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Four Ways Engineering Managers Can Improve the Product Verification Process

Product verification is the comparison of as-built data to as-designed data. Basically, it ensures as-built product reflects the as-designed product, including change orders that arose during development. Companies that fail to verify products expose themselves to dangerous risks, including expensive recalls, costly product rework, and unexpected delays in product releases. While most companies perform verification, […]

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3D Printing, Tiny Robots, Composites Spotlighted on Product Lifecycle Blog

So you say you’re a big fan of science and engineering? You love hearing about cool new technologies that are changing the world we live in? Then you should know about the Product Lifecycle Stories blog. The blog is full of information about the future of manufacturing, engineering, and product design—subjects near and dear to […]

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What’s Axeda and Why Did PTC Acquire It?

Imagine it: The smart, connected world — a place where the products that improve our lives are connected to the Internet, and to each other. The possibilities for product development companies are endless. But for manufacturers to be successful in the connected world, they’re going to need the right tools – software that allows these […]

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The Best Engineering Managers Monitor Manufacturing Closely

Engineering managers have enough challenges bringing a successful product to market. That’s why it’s important to make sure that internal processes aren’t part of the problem, according to a new report from Aberdeen Research. The new report, “As-Built vs. As-Designed: Untangling the Web of Inefficiency and Waste around Product Verification,” is based on the experiences […]

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Team Motorbolts Celebrates Three Years of Robot Design and Action

Most 13-year-olds play online games in which they create avatars, gather resources, collaborate with others, develop their agility, and fight for survival. But in the town of Edina, Minnesota, middle school kids are drawing on those same instincts to wage real-life robot wars. Team Motorbolts designs, constructs, and battles their own machines in FIRST robotics […]

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Take the ‘Flipped Classroom’ Approach to Engineering Education

Flipped learning is a new way of teaching that embraces technology in ways not possible a few years ago. Students watch lectures over the Internet, and then attend class for in depth interaction with teachers and peers. How popular is this new learning model? One recent survey found that 78% of teachers have used this […]

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Three Innovators Who Depend on Direct Modeling

PTC is a well-known for parametric modeling. We were founded on the technology in 1985, and today our software can be found in tens of thousands of companies worldwide. But for some companies, in some situations, direct modeling works out better. For these companies, the flexibility of direct modeling has given them the freedom to […]

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PTC Shapes Tomorrow’s Leaders with “Engineer of the Future” Program

“So much of what makes this planet great is innovation,” says PTC President and CEO James Heppelmann. If we want to keep solving problems and getting better, “we need to re-inspire kids to commit to a track and a career in the science, technology and engineering fields.” That’s why PTC created the Engineer of the […]

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The Top Five Most Read Blogs in September

People are still eager for information about the hundreds of new features and new improvements in the newest version of PTC Creo. That’s why it’s no surprise that an article we posted this summer – when PTC Creo 3.0 made its debut – continues to attract so many readers. That story tops our list of […]

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Inside the New PTC Creo 3.0 with Brian Thompson

Whether you’re new to PTC Creo, or a veteran user of the popular CAD software offering, you’re sure to find some surprises in the all new PTC Creo 3.0. I recently spoke with Brian Thompson, PTC’s Vice President of Product Management, to get an overview of the PTC Creo 3.0 release. In this interview, he […]

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