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Voglia di Vela: PTC Partners with Student Sailors for Italy’s 1001 VELA Cup

Everything is ready for the ninth annual 1001 Vela Cup, an educational program and sailboat race conceived and organized by yacht designers Massimo Paperini and Paul Procesi in 2005. This year the race is being held in Rimini, Italy. A collaboration between the Club Nautico Rimini and the city, the event will take place September […]

Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment This LEGO Tractor (Designed with PTC Creo) Is Constructed Entirely of 3D Printed Parts

We have seen 3D printed LEGO parts before, but when those parts are printed using a standard FDM 3D printer they are rarely ideal building blocks. Unfortunately the resolution on FDM printers is limited by the basic laws of physics in relation to the surface tension of the material being used. Most plastics, at least […]

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An aerial work platform is the equipment used to lift workers. You may know these as “cherry pickers” or  “scissor lifts.”  They generally help maintenance and construction personnel who need a stable platform dozens of feet in the air, or firefighters for emergency access into tall structures. The video below provides a great example (with appropriately dramatic music) of an articulated […]

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Blog News: More Tips & Tricks (Plus July’s Top 5)

Last month, we conducted a survey of our readers and asked what you’d like to see more of on this blog. Your answer? Tips and Tricks. Tutorials, demos, and tips for working with the software all merited a “somewhat interested” and “very interested” response from survey participants.  (In fact, nobody said they were “not at […]

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Market Watch: PTC CTO Jane Wachutka Recognized as a Leading Advocate for STEM Education

PTC today announced that its executive vice president and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jane Wachutka has been selected as one of the top CIO/CTO leaders in the United States committed to an increased focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the education system and initiatives that promote STEM talent. The honor comes from STEMconnector, […]

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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Expect Change

Dealing with change is a known challenge for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Whether it’s a new design requirement, engineering change order, or last-minute customer request, changes disrupt tight schedules,  causing delays and cost overruns. But not everybody falls behind when confronted with the unexpected. In fact, some companies distinguish themselves with how they handle change. Best-in-Class Plan […]

Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Why Stratasys? An Interview with PTC’s Brian Thompson

PTC recently released new 3D printing functionality with PTC Creo 3.0 M040. I had a conversation with Brian Thompson, vice president product development at PTC, about these new capabilities last week. Among other things, I wanted to know why the interface is currently limited to the Stratasys Connex 3 models. He began by explaining the goals […]

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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Enlist PDM

Growing a manufacturing business in today’s market means creating quality products, faster.  Just ask Aberdeen Research; the analyst firm found that the top 20% SMBs are 35% more likely than other manufacturers to meet product development targets. Of course, we all hope to meet out deadlines. The question is, how do those successful companies do it? Why don’t they run into […]

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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Simulate as They Design

In a difficult economy, small- to medium-sized organizations face tough competition as they strive to provide customers with increasingly sophisticated products. As product complexity grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to evaluate design alternatives or to predict how individual components will interact under real-world conditions without compromising budgets and deadlines. So how do  SMBs overcome these challenges? According to research from […]

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Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Use 3D Modeling

In the age of conspicuous consumption, consumers are consistently seeking newer, better, and increasingly more complex products. And that creates stiff competition for manufacturers—especially those who still rely on 2D CAD systems. According to a report on small- to medium-sized companies from the Aberdeen Group, “3D CAD is a critical application with the promise to […]

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