PTC Creo DEX: Five Resources for Digging Deeper

Ever since we released PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX), we’ve been posting articles here about how the new add-on for PTC Creo fosters creativity and streamlines idea creation.  By now, you’ve probably seen our short introductory video: In fact, by now you might be hoping to see something besides that introductory video. This post […]

EUREKA Magazine: Design software plays central role in sliding sports equipment development

“When not hurling himself down bob-sled tracks at 90mph on a small high tech sled, Kristan Bromley designs and manufactures sleds for 22 nations preparing for the next Winter Olympics. Bromley has always had the ethos of optimising processes. This stems from his extremely competitive goal driven nature, tuned through four Olympics, combined with his […]

Did You Know? Knurling on a Cylindrical Face

Pick up an old pliers, a metal dumbbell, or a dart from your dartboard, and you’ll notice their handles have a similar texture. The process that creates the crisscross pattern cut in the metal is called knurling. It’s used on various handles, knobs, and thumbscrews where someone might need extra grip. How do you create […]

Tech-Clarity: New Technologies Change Multi-CAD Landscape

Engineering teams have struggled with incompatible CAD data for decades. That’s because vendors developed the earliest CAD solutions in silos: aerospace, automotive, etc. Often, they even created their technology just for one specific company. Nobody cared much whether files would work together. At least, not at first. That’s all changed as manufacturers buy and sell […]

Did You Know? Flexible Pattern Tool with Rounds and Chamfers

Within PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), the system can now create patterns when you simply enter a few parameters into the new Flexible Pattern tool. To access the tool and create a pattern, just select a feature in the geometry, like a hole or a boss. Then, in the Flexible Modeling tab, click Flexible […]

Navigating the New Frontier of Product Complexity

Complexity is the new normal for most engineers. From the sensors and embedded software now liberally baked into smarter products to the new materials and freeform shapes associated with light weighting efforts, engineers are faced with daily challenges that call for deeper, more thoughtful design exploration. It wasn’t long ago when cranking out a couple […]

PTC Creo DEX: The Tutorial

In PTC Creo 3.0, we added a new extension for anybody who wants to generate, evaluate, save, and present design alternatives—without all the headaches of saving and retrieving separate files. The PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) is a tool that you launch from within a PTC Creo Parametric session. From there, you can create […]

Four Ways Your Design Software Discourages Good Ideas

As a developer, much of what you do falls under “design exploration.” You create a solution, evaluate your idea, and then repeat. The more the better. “One cannot typically know that there is not a better design down some path that was not taken,” writes Karl Ulrich, vice dean of innovation at Wharton School of […]

Did You Know? Standard Hardware and Fasteners in PTC Creo

In the most recent release of PTC Creo Parametric, an expanded library of fasteners and parts now comes standard with the software. Just click Tools > Intelligent Fastener > Screw and then click a datum point, an axis, or a hole on your model where you want to add the connector. Then follow these steps: […]

Experts Explore PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension in New Webinar Series

PTC just announced a new series of webinars that demonstrate the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX). This add-on, released in PTC Creo 3.0, provides a place within PTC Creo Parametric where you can explore and save design alternatives, without committing any changes to the original model. By creating a series of checkpoints and branches in PTC […]
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