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The Big Game: 4 Cool New Technologies to Look for at Levi’s Stadium

You’ve probably heard that there’s a huge football game Sunday. We can’t actually say the name because the NFL frowns upon the usage of the “big game,” but we’re going to assume you might be watching it, maybe enjoying a beverage and some wings, or other sporty culinary delights. In the hype leading up to […]

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PTC Creo Weekend Reader

Tips for 3D printing | Design for farmers without tactors | What Blade Runner got right | Job opening | more

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Five engineering wonders in Blade Runner that now (sort of) exist

Blade Runner, a 1982 sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott, based on Philp K. Dick’s Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, provided a dystopian, gritty look of a future Los Angeles. It featured Harrison Ford as an ex-cop on the hunt for rogue human-like androids. It’s also chockfull of engineering designs and technical wonders. Unbelievably, […]

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Three Tips for Fast and Furious 3D Prototyping


Never before have engineers had access to such a bounty of tools to get creative with design. Advances in simulation and 3D modeling software make it easier than ever to dream up and refine concepts that would have never have been feasible with past-generation tools. Couple the freeform shape possibilities with new office-style 3D printers, […]

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PTC Creo Weekend Reader–January 23

Concrete Railroad closeup

Here’s your rundown of the best of PTC Creo for January 23, 2016. Too Lean to Learn | Hoses and Tubes: Beyond the Garden Hose | When Concrete Fails | ME Wanted | Helical Sweeps for a Bottle Demo’d

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Too Lean to Learn and Other Reasons People Avoid New CAD Software


Direct modeling, concept design tools, multi-CAD options—there are a number of great new reasons to update and even switch your CAD software. And that list is likely to grow quickly as options like subscription licensing put new tools within financial reach for many companies. Business conditions can add pressure to take on new tools, too. […]

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2016: The Year for Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

With augmented reality technology, apps can now see and connect with the physical world. Imagine, for example, aiming your mobile phone camera at your car engine. The phone then overlays an image of the scene with labels and videos, showing you how to change your air filter. “More and more products are now a mixture […]

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Five Engineering Marvels You Only Notice After You Break Your Back


*Guest post by Ruth Morss* I broke my back last week on a skiing vacation. If you must know, I got off the chairlift, toppled down the ramp, and did a big smashing flip, the first time I’ve ever taken flight on skis.  I landed face up, enveloped  in snow, cold, pain, and fear . […]

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The Inside Scoop on PTC Windchill 11

***By guest author Christa Prokos*** Recently, PTC introduced the next release of PTC Windchill. PTC Windchill 11 promises to be “the first PLM platform to deliver groundbreaking new technological advancements in smart, connected product development data and processes.” But if you’re already using PTC to manage your product lifecycle data and processes, you are likely wondering […]

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Brain Teaser: The Color of My Hat

Image: Construction Day by Oregon Department of Transportation (2013 Construction Day - Festive hardhats) [CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

In the world of brain teasers, there’s a classic called The Hat Puzzle. Variations have circulated for decades because it’s kind of fun once you get the answer. If you’re not already familiar with it, try this version that appeared last month on Quora: “Three smart people are applying for a job. The employer devises […]

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