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Best Practices for Overcoming the Top CAD Challenges

Aberdeen_5The continual pressure to bring products to market faster and the constant need to effectively manage change are two of the biggest challenges facing engineers and designers who use CAD software. The good news is that there are some key steps engineering organizations can take to overcome these obstacles and thrive, according to analyst firm […]

Aberdeen Research Reveals Best Practices in BOM Management

Aberdeen_BOM_ManagementIf you’re not managing your Bill of Materials (BOM), you’re flirting with failure. According to a new report from analyst firm Aberdeen Research, companies that don’t keep BOMs up to date or fail to give access early to the right people face delays and missed deadlines—especially as products become more complex. Based on a survey […]

Direct and Parametric Together: The Perfect CAD Strategy?

Engineers and designers solve problems. We create cell phones that don’t break when we drop them, more energy-efficient refrigerators, car seats that are easier to install yet still keep kids safe — that’s our job. Yet, too often our jobs are made harder by the tools we use to do them. I’m not suggesting that […]

Aberdeen Research: How to Get More from Virtual Prototypes

Simulate early. Simulate often. That’s the message from Aberdeen Research in its report, “Unlocking Product Innovation with Virtual Prototypes.” The document sums up the experiences of more than 1000 product development professionals. Then, it looks at how the best performing product designers–the Best-in-Class–compare to their more average-performing counterparts. “In the real world, a variety of […]

Product Lifecycle Stories Blog Reveals the Future of Engineering

If you’re reading this blog, you love engineering and technology. That’s why we also recommend regular visits to the Product Lifecycle Stories (PLS) blog—a site that posts a steady stream of fascinating articles about the future of manufacturing, engineering, product design and more. The blog explores cutting edge technology like the art of manufacturing; how […]

Change Processes Need the Right PLM Solutions

Does anyone really like being told what to do? Let’s admit it: Having someone looking over our shoulder is a touch uncomfortable. Managing a change process — which governs the decisions and steps related to a design modification after its release — is something that most people should want some help on. In this post, […]

A Closer Look at ThingWorx

PTC made big headlines this year when it acquired a small but well-known technology company called ThingWorx. To truly understand the value of ThingWorx to PTC, it’s helpful to first consider the power of the Internet of Things. When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), they’re talking about the connected products. For most, […]

Aberdeen Research: Unlocking the Value of Virtual Prototypes

The top-performing product design companies simulate early and often, according to a report from analyst firm Aberdeen Research. Doing so helps them cut the costs associated with physical prototyping, and it also helps them deal with increasingly complex product designs. The report, “Unlocking Product Innovation with Virtual Prototypes,” sums up the experiences of more than […]

Wrangling Your Simulation Processes and Data

You started using simulation tools to get a better handle on how your product will perform in real life. You also wanted to boost product durability while cutting manufacturing and operating costs. You may even be using design optimization techniques to quickly look at a range of options so that you can be sure the […]

Aberdeen Reveals BOM Management Tips for SMBs

Aberdeen Research has conducted a study which shows that increasing complexity tends to complicate and delay product development processes. The top performing companies – or the Best-in-Class — were almost 40% more likely to be using a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to enable BOM (Bill of Materials) business processes. The study, which is entitled […]
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