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How a Pioneering Russian Institute Improved Designs with PTC Solutions

JSC A. L. Mints Radiotechnical Institute (RTI) in Moscow is a pioneering force in radio wave technology. With a foundation in research and development, RTI’s focus has long been in radio and electromagnetic wave research. In recent years, however, the organization has been actively developing projects in a new field of expertise: advanced telecommunications. For example, RTI’s “Breeze,” […]

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Small Business Cuts Project Time with PTC Creo and Simulation

Kontec GmbH is a design and engineering company located in Saarbrücken, Germany, that has always enjoyed the nimbleness of a close-knit, experienced staff. But sometimes it takes more a talented team to increase productivity and grow a business. That’s why the company recently  implemented PTC Creo with PTC Creo simulation technologies. Kontec, which uses the tag line “your engineering partner,”  is in the […]

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SMS Siemag: All Clear with PTC Creo View MCAD

SMS Siemag is a global player in the plant construction industry. Whether it’s an integrated solution for making iron, hot or cold steel rolling, or furnace technology—SMS Siemag has been putting together the machinery and mills companies use to process metals for decades. Here’s just one (very watchable) example: A hot strip mill designed for the Turkish […]

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Swedish Company Drives Ambulance Development with PTC

If you ever have to ride in an ambulance, you probably won’t be thinking about its design. But you would probably agree that having all the right equipment, in the right places, along with a safe, reliable vehicle is important. At Ambulansproduktion, located in Sandviken, Sweden, the team constantly thinks about ambulances and modern, functional emergency care. […]

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Makerspace and PTC Creo Engage Minds at Mashpee

Students at Mashpee public schools in Massachusetts are tinkering, trying out ideas, and teaming with each other in their new makerspace–a room equipped with LEGOs, a 3D printer, a lathe, and other items where Mashpee students can work on their own inventions and projects. In a makerspace, students can learn from one another and see new […]

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“From Idea to Shops in 8 Months”: Breaking Records with 3D Printing

Almost every manufacturing segment you can imagine is embracing additive manufacturing these days.  Aerospace, medical devices, consumer products, and many others use the technology because it can be a fast, inexpensive way to produce prototypes, tooling, and even production pieces. With the recent announcement that PTC and Stratasys are now working together to make CAD […]

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How American Augers Cut 25% Off Design Time with PTC Creo

Suppose you need to run a pipeline across the countryside, but you don’t want to disrupt existing surface features and infrastructure—such as railways, highways, or streams and rivers. Your solution can be found in what’s called “trenchless technology,” a method for creating infrastructure by boring under the earth’s surface. Trenchless encompasses several different techniques for […]

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Top Taiwanese OEM Improves Leverage of Client Designs with PTC Creo

If you ever visit Tainan City, Taiwan, look for the Taiwan Metal Creation Museum. This unique cultural center is dedicated to the history and importance of a seemingly ordinary commodity—sheet metal. Founded by Chih Kang Material Company Ltd., the museum illustrates how sheet metal is not only fabricated into a key component of many modern products, […]

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Bowles and PTC Creo: The Fascinating Technology That Cleans Your Windshield

If you ever cleaned your car’s windows with washer fluid, you probably used technology created by Bowles Fluidics. The Columbia, Maryland-based company developed its core product—fluidic windshield washer nozzles—in the 1970’s for the Ford Mustang. Today, Bowles provides nozzles to all major automakers, supplying 85% of the vehicles built in North America. In fact, since […]

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Sunnen AG Visualizes Assemblies in a Snap with PTC Creo View MCAD

Precision to the micron. It’s essential for honing machines. A micron is really small (.001 millimeter). To give you some perspective, a single human hair is about 80 microns in diameter. We are talking about very precise measurements indeed. During the honing process, an abrasive rotating tool removes metal from the interior surface of a […]

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