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LiveWorx 2015: An Invitation for CAD and PLM Users

With robots that order their own replacement parts and chairs can tell you who has been sitting in them, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to make life easier for much of humanity—unless you’re involved in product development.

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New Look for the PTC Creo Blog Coming (Includes a Sneak Peek)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you should know that we’re planning a little remodeling this spring. The PTC Creo blog has displayed nearly the same look and feel since we launched in 2010. Compare the blog today with this screen shot from November 2010 (courtesy of the Wayback machine). We’ve made a […]

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PLM Now!

Stop. Wait. Before you File > Save that motor housing or iPhone case you just designed, ask yourself if you’re about to make your file management problems a little worse. Because, instead of stashing one more revision on your desktop or in a shared folder where others may or may not be able to find […]

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Too Small for Product Lifecycle Management? Look to the Cloud

When you’re a small company juggling customers, projects, and partners, it’s easy to put off driving operational improvement. With revisions and deadlines looming, there’s never a good day to step back, organize file folders, or even ask, “Are my naming conventions working?” and “Will I be able to find this version of this model if […]

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Justin Roegner: Tips for Exorcising Unwanted Links

Sometimes a drawing in PTC Windchill will reference a part that doesn’t exist. These “ghost objects” are relics from the original CAD file—typically a dummy that’s no longer relevant. But while PTC Creo doesn’t seem to reference the old model anymore, PTC Windchill just won’t forget about it. This year at PTC Live Global in […]

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When Robots Fail: A Minnesota School Learns Engineering’s Most Important Lesson

Early last year, a group of high school students wheeled a robot into a packed arena in Duluth, Minnesota. They were bringing to competition a device they had spent months designing and engineering. What they didn’t know yet was that by the end of the first round, their machine would be in pieces all over […]

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Introducing the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension

Think about your approach to any challenge in which you explore new solutions. If you’re starting with a completely new project, you might jot down ideas and alternatives on paper, or by using one of the PTC Creo offerings such as PTC Creo Sketch or  other concept design tools. But if you need to address […]

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Weighing the Value of Import vs. Open

Let’s consider the user interface for 3D modeling systems. Aside from the fact that we’re still using a floppy disk as the icon (a format that, I think we can safely say, is dead), there are a few curiosities associated with Opening, Saving and Importing data files. I think we’re all aware of what that […]

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PTC Express Reader Survey Results

Not long ago, we posted a survey to find out more about our PTC Express readers and what they hope to find in the newsletter. Your answers help us decide what content to develop and share. They also confirm that we’re writing in a way that’s appropriate to our audience. Here’s what we learned: Who […]

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Customers Make the Move to PTC Windchill 10

PTC’s Will Kohler knows just about everything about PTC Windchill. His official title is Senior Vice President of Product Management, but many customers know him as a long-time PTC Windchill product manager. I recently asked him about the feedback he’s hearing as customers upgrade to PTC Windchill 10, as well as the benefits of upgrading […]

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