for less talk and more action. And while a design is worth a thousand words, telling you how in a webcast is a perfect marriage between teaching and example. Throughout the end of March and into April and May, PTC will present an eight-part webcast series on the tricks behind boosting […]

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Flexible Modeling Can Save Your Weekend


If nothing else, a well-trained product design engineer is thorough.  You, or your team, identify a “gap” (that is, a market opportunity),  work up something like a dozen concept designs, test your ideas on target users, get sign off, think about materials, design in more appealing aesthetics, ensure manufacturability, and get more signoff.  Your item […]

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Finding Ways to Better Manage System Complexity

Complex Puzzle - via flickr:jugbo

Products are increasingly more complex. More products are made up of complex systems of interconnected software, electrical and mechanical components. Often software is also incorporated into these products to enhance functionality. While embedded software does enable products to do more in terms of functionality, it also adds significant complexity to its design. According to a […]

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Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2013


Mobile devices, applications and big data companies can actually use for strategic advantages are among the top tech trends the Gartner Inc. believes will have the most impact on organizations as they head into the new year. Analysts at Gartner compile the Top 10 Technology Trends for 2013 annually to identify the issues that will […]

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Visualizations Facilitate Decision-Making Throughout Supply Chain

Time to rest - 42/365

One of the biggest challenges today for manufacturers is how to manage the flow of product data throughout today’s extensive design supply chains. They are finding it increasingly challenging to make effective product-related decisions due to expanded technical complexities and ever-expanding supply chains that greatly increase the number of people with a stake in the […]

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