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Designing Gear Boxes for Stealth Ships with PTC Creo

In 1999, the Indian Navy ordered a set of warships. The 5000-ton stealth frigates would incorporate technology to hide their thermal and acoustic signature. They would accommodate a crew of up to 250. And, for the first time ever, they would be designed and manufactured domestically. The new Shivalik class of ships incorporated many more […]

The University of Tokyo Researchers Advance Development of Total Artificial Heart with PTC Creo

“The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, pioneers in the development of artificial hearts, are using PTC Creo design software for the development of a Total Artificial Heart. The renowned institution has been involved in artificial heart research since 1959, and has been performing successful experimentation with animals since 1970. The advanced 3D modelling […]

Vincent Systems Brings High-End Design to Prosthetic Hands with PTC

The human hand is a complicated piece of work. Fingers bend in three spots, they work with the thumb to pinch and grasp, or they can ball up together to make a fist. To make a replacement as sophisticated, you’d not only have to create a machine with a outstanding flexibility, but you’d also have […]

Callaway Cars Speeds Product Development with PTC Creo

In 1977, as new cars were being manufactured under the stranglehold of new emissions regulations and fuel economy pressure, Reeves Callaway envisioned a world in which performance cars were not underpowered.  From his home workshop, he began to produce innovative, new turbocharger systems for BMW, VW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz applications. So began Callaway Cars, […]

Parent Coaches Speak Out for FIRST

After reading the many stories we’ve posted about FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) programs on this blog, you might get the impression things like the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and other FIRST robotics competitions are just for K-12 kids with a love of science. But a little further investigation reveals that […]

Sklostroj Turnov Speeds Field Service with PTC Creo Illustrate

Between soda, beer, and prepared food, the demand for glass containers worldwide is immense. For example, Europe produced 21 million metric tons of glass bottles, jars, and flacons in 2013 alone. Anybody in the business of producing all those bottles needs high-speed machines that deliver good quality containers reliably and consistently. That’s what Sklostroj Turnov […]

The Top Five Most Read Blogs in October

October might be best known for falling leaves, baseball playoffs, and scores of children dressed as ghouls and goblins. But this past October was also a great month for those of us lucky enough to blog about engineering software. Many of the blogs we posted struck a chord with readers. But as always, a handful […]

Designing Locomotives for Global Markets with PTC Solutions

Last spring South African cargo company Transnet ordered 232 new diesel locomotives for its massive freight-carrying operation from CNR Dalian Locomotive. The new trains would need to be specially designed and equipped with enough muscle to haul freight, but at dimensions suitable for operation alongside South Africa’s existing electronic locomotives. Only a few weeks before, […]

PTC Live Global: Lessons from 2014’s Best Presentation

A while back, Cook Medical asked Leonard Erickson, the PTC Creo and PTC Windchill PDMLink Administrator, to produce some inspection drawings from production drawings. Easy enough. Within a little more than six minutes the first drawing was complete. Then the company asked him to do the same thing with 2000 more drawings. Erickson estimated the […]

Why Top Innovators Use Direct and Parametric Modeling

CalinPTC promotes both parametric and direct modeling for 3D product development. While some companies model their parts and assemblies with one or the other, more are using a combination of parametric and direct approaches. We’d like to introduce you to three such companies: medical device maker Digi02, optics manufacturer Calin Technology Co., and engineering firm […]
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