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The Rise of the Simulation and Test Executive


Aren’t inter-departmental politics fun? They occur in any organization when resources are few. And since the economic downturn and executive’s turn towards cost control strategies, budgets have been rare resources indeed. In this post, we’ll look at how the often conflicted relationship between simulation and test is taking a friendlier turn, especially under a rising […]

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The Splintering Needs of Engineering Simulation


A couple weeks ago, I found myself in an interesting conversation. I was talking with a software executive who was considering starting up a new software company in the simulation space. His most basic question was “where is the greatest need in simulation today?” I’ll be frank; I struggled to answer. Not because all of […]

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Direct Modeling is Better at Capturing Design Intent

PTC Creo Layout

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five years, it’s that debate gives you new perspectives. Such was the case coming out of a webinar I presented in that was titled The Pros and Cons of 3D Modeling Paradigms: Direct Modeling and History-based Modeling. Brian Thompson of PTC and Dan Staples of Siemens […]

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PDM Capabilities: The Right Fit for Small Organizations

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

Technology can be a powerful thing. But is it always a good fit for every organization? The proposed advantages and benefits may sound appealing, but sometimes new tech can actually introduce more bureaucracy and disruption than it solves. In today’s post, I’ll look at what aspects of PLM and PDM systems make sense for smaller […]

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Putting a Finer Point on Multi-CAD

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights

Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. It is all the rage today. You hear about it on webinars. You see it flashed at user conferences. It’s in many an eBook. But the more discussions I see on multi-CAD, the more I wonder if folks are really talking about the same thing. You see, there are many different facets […]

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Simulations Conducted Within CAD Systems Are Faster, Research Finds

I have always wondered if any advantage that CAD provides to the simulation process could be quantified. Naturally, one would assume that CAD does, in fact, offer some value to simulation efforts. But to my knowledge, that has never been verified. In an effort to solve this mystery, I included several questions on this topic […]

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Is the Long Term Archival Landscape Changing?


Some things never change. Attend a CAD or PLM related conference and you’re bound to come across some angst-ridden presentations. Sometimes, it’s about software quality. Other times, it’s about the most requested feature that just never makes it into the new release. Consternation builds, and many worry such issues will never be resolved. This isn’t […]

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The Value of Simulation in Concept Design

Engineer data capture

Figuring out a reality-based return on investment for technology is never easy. But, unlike other tools that assist product development, the ROI for simulation is pretty solid. As I’ve written before in a post over at the NAFEMS blog, in general, there are Four ROIs of Simulation. However, for the most part, it is about avoiding […]

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Do Model-Based Initiatives Require Process Change?


Not all that long ago, I started a blogfight with Jos Voskuil. Jos had written an excellent post titled PLM is Journey. In it, Jos suggested that PLM is not an IT solution, but a journey that an organization takes involving the improvement of product development. I wrote a response titled PLM Requires Business Transformation? […]

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Getting Answers: Who Enables Simulation Driven Design?


This blog post has been licensed for hosting by PTC. The concepts, ideas and positions of this post have been developed independently by Industry Analyst Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights. 2013-2014 © LC Insights LLC What an enigma? By now, I’m sure most of you know the story. Some 15 years ago, the idea of using […]

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