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Free Tech Clarity eBook Offers CAD Consolidation Tips

Manufacturers should seriously consider standardizing on a single CAD solution because the cost savings and strategic benefits are too great to ignore, according to a recently released eBook from research and consulting firm Tech Clarity. The free eBook, which is entitled “Consolidating CAD: The Benefits of a Unified CAD Strategy,” goes on to say that […]

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Design Reviews: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Analyst Jim Brown looks at design review and validation, and he sees low-hanging fruit. By that he means easy pickings for getting more value from the product development process. In Tech-Clarity Insights: Buyers Guide for Design Review and Validation, Brown says the design review process makes engineering more productive and efficient. It helps development teams […]

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PDM is a Personal Productivity Tool


Ready for a rousing debate on Product Data Management (PDM)? It may not be the most compelling topic, but reading up on it has its uses. In a pinch, it’s a surefire way to get to sleep on time. It’s a fine alternative to watching paint dry. And make no mistake, if you’re ever trying […]

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Take our CAD purchasing survey for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card!

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0

PTC is interested in learning everything it can about the purchasing habits of CAD technology users, and if you help us out by taking this brief survey, you could win a $100 American Express gift card. If you work for a company that has purchased CAD technology from any vendor within the past year, we […]

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R&D Results “More Reliable” with PTC Creo and PTC Windchill

You may already know that China consumes more petroleum than it extracts from within its own borders. In fact, in fall 2013, the country became the world’s largest importer of crude, surpassing US numbers for the first time ever. What might surprise you is that the country is a significant producer of oil too. Until […]

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Fischer: PTC Creo Simulate stands out for ease of use, robust features

PTC’s flagship simulation offering — PTC Creo Simulate — is optimized for more than just the Ph.Ds. and analysts working within your product design and engineering organization. It’s also a great tool for engineers and designers at all skill levels, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. […]

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Simulation at Work: GE Healthcare

A little over a week ago, the US Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to GE Healthcare’s new imaging product, the Revolution CT. Like a typical computed tomography scan machine (more commonly called a “CT scan”), the Revolution uses X-rays to capture cross-section images of a body. But now it does it faster, with […]

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Pushing Simulation through the Value Pyramid

Simulation pyramid

It’s the perennial question: Who does what? Let’s say you design industrial machinery, such as the device that shapes a potato chip, or a bottle capper, or, as Geoff Hedges recently profiled, a Wave Machine. A significant part of your job is designing the machine so that it’s efficient, it’s cost-effective to operate, and it […]

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Boston Engineering Brings Robotic Tuna to Life with PTC Solutions

Robotic Tuna

While it’s true that the mechanical engineering field is full of talented designers, more often than not, nature trumps our best efforts. Consider the tuna fish. A tuna can cruise at about 60 mph, turn 180°, and then accelerate to about 22 mph in less than two lengths of its own body. Leveraging Nature’s Designs […]

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Design Validation and Reviews: Empowering the Review Team

In the typical design validation and review process, more than half of participants aren’t CAD experts. That’s not surprising as stakeholders come from everywhere, like manufacturing, marketing, and even customer offices—each with his or her own unique background and goals. What is surprising, though, is how we fail to accommodate those team members effectively. In […]

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