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Who Needs PTC Creo View MCAD?

Do you know that product designers comprise 55% of the people who review and validate design files? That’s barely a majority. The rest are managers (10%), operational staff (10%), executives and management (10%), and others (19%). That data comes from “Making Design & Validation Review Processes Work,” a PTC survey in which more than 20 […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Product Data Management

Anybody who’s ever put hours into modifying the wrong version of a CAD model or lost the data all together can appreciate the value of a product data management (PDM) system. And while 10 or 20 years ago this technology was accessible to only to massive enterprises, the web and the cloud have put them […]

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Tools for Design Review: How to Choose

How much time and effort have you put into improving your design reviews this year? Have you looked at collaborative tools? Efficiency tweaks? Maybe you’ve read articles about the subject and aren’t sure where to start. Jim Brown, president of Tech-Clarity, can be your guide to finding the right solution. His free 17-page report, Design […]

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Smoove Advances Sustainable Bike Sharing with PTC Creo

Bike-share systems are popping up in communities all over the world. Great for quick trips about town, urban two-wheelers also reduce traffic and pollution, and provide flexible low-cost transportation within cities. But as an engineer, you’ll want to look more closely when you pass a docking station on the street. You’ll see that these bikes […]

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An Introduction to PTC Creo View MCAD (or How to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes)

On the list of uncomfortable meeting topics, a high-ranking contender is explaining to your boss why your design change cost the company so much time and money. This is especially true if the change was untested. What seems like a solid decision on paper – or in software – doesn’t always prove to work when […]

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NASA Relies on Watermarks from PTC Creo View MCAD

One of NASA’s most exciting projects is the journey to Mars. Beginning in 2018, NASA’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will enable “proving ground” missions to test necessary launch capabilities. Astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft will start deep space exploration in the 2020s. And human missions to Mars in the 2030s will rely on […]

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A Playbook for Getting Biomimicry Right

Drawing inspiration from nature for novel design concepts is one thing, but turning those gems into something resembling a workable product is quite another story, especially if it involves particularly complex shapes and structures. The practice of biomimicry, officially coined in 1997 by American biologist and author Janine Benyus, is the idea that natural elements […]

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How PTC Creo Simulate Helped Revolutionize the Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitches—those devices that attach to the back of your vehicle for towing—seem more or less functional and straightforward. But if you’ve ever bruised your leg on a tow ball while trying to pull luggage out of your trunk or punched a hole in the garage door with one of those little battering rams, you […]

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Adding the Top-Down Modeling to Your Seat of PTC Creo? Read This First!

If you’re using PTC Creo, you already enjoy great benefits from the ground-breaking parametric design solution. But you should also know that many companies don’t stop there. They add on tools that suit their specific company needs, refining and optimizing the software environment so that they can develop products that are even more innovative and […]

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Aliva Develops Concrete Equipment 50% Faster with PTC Creo

You can spray on hair, spray on a tan, and even spray on fabric. What about spray on concrete? Yes, and it’s great for retaining walls, swimming pools, skate parks, tunnels, and even the rock-scapes at your local zoo. Known as “shotcrete,” spray on concrete has been used in the construction and mining industries for […]

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