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The Search for Push Button 3D Printing

If you were to believe the mainstream media, you obtain a 3D printed part by loading up the part, sending it to the printer, and a few minutes later, it pops out. Presumably with a little “ding” noise. The reality is that there is a lot of preparatory work needed to ensure that you not […]

Getting Design Collaboration Right

When it comes to perfecting product development, it’s usually the fundamentals that are often the single hardest thing for engineering organizations to get right. Take the simple act of collaboration, for example. It’s a challenge today because the engineering landscape has changed so dramatically. It’s not enough for engineers to get in a room and […]

Big Data: There’s More to It Than Size

One term that has had me stumped for a while has been Big Data. I always looked at the term and looked on, still slightly baffled. Not anymore. I’ve recently managed to get a handle on things and finally found a good analogy to help explain it and some examples to show where it fits […]

Corriere Comunicazioni: “Marriage of IoT and CAD”

It is no coincidence that Rob Gremley was chosen to head the new Internet of Things (IoT) business unit at PTC. Gremley is an expert in CAD software (the core business of the Needham-based company) and the manufacturing sector. After observing a growing demand to link physical machines back to their design processes, PTC began acquiring companies specializing in analytics for IoT and integrating them together. The next […]

Why CAD Companies Can’t Ignore Subscription Licensing

There’s a backlash brewing in the world of software and it’s been percolating for some time. Partly due to economic pressures, fueled by the wealth of vendor and software options and enabled by the juggernaut of cloud, the way software is purchased is undergoing a radical shift. While companies are not quite ready to cut […]

Better Design Reviews: The Kids Don’t Know They’re Born*

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that my eldest son is starting big school soon or the fact that next week I’m turning 40, but when the folks at PTC asked me to look at today’s vastly superior design review systems, I couldn’t help but think back to how things were – back in […]

Rendering: It’s the Real Thing

Remember when achieving a funky organic shape or quirky lighting effect was a major accomplishment that pushed the limits of 3D modeling? Today, those small wins are table stakes as engineering teams kick up the level of realism a notch while expanding use of digital prototyping. As more companies come to rely on a digital […]

3D Printing vs Additive Manufacturing

Let’s get into the first of a brace of posts on the subject of 3D printing. This time around the block, we’re going to talk about something that I get asked about a lot and something I’ve often seen being misconstrued in more general media – namely, the difference between 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. […]

Bring on Design Reviews for the Masses

Designing today’s complex products brings a lot of new challenges into the mix, not the least of which is making routine tasks and milestones exponentially that much harder. Just think about the process of design reviews for a product that has all the usual mechanical and electrical parts and assemblies, but is also wired with […]

The Convenience of the Cloud

Let’s consider the abbreviation PLM for a few moments. As most of us are aware, those letters stand for Product Lifecycle Management. I’ve always been a big believer that this isn’t an ugly complex concept to grasp. It’s about a product and the development of it.
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