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Start at PTC Creo. Stop at Nothing. Aristides Guitars

What do you think is the most rewarding part of working in product design? Expressing yourself creatively? Killing the competition? Winning recognition from people you respect? Aristides Poort says that listening to great artists make music with the guitars he makes is his greatest reward. “What better thing can you do on this planet?” he […]

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Startup Creates Award-Winning IoT Display with PTC Creo

What if you could adorn your walls with art from museums and artists all over the world? And you could change it whenever you wanted, with a swipe of your smart phone? After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the New York City-based startup Electric Objects is making it possible with their new EO1. Named one […]

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Revolutionize Your Product Reviews

Clients have a way of changing their minds during product reviews. Management and marketing, too. The very thing they asked for last week, no longer pleases them this week once they see the latest design. It happens to all designers and engineers. But now you can do something about it. You can use PTC Creo […]

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Three Years of 10 Most-Read Blog Posts

Guess who turned three this month? This very blog! We launched in October, 2010 with an article about cloud computing from Barb Schmitz. Articles from our executives came next as they articulated this new thing, PTC Creo. A flurry of customer and press reactions followed. Over the past 36 months, we’ve posted a story […]

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Schnitger Corporation: Hot guitar riffs & cool announcements from PTC Live

PTC has spent the last, well, decade redefining itself. For a long time, it was the feature-based modeling powerhouse in a direct-modeling CAD world. Then it decided CAD was passé and devoted itself to building a PLM platform. Most recently, PTC entered the brave new world of electromechanical systems and moved to take design info […]

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Dutch Designer Keeps the Hits Coming with PTC Creo

We’ve written about many products designed with PTC Creo in this blog. But we don’t often talk about the specific people who use it. Today, we make an exception for Nout van Heumen. Van Heumen is a freelance Dutch industrial designer whose products have been featured  on this site before. That’s because they’re visually appealing, […]

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Customer Success: Start with PTC Creo. Stop at Nothing.

As more and more companies move to PTC Creo, we invited manufacturers to share the best of how they delight their customers with their products (and with PTC software). We’ve heard numerous stories about teams unleashing ideas and turning them into real products that set their companies apart. Their stories are inspiring, emotional, and innovative–in […]

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