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Update: Heavy Lift Quadcopter Designed with PTC Creo Lands First Customer

Did you read our story last week about the Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter? The HLQ is a gasoline-powered autonomous flying vehicle designed by four students at San Jose State University using PTC Creo. This team recently announced they had just signed their first customer: “We have partnered with United Equipment Corp (UEC) to finish HLQ and deliver […]

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World-Class Graphics Performance with PTC Creo 3.0

Good news. You can now get world-class graphics performance to go with your world-class PTC software. With PTC Creo 3.0, AMD and PTC have continued to ensure superior graphics performance- fully optimizing software and hardware. During PTC Live Global, CADplace talked with AMD’s Jon Clark and PTC’s Sandy Smith about AMD FirePro solutions as well […]

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Students Building the World’s First Heavy Lift Quadcopter

Last year, Nick Conover and three other students at San Jose State University pitched an idea on Kickstarter. The Incredible HLQ (pronounced Hulk) would be an autonomous gasoline-powered 4-rotor helicopter that could carry an unprecedented payload of 50 pounds. Here’s their original pitch: [Ed- their project is now fully funded] A drone engineered to run […]

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PTC on the Shop Floor: Maxmill Machinery

There’s something hypnotic about a CNC machine in action. Amid the dust and the hum of a shop floor, it mills even the most complicated slots and pockets with an inhuman accuracy and speed. And if it’s what industry calls a “machine center,” the device will even change its own tools—so that parts can go […]

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Top PTC Creo 3.0 Enhancements: PTC Creo View Apps

In its most recent release, PTC Creo added two striking technologies to its viewing apps. With stereoscopic viewing, designs now jump off the screen, just like in a 3D movie. New support for touch-enabled monitors allows you to explore and interrogate models with your fingertips, even on large displays. “Immersive” best describes the effect of […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: 3D Gesturing and PixArt Imaging

Just a few weeks ago, PixArt Imaging, a leading provider of CMOS sensors, announced a breakthrough in portable health devices: the industry’s smallest heart rate monitor sensor. Designed for wearable platforms (like a runner’s armband), the new sensor measures just 3 mm x 5 mm—about the size of a raindrop. But keeping it small isn’t […]

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How PTC Creo 3.0 Just Reinvented Concept Design

There are a lot of different ways to produce a good concept design. You might use a 2D sketch application—many vendors offer them free to download. Or you could go with something more detailed, producing a fully detailed and rendered life-like 3D model. Which is best? It depends on your situation, your place in the […]

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At Home with PTC: Generation Brands

As a designer sitting down to create a light fixture for the first time, you’re likely to have a lot of questions—if you’re good at your job, that is. You might start with aesthetic questions, to help determine materials and shapes (industrial chic is hot right now). You’ll need to know where the fixture will […]

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At Home with PTC: Amagine Garden

  In arid parts of the world, where sun is abundant and water costly, landscaping options can seem limited—especially in years when local governments place restrictions on watering. How does the passionate green thumb grow a patch of strawberries or even establish a few local plants behind the patio? One of the best solutions is […]

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Massive Machines: The World’s Bestselling Bulldozers

Shantui Construction Machinery Co. says that it “provided much of the muscle that helped give rise to China’s spectacular economic development in recent decades.” A leading manufacturer of bulldozers, road machinery, and industrial vehicles, Shantui was well positioned to take advantage of the real estate explosion of the 2000s. And as China’s skylines flourished ever […]

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