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How American Augers Cut 25% Off Design Time with PTC Creo

Suppose you need to run a pipeline across the countryside, but you don’t want to disrupt existing surface features and infrastructure—such as railways, highways, or streams and rivers. Your solution can be found in what’s called “trenchless technology,” a method for creating infrastructure by boring under the earth’s surface. Trenchless encompasses several different techniques for […] Year-long design process cut to 3 weeks with PTC Creo and Inneo

By now, everyone has seen a mobile capture device—whether you’ve signed for a package at your door or have seen a handheld scanner at the grocery store. Most of these devices come from one of two major producers, Motorola and Honeywell. But look closer, and you might notice a third name on most of those […]

Top Taiwanese OEM Improves Leverage of Client Designs with PTC Creo

If you ever visit Tainan City, Taiwan, look for the Taiwan Metal Creation Museum. This unique cultural center is dedicated to the history and importance of a seemingly ordinary commodity—sheet metal. Founded by Chih Kang Material Company Ltd., the museum illustrates how sheet metal is not only fabricated into a key component of many modern products, […]

Bowles and PTC Creo: The Fascinating Technology That Cleans Your Windshield

If you ever cleaned your car’s windows with washer fluid, you probably used technology created by Bowles Fluidics. The Columbia, Maryland-based company developed its core product—fluidic windshield washer nozzles—in the 1970’s for the Ford Mustang. Today, Bowles provides nozzles to all major automakers, supplying 85% of the vehicles built in North America. In fact, since […]

Sunnen AG Visualizes Assemblies in a Snap with PTC Creo View MCAD

Precision to the micron. It’s essential for honing machines. A micron is really small (.001 millimeter). To give you some perspective, a single human hair is about 80 microns in diameter. We are talking about very precise measurements indeed. During the honing process, an abrasive rotating tool removes metal from the interior surface of a […]

Bissell and PTC Creo Make Pet Cleanup Faster and More Attractive

Everyone loves their pets, but no one loves the mess. That’s why BISSELL Homecare, Inc., a company that’s been helping people tidy things up since 1876, designed an extensive line of carpet cleaners, vacuums, spot cleaners, and floor cleaners with pet owners in mind. Whether you need to clear away pet hair, tracked in dirt, […]

BBC: The Monster Tunneling Under London (designed with PTC Creo)

Subterranean London is a crowded environment, home to a tangled tapestry of tunnels, sewers, foundations, power lines and abandoned stations that excite archaeologists and send a shiver down the spine of anyone who has to actually build anything down there. Which makes it all the more remarkable that engineers have managed to construct 26 miles […]

IMA Engineers Productivity with PTC Creo FMX

Working with design files you didn’t create can be painful if you are a product development engineer. When your partners and suppliers use different CAD file formats, or when you need to edit a legacy model that you have little information about, you can spend more time recreating models than designing them. That’s one reason […] PTC Creo Used to Design Road-Ready 3D-Printed Cars

Over the past few years, the Phoenix, AZ-based Local Motors company has been repeatedly praised by the 3D printing community for their efforts to realize actually functional 3D printed cars. And they have gotten increasingly good at it, unveiling their signature Strati car last year. In September 2014; they actually took it for a test […]

Blow-Molded Furniture Maker “Expands” Using PTC Creo View MCAD

When you think of blow-molded manufacturing, often you think of plastic bottles. Blow molding is a process in which air pressure inflates soft plastic into a mold cavity, creating hollow, seamless objects–like a bottle of soda. The process is fast and the tooling less expensive than you might pay to create injection-molded parts. If you’re not […]
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