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Toy Maker Creates 2.7 Billion Playmobil People With PTC Solutions

Germany’s largest toy company, Geobra Brandstatter (maker of Playmobil), is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. But the colorful family of interchangeable, clip-grip, helmet-haired models shows no sign of old age. Over 2.7 billion little plastic people have been made since 1974. The company started with just three figures: a knight, an American Indian, and […]

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Molinari Designs Safe and Lasting Trains with PTC Creo

Trains and other rolling stock take an especially long time to get from concept design to rolling down the tracks. Even the simplest boxcar needs shock absorbers, brake systems, and high-quality manufacturing to ensure safety and durability. Changing customer requirements and newer, better technologies add to the timeline, too. To make products cost effective and […]

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UK’s Thinkable Builds Award-Winning Google Glass on Steroids

Motorola makes a hands-free computer headset, the HC1. Equipped with a camera over the right ear and a micro display screen on the left, the device uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology so you can bring the whole Internet right up to your face. It can interpret voice commands, and with a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, and […]

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Six Technologies Mechanical Engineers Need to Watch Now

It’s not so far-fetched to say product engineering has become an extreme sport. To stay on top of the game, engineers need the requisite understanding of mechanical principles and the know-how to navigate design tools like CAD, but they also need to master other domains, many outside of their comfort zone. The push isn’t just […]

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Creo Community: DMG MORI Innovator of the Month Pick for November

“While taking a look at CAM and machining this month, we came across DMG MORI, a company that actually makes machine tool technology including turning centers, lathes, ultrasonic and laser machines using PTC Creo, PTC Creo Simulate and PTC Creo View MCAD. The global company makes nearly 70 different machines designed to take product designs […]

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ISP Designs Specalized Mechatronic Products 30% Faster with PTC Creo

Most specialized engineered products these days require expertise from both mechanical and electrical/electronic disciplines. Sometimes, they’ll also include optics, software, and telecommunications components. Combine these disciplines, and you have the design process commonly called “mechatronics.” ISP System French company ISP System specializes in engineering specialized precision products, especially those that integrate multiple engineering disciplines. That […]

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Eliminating Cabling Fit Issues at Thomas Built with PTC Creo

Among the extensions available with our suite of PTC design software is the PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX). If your design work includes the complex routing of wires, harnesses, pipe, or flexible hoses, you can benefit from PTC Creo PCX’s routed systems design capabilities. In the demo video below you’ll see how the […]

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PTC in High Tech: Intel Designs Better Data Servers with PTC Creo

When it comes to microprocessors, Intel is a household name. The company’s “Intel Inside” sticker decorates PCs everywhere. And lately, you can see the chipmaker’s iconic logo on smart phones and tablets too. Behind the consumer products While the company continues to grow its visibility in consumer products, it’s also  building up its line for […]

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SwitchEasy Designs Innovative Smartphone Cases with PTC Creo

Let’s face it. Smartphones all look nearly the same—a small slab about the size of your hand, smooth lines, rounded corners, screen, etc. Nobody expects much more aesthetically. You want personality? That’s the job of the phone case. While most people buy covers to protect their phones from drops and other mishaps, nearly 50% say […]

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3D Printing Industry: Stratasys Joins the Club as PTC Creo’s Platinum Partner to Streamline Workflows

“The new partnership between leading 2D and 3D design software company PTC and leading 3D printing and additive manufacturing solution provider Stratasys is is set to take this symbiosis to the next level for industrial applications. The partnership announced at Euromold will see Stratasys join the PTC Partner Advantage Program at the Platinum Tier, the […]

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