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Adding PTC Creo FMX? Read This First

If you’re already using PTC Creo, you probably already know about the great benefits that come with using our ground-breaking parametric design solution. But you may not know that many companies don’t stop there. They add on tools that suit their specific company needs, refining and optimizing the software environment so that they develop products that are even […]

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Did You Know? Create Sweeps with Open Trajectories in PTC Creo

When many of us began creating 3D models in PTC Creo, we learned to work with extrusions. We simply created a profile and extruded it. But alas, not everything can be modeled that way. That’s why designers also use sweeps, another core capability in PTC Creo Parametric. With the Sweep tool, you can create a solid […]

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PTC Live Global Keynotes Now Available

June 7 marked the launch of PTC Live Global as 2000 attendees gathered in Nashville, Tennessee. A packed agenda included a Solutions Expo, hands-on opportunities, and sessions led by PTC customers, instructors, and executives. We couldn’t capture and share it all, but we did record the keynote sessions. If you didn’t attend, or want to relive […]

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Cumitas Replaces AutoCAD with PTC Creo: Saves 35% on Prototypes

Located in the ancient city of Tarsus, Cumitas strives to blend world-renowned components from global manufacturers with the latest technologies. However, the company’s reliance on AutoCAD, a 2D CAD system, more closely aligned it with the regions reputation for antiquity than the cutting-edge.

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Looking for Results? Five Upgrades That Deliver Big Return

No matter your industry, geography, or the size of your team, there are certain design steps that most of us follow—concept design, prototyping, even filing away our data. It only takes a release cycle or two for most of us to realize the value of automating some of these processes. If you’ve ever spent a […]

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Did You Know? PTC Creo 3.0 Enhancements: 3D Thickness in PTC Creo Parametric

In the past, you’d have to take multiple measurements or use add-on software to ensure your wall thicknesses were reliable. But with the new Measure 3D Thickness tool, you can quickly check where you model meets or fails to meet your minimum and maximum thickness requirements. Here’s how it works:

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CAD and IoT Come Together at LiveWorx 2015

PTC has been making such a big noise about the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few months, some CAD users may wonder if we’ve forgotten them. IoT is all about exercise monitors and preventing flat tires, right?  What’s IoT got to do with the toothbrush you’re designing? You’d be surprised. At LiveWorx 2015, […]

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The Powerful Simulation Capabilities You Didn’t Know You Had

Within PTC Creo Parametric, many capabilities for simulation are already at your fingertips. That’s right. With mechanism design tools, found within PTC’s flagship design software, you can create mechanical connections and simulate motion on kinetic assemblies.

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Did You Know? Getting Better Results from Your Analyses

In PTC Creo Simulate, you analyze the integrity of your models by indicating values such as constraints, forces, and materials. Then, choose an analysis that you’d like the system to run. Sounds easy, but how do you know if your results are accurate?

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Beyond PTC Creo Simulate

We’ve written a lot about PTC Creo Simulate in this blog lately because it’s a great tool for basic structural, thermal, and vibration analysis. However, it’s not the only simulation or analysis tool for PTC Creo users. There are seven more.

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