Reinventing Design

It’s High Time To Get Multidisciplinary Collaboration Right in 2015

The New Year is always a time of reflection with promises made to set the bar high and readily embrace change. If the start of 2015 is any indication, engineers should gear up for some pretty serious transformation as fast-moving trends like increasingly smarter products and the ubiquity of mobile devices shake up traditional design […]

2015: Obligatory Predictions for the Year Ahead

It’s that time of year where journalists, writers, bloggers and pretty much everyone, puts together their obligatory list of what they see as being the trends, movements and predictions for the year ahead. Whether done by gazing into a crystal ball, reading the Tarot cards or looking at what’s filling their inbox on a daily […]

Weighing the Value of Import vs. Open

Let’s consider the user interface for 3D modeling systems. Aside from the fact that we’re still using a floppy disk as the icon (a format that, I think we can safely say, is dead), there are a few curiosities associated with Opening, Saving and Importing data files. I think we’re all aware of what that […]

Four Manager’s Tips For Jump Starting Analysis-led Design

Most engineering organizations are sold on the benefits of early-stage simulation. They know that pushing analysis to the front end of the design cycle can reduce reliance on costly physical prototypes, shorten development times, and bolster a department’s ability to explore and home in on innovative new ideas. Yet just because the advantages are well […]

Why Make the Switch to Analysis-Led Design?

Transforming concepts into fully-featured, detailed 3D models is right in your wheelhouse and you’re fluent enough to handle the job using any number of CAD packages. Validating designs with CAE is totally different story, however. Simulation work falls outside of your comfort zone and your preference is to hand over responsibility to a trained CAE […]

Getting Started with PTC’s Visualization Services and Products

PTC recently published a fantastic document called PTC Windchill and PTC Creo View Visualization Getting Started Guide. Think of this document as the ever expanding, annotated book of bookmarks for anything you ever wanted to know about PTC Windchill Visualization Services, or WVS. It starts off with a simple publishing example of PTC Creo data and […]

Hardware Guide for the 3D CAD User

It’s that time of year where the media is filled with Festive Gift Guides, so I figured I’d give it a whirl and come up with some goodies that designers and engineers using 3D CAD might want to stick on their wish list and pop off to the big man with the white beard in […]

Six Technologies Mechanical Engineers Need to Watch Now

It’s not so far-fetched to say product engineering has become an extreme sport. To stay on top of the game, engineers need the requisite understanding of mechanical principles and the know-how to navigate design tools like CAD, but they also need to master other domains, many outside of their comfort zone. The push isn’t just […]

Lessons that the Design Pro can learn from the Maker Revolution

Everyone likes a revolution. There was all that tea business in Boston. There’s the spawning of a million t-shirts featuring Che Guevara in a beret. Then there’s Luke, Han and Leia and their struggle against the evil empire. If you’ve been watching the media, you might have heard about the Maker Revolution. According to some, […]

Concept Design vs. Concept Engineering

Concept_1I’ve had a few conversations over the last several months about the conceptualization process. What those conversations revolve round is that while we’re all familiar with the term “concept,” it often means different things to different folks and never is there a more stark difference than between designers and engineers. In the world of product […]
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