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“Operational Efficiency Up 40%”: Three Teams That Boosted Results with PTC University

With sophisticated CAD and PLM systems, it’s not unusual to find an alternative way to solve a problem years after you thought you’d mastered the software. Sometimes you discover a feature you didn’t know was there. Other times someone shows you an ingenious new method for using a button that was right in front of […]

Ampules: They’re Not Just for Saving Bodily Fluids Anymore

There was a time when you could seal up fluids in a vial, and it didn’t matter so much whether the contents were pure. Our ancestors did it all the time, especially with blood. When someone important died, they would save a bit of the plasma in ampules and stash them with the entombed body. […]

Five Movies That Prove Engineers Are Heroes

To be an engineer is to be underappreciated and misunderstood. You’ve experienced it, I’m sure. You come up with breakthrough solutions to intractable problems every day, only to have friends and family glaze over when you share your excitement. Fortunately, we have the movies. Because while most people won’t sit still while you explain how […]

How Fujitsu Peripherals Boosted Design Efficiency 40% Using the Software They Already Had

When you started using your smart phone, did you explore its full capabilities? Did you learn the best way to send a group text or share a photo? If you’re like most people, you figured out the main things and never went much further. The funny thing is that the company that makes your smart […]

Elecon Engineering Delivers Dependability with PTC Creo Simulate and Templates

When you’re in the business of creating heavy-duty gearboxes that drive your customers’ operations, you commit to delivering something they can depend on. At least that’s the case with Elecon Engineering, one of the largest gearbox manufacturers in Asia. Elecon supplies mills, naval ships, mines, and power plants. And among its strategies for creating dependable […]

JinTECH Reduces Error Rate by 13% with an Upgrade to PTC Creo

In 2012, CNN Money wrote about China’s emerging middle class and its impact on car sales. “Fifteen years ago, people didn’t have cars yet. But in the last seven, eight, or nine years … everyone has a car. Some people have more than one car.” That article appeared three years ago. But as with many […]

Creo Community: Emer SpA Enables 14. 8 Million Vehicles to Go Green with PTC

While looking for examples of sustainable design this month, PTC customer Emer SpA caught our attention for their focus on alternative fuels. But we’re not the only ones, their systems for converting gasoline-powered vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) have been installed in over 14.8 million vehicles and are particularly popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. […]

CE Masters: Delivering Prize-Winning Designs to Clients with PTC Creo

The Quinny Yezz is a standout product. A travel stroller, it’s  won design awards and accolades from critics and mommy bloggers throughout the world. As baby buggies go, they’re attractive and durable, and something about them makes you want to dance and launch yourself into the air (Ed. Don’t try this at home): But before the acrobatics, earnest testimonials, […]

Mashable: Is this the design for the first road-ready 3D-printed car?

The future of driving may not just be autonomous, it could be 3D printed. This week, Local Motors, the company that brought you the world’s first 3D-printed car (the Strati), took another significant step forward on the road to highway-ready 3D printed vehicles: On Tuesday, it awarded 39-year-old Kevin Lo $7,500 for his 3D-printed car […]

Smoove Advances Sustainable Bike Sharing with PTC Creo

Bike-share systems are popping up in communities all over the world. Great for quick trips about town, urban two-wheelers also reduce traffic and pollution, and provide flexible low-cost transportation within cities. But as an engineer, you’ll want to look more closely when you pass a docking station on the street. You’ll see that these bikes […]
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