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Seven Things You Should Know about PTC Creo’s Simulation Capabilities

PTC Creo provides a broad range of simulation solutions that enable design engineers and CAE analysts to easily analyze and validate both parts and assemblies. Our simulation tools directly leverage the 3D CAD geometry and seamless interoperability between PTC Creo apps, ensuring that time isn’t wasted and errors aren’t introduced due to data translation. PTC Creo […]

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Forbes: The New Face Of Manufacturing: Santa Cruz Bicycles

By TJ McCue, Contributor. “Santa Cruz Bicycles is not your traditional bike maker, and their passion and design approach are transforming the industry and influencing others. The transformation of American manufacturing is wide ranging. Some talk about changes heralding in a new industrial revolution, a new face of manufacturing, in America today The technology that makes […]

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Desktop Engineering: The Best of Both Worlds: Direct and Indirect 3D modeling

by Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering. Automotive manufacturers have embraced an integrated workflow that incorporates elements of both direct and indirect 3D modeling. While history-based, or parametric modeling tools held court for the better part of two decades, a fresh crop of CAD programs burst onto the scene a few years ago, touting a more flexible […]

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Desktop Engineering: 13-Year-Old FRC CADder Luke Dreams of a Personal Robotic Butler

Luke Orzechowski (age 13) wants a robotic butler, a personal servant powered by electromechanical principles. “It would have shelves for snacks and drinks,” he envisioned. Luke’s robotic butler is still in a very early stage of development, merely a sketch in 3D at this point. But his other robot — the one he helped design […]

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Desktop Engineering: Consolidating Design Software, Extending Value Beyond 3D CAD Consolidation

By Anthony J. Lockwood, Desktop Engineering “Consolidating Design Software, Extending Value Beyond 3D CAD Consolidation” is a 13-page white paper that makes the case for consolidating your design environment with an integrated design suite that is multi-CAD capable. Written by Jim Brown for Tech-Clarity, a research and consulting firm, the paper argues that an integrated […]

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Desktop Engineering: Vitamix to Accelerate New Product Introductions with PTC

By using PTC Creo to develop new products, Vitamix is enabling faster design decisions and aiming to cut product design times by 25 percent. Vitamix manufactures and markets blending and mixing products directly to the public and the restaurant/hospitality industry. “It is all about efficiency in innovation,” said Greg Moores, vice president of engineering, Vitamix. “I […]

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Three Years of 10 Most-Read Blog Posts

Guess who turned three this month? This very blog! We launched in October, 2010 with an article about cloud computing from Barb Schmitz. Articles from our executives came next as they articulated this new thing, PTC Creo. A flurry of customer and press reactions followed. Over the past 36 months, we’ve posted a story […]

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ConnectPress: PTC Creo, PTC Windchill, & PTC Arbortext Called Out in Top 10 PLM Software Report

The product lifecycle management (PLM) software market is evolving and growing rapidly, for several important reasons. PLM lies at the heart of a company’s efforts to move a product to market and beyond. At its essence, PLM describes the engineering aspect of a product, from managing descriptions and properties of a product through its development […]

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Desktop Engineering: Fast App: Simulation Drives Better-designed Products

By Jürg Gerber and John Murray “Bucher Hydraulics Division produces valves that are mainly used in mobile applications in construction and agricultural machinery, as well as in wind turbines or industrial applications. Bucher wanted simulation and testing software that would be easy to learn and use for the valve designer. The company also wanted quick […]

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By Barb Schmitz When parametric, feature-based CAD software first hit the market, engineers were happy to have a powerful and automated way to create complex models with built-in intelligence. By leveraging the feature tree, users could make quick changes to their 3D models that then automatically propagated to other related or dependent features. To do […]

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