Reinventing Design

Concept Design vs. Concept Engineering

Concept_1I’ve had a few conversations over the last several months about the conceptualization process. What those conversations revolve round is that while we’re all familiar with the term “concept,” it often means different things to different folks and never is there a more stark difference than between designers and engineers. In the world of product […]

Communicate the Essence of Designs Better with Color–Coded Search

Stakeholders across the extended organization use product data to analyze and visualize designs from their perspectives. So it’s important for them to easily and quickly filter complex and vast amounts of information related to the design. Traditional text-based search serves as a good starting point for finding that data. But here’s another option: visual, color-coded […]

Aberdeen Research Roundup: What Top Performers Know

Aberdeen_5No matter what field or industry you work in, you can’t help but wonder how everybody else is faring. What challenges do they face? How do they solve their problems? Do they have “secret weapons,” and do those weapons work? Luckily, we have industry analysts like Aberdeen Research to find answers for us all. They […]

3D Printing: Hype, Hyperbole and Reality

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last two years, you’ll have seen the explosion of hype surrounding 3D printing. Depending on who you believe, it’s sparking the next industrial revolution, or it’s just another technology bubble. We’re all used to seeing this in periods of extended warfare (hello Radar, GPS), but now it […]

Comparing Drawings, Models and PCBs with PTC Creo View

compareAs the design of your product evolves, it gets more and more difficult to understand what has changed from one iteration to the next—especially when other team members may have modified the data. With PTC Creo View, you can easily determine the differences between two versions of an MCAD or ECAD design. You can see […]

From 2D to the Model-Based Enterprise (Part II)

Madhavi_4In my previous post “From 2D to the Model-Based Enterprise (Part I),” I talked about the cultural changes needed to realize a Model Based Enterprise (MBE). But culture isn’t the only thing that changes; processes and tools can look dramatically different by the time you transition your organization away from 2D drawings. Evaluating your processes […]

Where Manager’s Get Product Development Wrong

The analysts have bad news: Some of your company’s barriers to success are coming from right within your own organization. The good news? You can do something about it. In a recent report from Aberdeen Research, analyst Reid Paquin identified a portion of companies that are successful in spite of the many challenges they face […]

The Truth about Direct and Parametric Modeling

direct modeling_1The PTC folks have asked me to give you lovely people a few of my thoughts over the course of each month. For my first outing, I’d like to tackle one of the oft covered, but rarely dissected subjects in today’s 3D modeling community — that of direct modeling. Specifically, how it can operate in […]

From 2D to the Model-Based Enterprise (Part I)

Madhavi_1In a previous post, I asked, “Why bother replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?” My answer looked the shortcomings of 2D drawings and the more powerful tools available for those working in 3D. The truth is, that article only hinted at what’s possible for anybody ready to rethink 2D. Consider the Model-Based Enterprise. Model-Based Enterprise […]

Four Ways Engineering Managers Can Improve the Product Verification Process

Product verification is the comparison of as-built data to as-designed data. Basically, it ensures as-built product reflects the as-designed product, including change orders that arose during development. Companies that fail to verify products expose themselves to dangerous risks, including expensive recalls, costly product rework, and unexpected delays in product releases. While most companies perform verification, […]
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