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From 2D to the Model-Based Enterprise (Part I)

Madhavi_1In a previous post, I asked, “Why bother replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?” My answer looked the shortcomings of 2D drawings and the more powerful tools available for those working in 3D. The truth is, that article only hinted at what’s possible for anybody ready to rethink 2D. Consider the Model-Based Enterprise. Model-Based Enterprise […]

Four Ways Engineering Managers Can Improve the Product Verification Process

Product verification is the comparison of as-built data to as-designed data. Basically, it ensures as-built product reflects the as-designed product, including change orders that arose during development. Companies that fail to verify products expose themselves to dangerous risks, including expensive recalls, costly product rework, and unexpected delays in product releases. While most companies perform verification, […]

3D Printing, Tiny Robots, Composites Spotlighted on Product Lifecycle Blog

So you say you’re a big fan of science and engineering? You love hearing about cool new technologies that are changing the world we live in? Then you should know about the Product Lifecycle Stories blog. The blog is full of information about the future of manufacturing, engineering, and product design—subjects near and dear to […]

What’s Axeda and Why Did PTC Acquire It?

Imagine it: The smart, connected world — a place where the products that improve our lives are connected to the Internet, and to each other. The possibilities for product development companies are endless. But for manufacturers to be successful in the connected world, they’re going to need the right tools – software that allows these […]

The Best Engineering Managers Monitor Manufacturing Closely

Engineering managers have enough challenges bringing a successful product to market. That’s why it’s important to make sure that internal processes aren’t part of the problem, according to a new report from Aberdeen Research. The new report, “As-Built vs. As-Designed: Untangling the Web of Inefficiency and Waste around Product Verification,” is based on the experiences […]

PTC Creo View Publishing: Why it Matters & How it Works

Madhavi1The biggest issue facing manufacturers is how to efficiently share large volume of digital product content created throughout the product development process. CAD tools are typically used to create the design data but this data needs to be accessed by numerous stakeholders in the downstream organizations to visualize, measure, analyze, approve, manufacture, inspect and service the […]

Best Practices for Overcoming the Top CAD Challenges

Aberdeen_5The continual pressure to bring products to market faster and the constant need to effectively manage change are two of the biggest challenges facing engineers and designers who use CAD software. The good news is that there are some key steps engineering organizations can take to overcome these obstacles and thrive, according to analyst firm […]

Aberdeen Research Reveals Best Practices in BOM Management

Aberdeen_BOM_ManagementIf you’re not managing your Bill of Materials (BOM), you’re flirting with failure. According to a new report from analyst firm Aberdeen Research, companies that don’t keep BOMs up to date or fail to give access early to the right people face delays and missed deadlines—especially as products become more complex. Based on a survey […]

Direct and Parametric Together: The Perfect CAD Strategy?

Engineers and designers solve problems. We create cell phones that don’t break when we drop them, more energy-efficient refrigerators, car seats that are easier to install yet still keep kids safe — that’s our job. Yet, too often our jobs are made harder by the tools we use to do them. I’m not suggesting that […]

Aberdeen Research: How to Get More from Virtual Prototypes

Simulate early. Simulate often. That’s the message from Aberdeen Research in its report, “Unlocking Product Innovation with Virtual Prototypes.” The document sums up the experiences of more than 1000 product development professionals. Then, it looks at how the best performing product designers–the Best-in-Class–compare to their more average-performing counterparts. “In the real world, a variety of […]
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