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Jetta Creates Life-Like Dinosaur With PTC Solutions

Don’t call PLEO rb the Dinosaur a “toy.” The folks at Jetta Company Limited prefer to think of it as an “autonomous interactive life form.” After all, how many “toys” have unique personalities with changing levels of maturity? How many toys know the difference between petting and playing rough? How many shiver when they’re cold? […]

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Getting inspired on November 22nd!

Inspiration is an important ingredient to creating the best product design that you can develop as a Design Engineer.  Sometimes it comes from nature, art and history.  Today is a special day in history as the world recognizes the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Inspiration was part of his legacy […]

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Designing for Lights Out Manufacturing

Talk to anyone concerned with manufacturing, and they’ll tell you that the best design engineers know the factory floor. They know the processes, the technologies, and even some of the tricks that technicians and assemblers use to get products out the door and stay on top of quotas. A good engineer takes all that knowledge […]

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Biomimicry: Ask Nature First

“Humans are not the first ones to build. We’re not the first ones to process cellulose, make paper, optimize packing space, waterproof, or heat and cool structures. And we’re certainly not the first ones to build houses for our young.” That’s the message that Janine Benyus, author of several books on biomimicry, has been spreading […]

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Designing the perfect Jack-O-Lantern using PTC Creo


What do a PTC Marketing Manager and a Mechanical Engineer using 3D Software have in common?  The answer is Halloween jack-o-lanterns.  Ever since I was a child I have always loved Halloween.  The images of ghosts, vampires and endless piles of orange pumpkins have always been very appealing to me.  Or could it be the […]

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Contribute your expertise (and attend for free) to PTC Live Global, Boston, MA June 15-18, 2014!

Ann McGrath

Q&A with Ann McGrath – Conference Content Manager for PTC Live Planning for PTC Live Global is well underway and we have put out the annual Call for Presentations. We are looking for PTC Creo customers that want to share their story with other PTC peers. Why would you recommend a customer present at PTC […]

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Turbo Boosting Product Design: Advice from K’NEXperts


Product innovation and design starts for many future engineers at a very early age.  Sarah is what PTC’s customer K’NEX® calls a “K’NEXpert.” She uses K’NEX construction blocks, rods, and connectors to build whatever she sets her mind to. Sarah says she’s been perfecting her full-size chair model (with matching laptop) for more than a […]

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JR Automation: An Alternative to Offshoring


Offshoring has been a controversial topic spurring debates with economists and in board rooms for over a decade.  Some companies have seen benefits, but others are more skeptical of the practice.  In fact, The Economist reported in January 2013 that: “High levels of unemployment in Western countries after the 2007-2008 financial crisis have made the […]

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Bringing Out the Best of the Partner Network with PTC Creo

JSG Untitled

Some partner networks work better than others. Build up the right relationships with the right people, and you might effectively compete with companies 10, 100, or 1000 times your size. Introduce a weak link, poor communications, or a bottleneck, and you might effectively lose good customers. That’s why Frank Glogowski, CEO/Principal Designer at FSG Design, […]

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Surfing for Fun and Profit: How PTC Creo Helps American Wave Machines Showcase the Perfect Wave

If the designers at American Wave Machines had their way, you could go surfing on a great wave – right now, no matter where you are.  Winter, summer, desert, prairie, mountains, or coast. The Southern California-based company specializes in designing surfing attractions for resorts, malls, and anyone else who wants an authentic experience for their […]

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