The PTC Creo Blog Wants to Hear About Your Engineering Victories

A couple weeks ago, we noticed a press release from one of our customers. The New England company had just won a giant contract from a US government agency to develop a buoy that can predict the strength of hurricanes. Meanwhile in Russia, PTC Creo is hard at work in the country’s space program (as shown […]

Tips & Tricks: Add a Ruler or Scale to a Part in PTC Creo

In a recent presentation, mechanical engineer Don Rich described the process he uses at Keithley Instruments to add a custom ruler-like scale to his sketches (see image below). “In our industry, we use rail systems that are about 7-feet high,” says Rich. “They have u-spacing (rack unit spacing) of 1.75 inches high.” The problem is, […]

When Manufacturers Don’t Make the Most of 3D CAD, We All Lose

I typically end up doing informal technical support for family and friends. After all, if you “work with computers” you automatically know how to fix everyone’s mobile phones, computers, internet routers – pretty much anything with a power cable and an Ethernet port. I’m sure you’re all familiar with someone arriving at your doorstep, proffering […]

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Performance Advisor for PTC Creo: Why CAD Users Love It and Administrators Need It

Janky computers have a way of sneaking up on you over time. A download seems to take longer than it used to, an image jumps when it  should glide, the screen freezes up for a second, then it freezes up forever, and before you know it you’ve rebooted twice, and it’s not even lunch time. […]

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Five Ways PLM on the Cloud Helps SMBs Compete

It’s not unusual for small and medium-sized businesses to take shortcuts with product lifecycle management (PLM).  Design files get stored on the desktop, files are exchanged via shared folders, and permissions are adjusted manually. But what happens when your computer crashes? When team members come and go? And how do you prevent files from being […]

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What Every Engineer Should Know About Ugly Product Design

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but products are getting better looking—even in places where you wouldn’t expect it. Let’s look at two examples. The first is the humble forklift truck (which incidentally is my favourite word in German). These gas- or electric-powered beasts aren’t the sexiest of products – after all, they’re typically used […]

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Tips & Tricks: Working with Chamfer-like Geometry in PTC Creo FMX

In the past, whenever you moved geometry adjacent to chamfer-like geometry in PTC Creo Parametric, the chamfer-like geometry would extend and intersect the moved geometry (see figure below). Now with PTC Creo 3.0, the system automatically handles chamfer geometry created with PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 or later as a chamfer, meaning that the dimensions of […]

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The Four Things Nobody Tells You about 3D Printing

Watch a video about 3D printing, visit a factory using the technology, or just read popular websites, and you’ll hear breathless stories about how anyone can now print their own products with ease. Simply design a 3D CAD model and push Print. Indeed, this technology changes everything, from in-house prototyping to tool development to production. […]

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