Designing Hoses and Tubes: Beyond the Lawn

If you’ve ever had to add hose or tube assemblies to your design, you know they can demand careful engineering. As you choose your materials and wall thicknesses, you have to think about the pressure, temperature, and elements your part is likely to encounter. You’ll have to consider connectors. And, as John Travolta so expertly […]

Five, cool engineering projects the media noticed in 2015

We all get busy. Projects are developed. Deadlines are given and then made (hopefully). Days turn into sleepless nights, then weeks, then into months, then it’s December and you’re (again, hopefully) reading a roundup of cool projects and inventions by engineers made during the year. It’s true. There were many amazing engineering feats accomplished this […]

In Space, No One Can Hear You Engineer

In case you missed it, and really how could you, there was a very popular sci-fi, space-themed movie just released (here’s a hint: it includes the words “star” and “wars” in it) that brought out the little kid in most of the planet. Who remembers playing with the Millennium Falcon, or a TIE fighter or […]

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Farmers Without Tractors: CAD Design for Rural India

You don’t need a CAD software blog to tell you that tractors bring much needed torque and traction to farm fields. With these powerful machines, you can plow, till, seed, and harvest vast acreages of crops with relatively little effort. Not surprisingly, tractors have more than doubled farm productivity since being widely adopted in the […]

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Three Tips for Fast and Furious 3D Prototyping


Never before have engineers had access to such a bounty of tools to get creative with design. Advances in simulation and 3D modeling software make it easier than ever to dream up and refine concepts that would have never have been feasible with past-generation tools. Couple the freeform shape possibilities with new office-style 3D printers, […]

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PTC Creo Weekend Reader–January 23

Concrete Railroad closeup

Here’s your rundown of the best of PTC Creo for January 23, 2016. Too Lean to Learn | Hoses and Tubes: Beyond the Garden Hose | When Concrete Fails | ME Wanted | Helical Sweeps for a Bottle Demo’d

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Too Lean to Learn and Other Reasons People Avoid New CAD Software


Direct modeling, concept design tools, multi-CAD options—there are a number of great new reasons to update and even switch your CAD software. And that list is likely to grow quickly as options like subscription licensing put new tools within financial reach for many companies. Business conditions can add pressure to take on new tools, too. […]

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2016: The Year for Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

With augmented reality technology, apps can now see and connect with the physical world. Imagine, for example, aiming your mobile phone camera at your car engine. The phone then overlays an image of the scene with labels and videos, showing you how to change your air filter. “More and more products are now a mixture […]

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