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PTC Announces PTC Windchill 11: Smart Connected PLM™

Last month at PTC LiveWorx Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, PTC President and CEO Jim Heppelmann announced the latest release of PTC’s flagship PLM software: PTC Windchill 11. With more than 1.5 million users around the world, PTC Windchill helps discrete manufacturers manage and optimize their product development and lifecycle processes. As the first smart, connected […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Does Your Software Stand Up to the Unexpected?

If you’ve been surprised any time recently by an engineering change late in product development—you haven’t been in this business very long. Almost all projects run into the unexpected, no matter how much preparation or upfront planning you start with. Everybody knows it, but does everybody do something about it? We weren’t sure about that. […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Product Data Management

Anybody who’s ever put hours into modifying the wrong version of a CAD model or lost the data all together can appreciate the value of a product data management (PDM) system. And while 10 or 20 years ago this technology was accessible to only to massive enterprises, the web and the cloud have put them […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Simulation

Simulation is one of the great innovations in computer-aided design. Everyone knows that if you can simulate, you can skip prototypes (well, some of them), pass testing faster, and generally create more optimized products. By now simulation is everywhere. Right? We weren’t actually sure about that. We know from previous Aberdeen Research over the years […]

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CE Masters: Delivering Prize-Winning Designs to Clients with PTC Creo

The Quinny Yezz is a standout product. A travel stroller, it’s  won design awards and accolades from critics and mommy bloggers throughout the world. As baby buggies go, they’re attractive and durable, and something about them makes you want to dance and launch yourself into the air (Ed. Don’t try this at home): But before the acrobatics, earnest testimonials, […]

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Smoove Advances Sustainable Bike Sharing with PTC Creo

Bike-share systems are popping up in communities all over the world. Great for quick trips about town, urban two-wheelers also reduce traffic and pollution, and provide flexible low-cost transportation within cities. But as an engineer, you’ll want to look more closely when you pass a docking station on the street. You’ll see that these bikes […]

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NASA Relies on Watermarks from PTC Creo View MCAD

One of NASA’s most exciting projects is the journey to Mars. Beginning in 2018, NASA’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will enable “proving ground” missions to test necessary launch capabilities. Astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft will start deep space exploration in the 2020s. And human missions to Mars in the 2030s will rely on […]

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How PTC Creo Simulate Helped Revolutionize the Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitches—those devices that attach to the back of your vehicle for towing—seem more or less functional and straightforward. But if you’ve ever bruised your leg on a tow ball while trying to pull luggage out of your trunk or punched a hole in the garage door with one of those little battering rams, you […]

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Aliva Develops Concrete Equipment 50% Faster with PTC Creo

You can spray on hair, spray on a tan, and even spray on fabric. What about spray on concrete? Yes, and it’s great for retaining walls, swimming pools, skate parks, tunnels, and even the rock-scapes at your local zoo. Known as “shotcrete,” spray on concrete has been used in the construction and mining industries for […]

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Vestas: Effective Design Reviews for a Team of 1800

In the 1970s, an oil crisis gripped the US and parts of Europe, with prices at the fuel pump spiking and cars stretching around blocks as drivers waited for gas. At the same time, a “back-to-the-land” movement was in full force with modern-day homesteaders fleeing cities and cutting ties to the urban grid…only to find […]

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