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IP Protection in a distributed, collaborative and visual world

An efficient, effective and trustworthy collaboration environment while maintaining the intellectual property is vital for today’s global business. In a collaborative design process, the multi-disciplinary stakeholders participate in the design decision-making and share product information across the enterprise boundaries. Thus, Intellectual Property protection is critical to a company when sharing data with its suppliers or […]

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Aberdeen Sheds Light on Product Development Best Practices

Companies need to do their best to break down the silos between product development and operations because a more holistic approach help a company do a better job of tackling change and creating highly manufacturable products, according to a new report from Aberdeen Research. The report, which is entitled “Bridging the Gap Between Product Development […]

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The On-Demand Data Migration Strategy

If you’ve been reading my posts recently, you can probably tell I’m a little passionate about the recent changes happening with how organizations can work with multi-CAD data. Back at the beginning of June, I wrote about The Plummeting Costs of Switching CAD. In February, I focused on Putting a Finer Point on Multi-CAD, explaining […]

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The Most Embarrassing Collaboration Failure, Ever

Do you remember back in 1998, when NASA sent the Mars Climate Orbiter to study the atmosphere of the red planet? The Orbiter was also supposed to become a relay station for sending signals back to Earth from the Polar Lander, and hopes were high for a thorough examination of the planet. There was much hoopla at […]

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Visual Work Instructions: What’s the big deal?

Madhavi Ramesh

Every day, manufacturing engineers face the challenge of ensuring that process plans and work instructions accurately reflect the current engineering design. Paper-based work instructions have been used to disseminate information about various steps of the process. Quite often, these are laminated and hung on the walls in the shop floor. This works well until an […]

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Using 3D as a Design Medium

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

“By the time someone starts creating a 3D model, all the major design decisions have been made.” I distinctly remember when that statement was uttered. It occurred on a live webinar some two years ago in a debate between many different software providers. Interestingly enough, it was actually blurted out by a Vice President of […]

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Resolving Fit Issues with PTC Creo View

How many emails have you ever exchanged with your colleagues to debate the cause of an interference issue and who is responsible for fixing it? If they had used PTC Creo View to check for interferences, these issues could have been identified early on in the process, thus helping to reduce the chances of rework […]

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PTC Creo FMX and Unite Technology: Better Together

I bet this has happened to you: You’re tasked with creating a new version of a product, a slight tweak in response to market demand. You find the original CAD model for the product, but it’s in some other CAD format. Once you open the part, you can’t figure out what that designer was thinking […]

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Aberdeen Research: Capture Knowledge to Ensure Simulation Success

As companies struggle to competitively differentiate their products as well as beat their competitors to market, faster decisions within engineering have become increasingly critical to product success. Many have turned to simulation tools for support. However, the expertise required to conduct accurate simulations, combined with increasing product complexity, leaves companies struggling to expand simulation knowledge […]

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Shepherd: PTC Broadens Portfolio Again with Atego Acquisition


Any creative endeavor starts with the idea of moving from the requirements to the implementation in an efficient and an effective way — and PTC’s acquisition of Atego will help make those transitions far easier to manage they have been in the past, according to Brian Shepherd, the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Segments at […]

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