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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Use 3D Modeling

In the age of conspicuous consumption, consumers are consistently seeking newer, better, and increasingly more complex products. And that creates stiff competition for manufacturers—especially those who still rely on 2D CAD systems. According to a report on small- to medium-sized companies from the Aberdeen Group, “3D CAD is a critical application with the promise to […]

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FST Designs Next-Generation Semiconductor Chillers with PTC Creo, Replaces Autocad

In semiconductor fabrication, chemical etching removes layers from the surface of a wafer during manufacturing. It’s a critical step, and every wafer undergoes many etching steps before it is complete. Without proper temperature control, the etching process could destroy a chip. That’s why South Korean company, FST, produces the Chiller. FST provides top quality semiconductor […]

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Transitioning from 2D to 3D Design with PTC Creo Layout

Many manufacturing companies use 2D tools for their concept engineering efforts and then move to a 3D model for their final deliverables. This is common in machine designs which feature an axis of symmetry, such as engines, turbines, and rotors. Moving from 2D to 3D requires designers to either import the 2D information in an […]

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2D Conceptual Engineering in Creo

In the CAD world today “2D” seems to be considered a dirty word. But it doesn’t have to be. Many concept engineers create detailed 2D concepts in one 2D CAD tool, then either switch to a separate 3D CAD system or hand-off the 2D design to a colleague to create the 3D model. This requires […]

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Creo Customer Q&A: Concept Design and Direct Modeling

RKS Concept Design

RKS Design is consistently recognized as one of the top 10 industrial design firms in North America. I posted previously that VP and Creative Director, Lance Hussey, was to present in a webinar entitled Top Tips for Selecting Concept Design Software. Lance explains some cool real-world examples of innovative designs from RKS and how they […]

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Creo and “2D to 3D Conversion”


Over the past several months, we’ve been blogging about the various processes that take place in product development and what you can expect from Creo’s direct modeling approach as you engage in those processes. From concept design to submitting  bids and RFPs and making late changes, similar processes exist in every product development cycle. However, […]

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Machine Design: CAD Technology Guide, Breaking barriers to product development

“Many users indicate they are still leery of learning and implementing 3D CAD because it is too difficult to learn. But CAD should be as easy to use as other productivity tools such as PowerPoint or Excel so everyone on the product team can contribute. In developing Creo, PTC broke down the main barriers keeping […]

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AnyMode Modeling In Action: 2D to 3D and back again

Traditional CAD systems offer many powerful features for product developers. Too many, say some of our customers. They warn that a single monolithic tool is impractical for most users; it’s like enlisting an entire orchestra when you only need a snare drum. So PTC created a series of smaller, more usable apps, tuned to specific […]

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