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The University of Tokyo Researchers Advance Development of Total Artificial Heart with PTC Creo

“The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, pioneers in the development of artificial hearts, are using PTC Creo design software for the development of a Total Artificial Heart. The renowned institution has been involved in artificial heart research since 1959, and has been performing successful experimentation with animals since 1970. The advanced 3D modelling […]

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By Tony DeYoung “At the PTC Sales Channel Kickoff, the AMD FirePro team was showing the higher performance and greater interactivity when working with new advanced rendering features including transparency OIT mode, VBO and Shaded Mode rendering. So what exactly does a 31X faster performance in PTC Creo 3.0 transparency OIT mode than PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire […]

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by Barb Schmitz, Senior Editor, “When you think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, often referred to as “hogs,” its iconic, rumbling sound is often the first thing that comes to mind. The company at one point famously sought to trademark its bikes’ distinctive sound. Owners love that sound, which sets them apart from the rest of […]

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Institute of Mechanical Engineers: Product review: PTC’s Creo 3.0 design software

By Michael Wendenburg “PE road-tests the new 3.0 version, which promises greater flexibility around the use of CAD models from third-party systems. Do you remember the initial release of the Creo strategy, which at the time was more of a vision than a reality? PTC announced four innovations to create a new basis for CAD […]

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by Barb Schmitz, Senior Editor, “Seamless integration of CAM software into the design process can be a huge help in addressing time-to-market issues,” said Brian Thompson, vice president of Creo Product Management at PTC. “If the manufacturing and design engineers are working with the same data, then early visibility into any manufacturing issues is […]

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DEVELOP3D: Life at Sea with Lewmar Marine

Tanya Weaver visits Lewmar, a marine equipment supplier based in Havant on Britain’s sunny south coast “Imagine for a moment you’re a billionaire; you may decide to splash out on a superyacht. The newly launched Sunseeker 155 perhaps. A luxurious floating home over three decks that will set you back a cool few million. You […]

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FIRST Newsletter: Sean Fitzpatrick Says FIRST has Something for Everyone

“Not many students can add the title of CEO to their resume before they graduate from high school, but Sean Fitzpatrick, a member of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 2877, the “Ligerbots,” will be doing just that.  As a senior this fall at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts, Fitzpatrick will take on the […]

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University Of Utah and PTC Help Students Develop Professional Skills For Smart, Connected Product Design

“The University of Utah is already a vibrant place for student entrepreneurs, and working with PTC will ignite even greater interest in smart, connected product design and development,” said Kathy Hajeb, a director at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. “The program will give students a jumpstart in the job market by helping them learn the skills […]

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Lifecycle Insights: PTC’s Design Exploration Extension: Acknowledging Comparative Design

By Chad Jackson. “Today, there’s not a really good way of capturing, tracking and comparing those alternatives to one another. That’s where the new Design Exploration Extension comes into play. OK. So what exactly does this thing do? As users are modeling, they push a button to create something akin to a ‘checkpoint.’ But furthermore, […]

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DEVELOP3D Reviews PTC Creo 3.0

“PTC made some pretty bold claims when it unveiled and subsequently began to deliver on its vision for Creo. We’re now into the third release and all of the component parts are in place. The new Unite technology shows that it’s delivering on the AnyData Adoption concept and is looking to solve the use of […]

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