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PTC Offers Plenty of Free Software Downloads is a big, sophisticated website. It includes many helpful pages for a lot of useful products. As such, it might have been easy to miss one of the most useful sites of all: The free downloads page. On the PTC Creo “free software” page, you’ll find links to free versions of PTC Creo […]

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A Quick Introduction to the PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension

Some of the trickiest design challenges arise when you involve cables, hoses, pipes, and wires in your product models. They’re difficult to route (and reroute) as you develop other parts and subassemblies, and all too often it just seems easier to wait until later to worry about them. In fact, many designers won’t work out […]

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A Quick Introduction to PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

PTC Creo Elements Direct/Modeling – formerly known as CoCreate Modeling – is well known as a mature product that has long helped product development companies bring innovative products to market faster. The most recent version of the product, PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 19.0, offers many new features designed to make all users – including power […]

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IP Protection in a Distributed, Collaborative and Visual World

An efficient, effective and trustworthy collaboration environment while maintaining the intellectual property is vital for today’s global business. In a collaborative design process, the multi-disciplinary stakeholders participate in the design decision-making and share product information across the enterprise boundaries. Thus, Intellectual Property protection is critical to a company when sharing data with its suppliers or […]

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A Quick History of PTC and PTC Creo

Since 1985, PTC has been 100% committed to supporting the needs of leading manufacturing companies worldwide. As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing technology companies, PTC delivers technology solutions that transform the way companies create and service their products. But even if you’re a regular user of PTC Creo and other PTC products, you […]

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A quick introduction to the PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension (ECX)

Many product development companies are no strangers to the divide that can exist between electrical and mechanical engineers. Sometimes it seems like they are speaking different languages. But with today’s increasingly complex products — which boast more electronica parts than ever – companies should work to break down the silos between electrical and mechanical engineering […]

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Free Manager’s Kit: Flexible Modeling in 30 Minutes

As an Engineering Manager in the business of product development, everyone relies on you to meet project schedules, cut costs, get to market first, and make remarkable products. But without effective development processes, that’s nearly impossible.   Flexible Modeling can help. Add this technology to your PTC CAD software, and your team can better meet […]

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Tech-Clarity TV: How to Buy a Design Review Solution

“This Tech-Clarity TV episode shares the highlights of Tech-Clarity’s Design Review Buyer’s Guide. The video explains the importance of analyzing special considerations like scalability in addition to core product functionality. It also points out some important vendor and service requirements to ensure that the solution provides a reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO) and strong return on […]

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Why Bother Replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?

Yes, why would you want to replace 2D drawings? Clearly, 2D Drawings have their own advantages. But there are disadvantages to 2D Drawings. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios. One, the drawing gets recreated possibly many times in most companies for various reasons. This amounts to the additional duplicated effort required in creating a 2D […]

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How PTC Creo 3.0 Just Reinvented Concept Design

There are a lot of different ways to produce a good concept design. You might use a 2D sketch application—many vendors offer them free to download. Or you could go with something more detailed, producing a fully detailed and rendered life-like 3D model. Which is best? It depends on your situation, your place in the […]

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