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Shepherd: PTC Broadens Portfolio Again with Atego Acquisition

capture8Any creative endeavor starts with the idea of moving from the requirements to the implementation in an efficient and an effective way — and PTC’s acquisition of Atego will help make those transitions far easier to manage they have been in the past, according to Brian Shepherd, the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Segments at […]

Why Bother Replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?

Yes, why would you want to replace 2D drawings? Clearly, 2D Drawings have their own advantages. But there are disadvantages to 2D Drawings. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios. One, the drawing gets recreated possibly many times in most companies for various reasons. This amounts to the additional duplicated effort required in creating a 2D […]

Mechanical Engineering in the Internet of Things Era

Did you hear? The world is about to change. A new technological wave is coming that will forever change products. And along with that, organizations will need to change how they design and develop those products. Wait. What do did you say? No really. You sighed and groaned, “…again?” OK. You have a point. It […]

Requirements management is the key to successful systems engineering

Since systems engineering involves multiple engineering disciplines, all of the components from these different engineering disciplines must work together, and requirements management is key, according to a study from analyst firm Aberdeen Research. The research paper, which is entitled, “The Strategic Role of Systems Engineering: Ensure the Future Success of Your Products,” goes on to […]

Thermo Fisher Tells its Internet of Things Story

Thermo Fisher Scientific is using the Internet of Things to make the world a safer place. Just ask David Riddle, the Director of Information Technology at Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments, which is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Riddle, who helped his company create a smart connected product known as the TruDefender FTI, had some […]

Interrogating Designs with PTC Creo View

Madhavi3Once the massive assembly (or any sized assembly) is “loaded” and “visualized,” it opens up a world of possibilities. (See my previous post here.) Now anyone can look at and “interrogate” the assembly. How long is that? Measurement is one of the mostly frequently used features in PTC Creo View. It’s intuitive, quick and the […]

Unlock the Value of Legacy Data

Have you been using CAD for a while? Has your company? If yes, you probably have a rich store of CAD models that you need to move forward when you update your CAD environment. There are three basic workflows for migrating legacy data: 1. All at once, before the team starts using the new CAD tool […]

Aberdeen Research Highlights the Importance of Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering has emerged as an important business function in response to the ever-increasing complexity of new products. And leading companies are 50% more likely than their peers to credit their success to effective systems engineering, according to a study from analyst firm Aberdeen Research. The research paper, which is entitled, “The Strategic Role of […]

Visualization: It’s a Pretty Picture After All

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many “words” is the visualization of your design worth? Probably a lot more than a thousand! And that’s not including the savings in time and frustration caused by misunderstandings. The right visualization tool can provide organizations with a cost effective way for viewing, interrogating, and analyzing […]

Design Reuse: Getting Back on the Road

When it comes to design reuse, we’ve had such grand plans. There’s always been a need. It might vary by industry, but designers and engineers rarely start a new design from a clean sheet. Why would they? Most product improvements are incremental and evolutionary, not revolutionary. The best way to meet short deadlines is to […]
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