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PTC Creo LinkedIn Group Surpasses 10,000 Members!


The PTC Creo team is very pleased to announce that our LinkedIn group has surpassed the 10,000 member milestone! LinkedIn members use the group to connect with other PTC Creo users, ask questions, and exchange ideas. In the past two weeks, we’ve seen discussions exploring: How Unite technology really works. Who PTC’s most notable customers […]

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Professional Profile Offers Career Tips for Engineering Managers

Meet Sharon Hewison, engineering manager at Lola Composites, a supplier of technology solutions to many industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive and motorsport. Growing up, Hewison wanted to work in the sports industry, but after earning degrees in business and finance and landing at job at Lola, she realized a talent for organizing things and ultimately […]

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Three quick career tips for engineering managers

This blog has posted some helpful career advice over the years for current and future engineering managers. Some of it can be found in the tales of PTC customers who overcame problems using their own unique skills, and some of it can be found in blogs we regularly post from expert commentators. Looking back at […]

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Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Face an Engineering Skills Shortage

The majority of industrial equipment manufacturers do not have enough engineering staff to manage the current workload, according to a report from industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group. The 2013 report, entitled “Engineering Shortages: How Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Can Cope,” is based on an in-depth study of more than 500 manufacturers, including 91 industrial equipment manufacturers. […]

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Take our CAD purchasing survey for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card!

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0

PTC is interested in learning everything it can about the purchasing habits of CAD technology users, and if you help us out by taking this brief survey, you could win a $100 American Express gift card. If you work for a company that has purchased CAD technology from any vendor within the past year, we […]

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Free Webinar Series: Learn the Benefits of PTC Simulation Solutions

Problems found earlier in the design process reduce development costs and save time. See how simulating the performance of your design early and often can reduce physical prototyping and enable you to make better design decisions. In just 25 minutes, see how PTC’s simulation solutions can help you accurately: Predict product performance while you design […]

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PTC Simulation Director Discusses Roadmap, Strategic Importance of PTC Creo Simulate

Mark Fischer

PTC has a long history of offering simulation tools and that commitment will continue well into the future, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. Fischer, who has been with PTC for over 15 years, is at the forefront of the development of simulation technology at PTC, and […]

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Internet of Things Means Big Changes for Manufacturers

Internet of Things

The number of things connected to the Internet now exceeds the total number of humans on the planet – and that means that big changes are in store for manufacturers that want to remain competitive, according to a new eBook from PTC. The new eBook, which is entitled “The Internet of Things: How a world […]

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Get a sneak peek at the PTC Live Global agenda

PTC Live Global

Get ready because registration for PTC Live Global – the premier, information-filled annual conference for product development professionals – opens up at the end of this month. And details about the conference agenda are already starting to trickle out of PTC’s headquarters.  The conference, which is being held June 15-18 in Boston, promises more than […]

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PTC Creo LinkedIn Community: 6,000+ Strong, Active, and Growing

PTC has an official LinkedIn group. If you’re already a member, cheers! Check out the stats below, and see how we’re growing. If you’re not already part of it—I’m inviting you to join us! The discussion is always lively, as the group shares ideas, articles, feedback, advice, experiences, and, of course, job leads. Among us […]

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