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Direct and Parametric Together: The Perfect CAD Strategy?

Engineers and designers solve problems. We create cell phones that don’t break when we drop them, more energy-efficient refrigerators, car seats that are easier to install yet still keep kids safe — that’s our job. Yet, too often our jobs are made harder by the tools we use to do them. I’m not suggesting that […]

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Wrangling Your Simulation Processes and Data

You started using simulation tools to get a better handle on how your product will perform in real life. You also wanted to boost product durability while cutting manufacturing and operating costs. You may even be using design optimization techniques to quickly look at a range of options so that you can be sure the […]

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The Internet of Things is Changing Everything

I can turn on my GE air conditioner, monitor its energy usage and tweak its settings from my cell phone. Belkin’s connected crockpot calculates cooking time and sends reminders to the chef. A Quirky egg carton in your refrigerator can determine if you need to add eggs to your grocery list. The connected home is […]

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The Most Embarrassing Collaboration Failure, Ever

Do you remember back in 1998, when NASA sent the Mars Climate Orbiter to study the atmosphere of the red planet? The Orbiter was also supposed to become a relay station for sending signals back to Earth from the Polar Lander, and hopes were high for a thorough examination of the planet. There was much hoopla at […]

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PTC Creo FMX and Unite Technology: Better Together

I bet this has happened to you: You’re tasked with creating a new version of a product, a slight tweak in response to market demand. You find the original CAD model for the product, but it’s in some other CAD format. Once you open the part, you can’t figure out what that designer was thinking […]

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Unlock the Value of Legacy Data

Have you been using CAD for a while? Has your company? If yes, you probably have a rich store of CAD models that you need to move forward when you update your CAD environment. There are three basic workflows for migrating legacy data: 1. All at once, before the team starts using the new CAD tool […]

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Four Questions to Ask When Getting Started With Simulation

Many businesses decide that they want to start using simulation — perhaps because a product failed in an unexpected way, or they’re trying a new material or manufacturing process. Designers have taken motion modeling and other CAD techniques as far as they can and now need to add CAE into their process. These designers often […]

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Are you ready for PTC Creo 3.0?


PTC announced some terrific new features with the debut of PTC Creo 3.0 today, and it’s time to think about upgrading. You’ll likely have your favorite parts of the PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 release, but mine are: The multi-CAD collaboration enhancements, which let you import or open (an important distinction) common CAD file formats without […]

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Simulating from Craft to Common Use

Simulation Technology

My old Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “craft” as an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill. That’s how many people see simulation, as a craft that must be mastered and one that is out of reach for most of us. This view led companies to build centers of expertise around CAE where analysts painstakingly develop models […]

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Stay current with simulation tools and trounce the competition


When talking about workstations, CPUs and GPUs for engineering and design users, hardware vendors often give similar advice: You shouldn’t buy the top or bottom model, but one in the middle. And you should always try to get the newest one you can. Why? Because performance improvements with each new version make you so much […]

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