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A Crystal Ball for Design & the Predictive Nature of Simulation

Ever since we started to move away from the drawing board and the vellum, ink, razor blade combo (remember those days? Just me? No? I’ll crack on then), we, as a collective of designers, engineers and manufacturers, have been talking about the ability to do more with our digital design tools.

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Four Skills You’ll Need to Add in the Internet of Things Age

Despite their transformative potential, IoT offerings are still just products, at least from a design standpoint. However, the age of smart, connected products ushers in a number of new competencies that engineers will have to master in order to actively engage in this next wave of development.

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Taking 3D Design and Engineering on the Road

If there’s a stereotype of the typical CAD user; it probably goes something like this. White shirt, a tie, a mechanical pencil in the top pocket and sat in front of enough large display devices to embarrass a mission controller at NASA. Think Milton from Office Space – with a technical drawing, rather than a stapler.

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Not Your Father’s Simulation Strategy

Alternative materials and all sorts of streamlined parts have become common practice in car designs as manufacturers push to add lighter weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles to their fleets. Electronic device makers are packing gobs more technology into ever-tighter spaces, and aerospace engineers are constantly raising the bar on engine design and integrated control systems to […]

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Calculations vs. 3D CAD: A Historical Curiosity

When you consider the level of intelligence, automation, and frankly, jaw dropping amazingness of most of today’s 3D design and engineering tools, it’s perhaps a curious thing to note that most systems don’t provide much in the way of support for one of the most fundamental parts of the design and engineering process – mathematics […]

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Time to Flip the Switch on Cloud

For most major enterprise applications—think ERP, CRM, or even Business Intelligence—the question isn’t whether or not to go to the cloud, it usually boils down to a matter of when. That same clarity of cloud vision has been lacking for engineering design tools, especially when it comes to CAD and PLM. While there’s a great […]

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PLM Now!

Stop. Wait. Before you File > Save that motor housing or iPhone case you just designed, ask yourself if you’re about to make your file management problems a little worse. Because, instead of stashing one more revision on your desktop or in a shared folder where others may or may not be able to find […]

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Visualization and Rendering – The Bar Just Got Raised

While it’s not discussed much these days, the process of creating photo-realistic imagery based on 3D CAD models has long been part of the workflow of industrial designers (ID). What’s interesting is that this has, in recent years, expanded outside of the ID world and become common place amongst a much wider portion of the […]

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Is 3D Printing A Part of Your Regular Design Workflow? It Should Be

It might take a minute or two to wrap your brain around the idea that an office-style printer can pump out a working part, but that’s exactly what’s happening across a swath of engineering departments on a regular basis. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is certainly not an unknown technology, but its wide-ranging impact on […]

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Cloud PLM – A Big Return with a Smaller Investment

PLM has proven the “R” in “ROI” PLM is a proven way to deliver top- and bottom-line value. PLM helps if you just want to improve productivity and reduce complexity or if you have big goals to transform the way your company innovates. Either way, there isn’t much debate that investing in PLM drives a […]

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