Did You Know? Standard Hardware and Fasteners in PTC Creo

In the most recent release of PTC Creo Parametric, an expanded library of fasteners and parts now comes standard with the software. Just click Tools > Intelligent Fastener > Screw and then click a datum point, an axis, or a hole on your model where you want to add the connector. Then follow these steps: […]

Experts Explore PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension in New Webinar Series

PTC just announced a new series of webinars that demonstrate the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX). This add-on, released in PTC Creo 3.0, provides a place within PTC Creo Parametric where you can explore and save design alternatives, without committing any changes to the original model. By creating a series of checkpoints and branches in PTC […]

Did You Know? Aligning Freestyle Geometry

Ed- In our December readership survey, you asked for more technical information and tutorials for PTC Creo – here’s the first of a new series of Did You Know? posts that take a close look at PTC Creo.   With the recent release of PTC Creo 3.0, we added the Align command to PTC Creo’s […]

Increasing Product Innovation by Exploring More Design Alternatives

If you work as a designer or engineer, your job is to identify problems and then apply your expertise and creativity to solve them. In short, you’re an idea person. Got a rib that weighs too much? A can opener that no longer sells? You can find a solution. In fact, with your training, you […]

Get Real About MCAD-ECAD Integration

When basic household goods like thermostats and washing machines are stacked with enough custom software and electronics to rival the average computing device, it’s hard to remain a purist about mechanical engineering. For years, the mantra has been all about forging tighter connections between mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, and more recently, embedded software. Yet […]

Introducing the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension

Think about your approach to any challenge in which you explore new solutions. If you’re starting with a completely new project, you might jot down ideas and alternatives on paper, or by using one of the PTC Creo offerings such as PTC Creo Sketch or  other concept design tools. But if you need to address […]

PTC Creo and 3D Printing in Real-World Product Development

In the future, we’re all going to use 3D printing to produce our food, make cool tchotchkes for around the house, and replace our failing body parts!!! Maybe. Probably. I’m not sure. But whether you believe it or not, you have to admit, additive manufacturing has become the gee-whiz technology of the decade. And as […]

New Release: Directly Open SolidWorks, CATIA, and NX in PTC Creo

As a product designer, you most likely spend a great deal of time trying to get files from disparate 3D CAD software systems to play nicely together. Using the CAD system’s “import” function, you bring in the non-native designs and ultimately create two different files that need to be managed separately. The good news is […]

Explore and Evaluate More Design Ideas Faster

If life were like a PowerPoint slide, you would step through the design process something like this: Define a problem Generate lots and lots of ideas Pick one Model the solution Prototype The problem arises when you arrive at step 4. Engineers often can’t and shouldn’t shut down the idea machine (step 2) just because […] Why PTC thinks that Smart, Connected Products will transform your business … and your PLM

“Where is PTC heading? There’s a lot of talk about Smart Connected Products, the Internet of Things, M2M, SLM and their new solutions ThingWorx and Servigistics. There is less talk about CAD and PLM. Have the priorities changed? ”On the contrary”, says Robert Gremley, PTC’s Executive Vice President (EVP) in this TV report. Gremley is […]
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