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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Use 3D Modeling

In the age of conspicuous consumption, consumers are consistently seeking newer, better, and increasingly more complex products. And that creates stiff competition for manufacturers—especially those who still rely on 2D CAD systems. According to a report on small- to medium-sized companies from the Aberdeen Group, “3D CAD is a critical application with the promise to […]

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Samara News: Creating Nano-satellites with PTC Creo

Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) recently hosted its International Summer Space School, titled “Advanced space technology and experiments: From idea to nano-satellite mission.” According to the Russian newspaper, Volga Commune, “For two weeks, students from Italy, the United States, Portugal, Japan, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Russia worked together develop their own nanosatellites.” A nano-satellite […]

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[Ed. At HellermannTyton, product developers solved the problem of working with global customers in diverse industries, each with a preferred CAD system, by simply using whatever CAD system the customer used. Over time, the company has built up a catalog of tens of thousands of products and variants. The secret to keeping track of a […]

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Scale the PTC PLM Cloud

Full product lifecycle management solutions have historically been the domain of larger industries, like aerospace and military. Think of what it takes to design and manufacture a commercial jet. It’s a dizzying project involving hundreds of people creating and reviewing millions of parts. Meticulous asset tracking, as well keeping tabs on users and their assigned […]

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New Webcast: Better Design Review and Validation with PTC Creo View MCAD

At Alcon, a company that makes vision care products, an engineer once joked that the company “killed trees as fast as we could.” That’s because with hundreds of products sold in 180 countries, Alcon generated reams of product data. Not anymore. Today, Alcon uses PTC Creo View MCAD. With the software, any team member can […]

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See the PTC PLM Cloud in Action

Data management practices in small-to-medium-businesses (SMB’s) can range from adequate to hair raising. Files are often scattered across several machines, sometimes backed up on that USB thumb drive nobody has seen since last month. Finding the right file version for a review eats up your lunch break. Change tracking is haphazard, at best. But somehow, […]

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RoboSpartans: More Complete Design Tools with PTC Creo

Every year, in schools all over the world, students gather in teams for the FIRST Technical Challenge (FTC), a robotics competition aimed at grades 7-12.  Kids design, build, and program their own robots, winning awards for their performance on the playing field, as well as community outreach, design, and other real-world accomplishments. It’s proven to be […]

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PTC Creo Blog: Top 5 Most Read Posts in May

We know you’re busy and often may not know about all the posts here on the PTC Creo Blog when we first publish them. Or maybe you see a story, intend to read it later, and forget. That’s why we publish the monthly Top 5 Most Read Posts. Here, you can quickly catch up with all […]

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Take our PTC Creo Blog reader survey for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface

Here at the PTC Creo blog, we’re serious about publishing content that you want to read. Help us provide the information you’re looking for by taking our brief reader survey. Let us know what you like, what you’d like to see more of, and what we can do better. The survey takes about 3 minutes to […]

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PTC Creo User? Win Admiration & Prizes at 2015 Battle Royale

With PTC Live Global kick-off only a few days away, I wanted to take a few moments and ensure that any of our loyal readers/community members who will be attending take up the opportunity to participate in the PTC Creo Battle Royale. We ran this competition for the first time last year and it was […]

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