Free Webinar Series: Learn the Benefits of PTC Simulation Solutions

Problems found earlier in the design process reduce development costs and save time. See how simulating the performance of your design early and often can reduce physical prototyping and enable you to make better design decisions. In just 25 minutes, see how PTC’s simulation solutions can help you accurately: Predict product performance while you design […]

A Quick Introduction to PTC Creo Simulate

What’s that? You’re still a bit new to PTC Creo Simulate? Well here’s some information to help you get to know the technology a little better: PTC Creo Simulate is our dedicated structural, thermal and vibration analysis solution that is part of the PTC Creo product family. With PTC Creo Simulate, PTC has focused heavily […]

Using simulation to determine the root cause of product failure

n PTC Creo ParametricYour product is out in the marketplace. Your design team has done the best job it can. The shop guys have put their all into making it. But it’s failing. Warranty claims are escalating and putting pressure on the bottom line and you, the person tasked with figuring out what’s wrong and keeping it from […]

Seven Things You Should Know about PTC Creo’s Simulation Capabilities

PTC Creo provides a broad range of simulation solutions that enable design engineers and CAE analysts to easily analyze and validate both parts and assemblies. Our simulation tools directly leverage the 3D CAD geometry and seamless interoperability between PTC Creo apps, ensuring that time isn’t wasted and errors aren’t introduced due to data translation. PTC Creo […]

PTC Simulation Director Discusses Roadmap, Strategic Importance of PTC Creo Simulate

Mark FischerPTC has a long history of offering simulation tools and that commitment will continue well into the future, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. Fischer, who has been with PTC for over 15 years, is at the forefront of the development of simulation technology at PTC, and […]

The Splintering Needs of Engineering Simulation

elica_numerica1_0_0--400x300A couple weeks ago, I found myself in an interesting conversation. I was talking with a software executive who was considering starting up a new software company in the simulation space. His most basic question was “where is the greatest need in simulation today?” I’ll be frank; I struggled to answer. Not because all of […]

New video offers solutions to CAD interoperability problems

CAD technology analyst Chad Jackson, a frequent contributor to this blog, has launched a new video series entitled “Perspectives from Lifecycle Insights.” The debut issue delves deeply into the problems that engineers face as a result of dealing with too many CAD systems. It also discusses recent technology advances that can help engineers overcome those […]

Rethinking CAM: Let’s Go Back to Where It All Began

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0Why do we model things in CAD, anyway? Before there was collaboration, visualization and analysis, CAD models were developed to support computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and numerically controlled (NC) fabrication machines. NC machines carry out subtractive process like milling and turning, while additive technologies like 3D printing build shapes out of layers of material. Whether additive […]

Webcast: Increase design agility with PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX)

The world moves fast these days. Just about everyone works in a 24/7 environment that is spread across multiple geographies and languages. To remain competitive, engineers need design agility – the ability to make changes to designs on the fly and while increasing productivity. That’s where PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) comes in, according […]

Direct Modeling is Better at Capturing Design Intent

PTC Creo LayoutIf there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five years, it’s that debate gives you new perspectives. Such was the case coming out of a webinar I presented in that was titled The Pros and Cons of 3D Modeling Paradigms: Direct Modeling and History-based Modeling. Brian Thompson of PTC and Dan Staples of Siemens […]